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01 Nov 2011 Author Kezwaa

Wangmo's love was strong enough to break Kezang's heart when his heart was in exceeding peace that she have taken. The day she break his heart can't resist the pain that lived under permanent intoxication. Love is war between two hearts won the battle in broken pain. The patience of love is only thro' broken heart if you have the heart of a man.

 Kezang was innocent. He says he did not know what love is until she breaks his heart in one of a Sunday morning. Actually, his ambition was to become doctor who can cure the broken heart. He has studied many things in school but he did not know the meaning of love until he meets beautiful girl in front of the gate. I was exactly happened to him when the school was open after month long winter break. She stood before the gate helplessly when everybody was busy gathered in cleaning the school surrounding which was littered for the last month long. She looked at him with her starry eyes as if she was going to ask some favor.

Hello, are you the student here? She asked him after repeated blinked of an eye. Yes, I am repeater here he replied thro' all a thirst and hunger love at first sight. Oh! I see you are senior here.  Yes, off course. At the same time, May I know your good name please she inquired. I am Kezang, in VIII C. what about you? He asked, I will be in class VII D. Oh! Can you show me our lady's hostel. He pointed the finger towards the hostel with heavy thought. I am new here for the first time and I was lost in middle of the deadly animals. Where is that deadly animals he inquired her in amazed! We need to kill those animals before attacked us?  She reluctantly said, that animal stand in front of me just now, she laugh and veered her blushed face and headed towards the hostel.

The next day his thirst was quenched by beautiful median called Wangmo from class VIID whom he has meet a weeks ago. Her glory face radiates his heart in silent note of longing. His night became sleepless food without taste. Every halo of love stuck in his mind. The day went in a tarring hurry he could not approach his love in front of her but he must deliver this chit through his best friends.

Dear Wangmo,

I am just wondering myself why I am writing through my quivering heart building pain to myself. I do not have any special words to describe your beautiful face. I wish you are no better than a dakinis from above. I know you are like a seed that germinate love inside the garden of my heart.  Your terrifying beauty captured all my unspoken words laid inside. I have tried to control my heart not to fall in love with you but cannot resist pain love at first sight. You are simply the best girl ever I have seen in my life. I love you from my innermost heart. Yours, admire, Kezang VIIIC.

 The time flew like the clouds in the sky, no afford from his side could make hope to get reply after long days waited. No yield has brought after he saw the seed to her heart. The thud of the pain could not rest in peace as if his heart was going to collapse in middle of the way. Everything has changed when he did not get reply. Night seemed longer and day seemed shorter when nothing was happening to him. He felt Heart going to burn and melted in the middle of the fire. He felt nothing interested whatever he do in school. After many months of waited his heart was showered with piece of chit from his friend. His lost heart was restored by her letter after two months of waited. (She wrote with green ink pen)

 Dear Kezang,

I am extremely sorry to break your heart. I am not exactly your love how you have chosen. As of now I am already in loved with some body and I cannot break his heart. Though I have loved you from the very beginning of the day meet you. I have expected some chit from you but was in vain.  You are too late to approach me. Actually you are late by one day. If you would have approached me bit earlier I would have accepted your love.  For now I am extremely sorry I have no any alternative ways to accept your love. My apology is under your kind acceptation please.

Love regretted. Wangmo.

 Her reply made condemn him to death. Gradually, his expectation perished into the depth of despair. What he wished from her become lonely abandoned hope. That misery broken gain only groom in his heart. His heart collapse and tears dried up on the hot cheek. He was victim of broken heart thro' the window of broken heart. The wind blew over his ear was heard the sentimental whispered. Day by day Kezang's health declined. Treat with different medicine. He took whole year to recover his broken pain. His sickness cannot be cure unless she replies to him.

 It was in December, 23, 1998, Common exam was very near and tried to put up the best afford to study hard. He tried to forget everything before the exam. But never was the pain of broken love.

The next ten days later. Exam paper was arrived in the seal iron box. Teachers wish us all the good luck in exam do not omit any question. He did all the subject well accept left some doubt in math paper. The next day exam was over and school close for winter vacation.

 On 17, December.  Junior and teachers had arranged farewell party on the evening of our departure. Songs were sung and speeches were made. A grand farewell party was organized with sumptuous meal. Sad farewell speech was presented by principle. Everybody shed the last tears of sadness. Anyone willing to sing a song for your junior friends announce was made by principle in wistful eyes.

Why not sir!  Kezang stood up in behalf of all the friends. I have got many broken pain song to dedicate to someone special. This is my golden opportunity to express my broken pain. I have made this song from the day she broke my heart. Hope she can feel my broken pain that I have under gone. I would like to dedicate this song to my sweet heart that she made me to cry from the last ten months silently. Kezang hesitantly announced through a loud mike. Now she must understand the power of my broken pain I endured. Wish I am the strongest man to resist broken pain. This song is especially for my dearest one whom I have loved a lot. She can listen my song carefully if she is presented here now. The theme of the song made all of them filled with tears. She cried after listen to the rhythm of the song sung by him indirectly the song hit her heart. His splendid rhythm song was appreciated by and friends and teacher. Farewell party was over.


The next day his friends hired a taxi but the fare was too high and they have to go for a truck. He bade farewell to all the teachers and friends, He took last look back to his girl and saw she stood behind the truck crying. Everybody was on the truck ready to move then he gave a last breathe for her leaving behind.

Before driver has start the engine somebody called my name in such a tearing hurry. Wai…Kezang wait for a moment… I have some letter for you. Dorji rushed over the truck and handled a thick folded paper which was written in blood block letter. Here is her letter read as.

 Dear, Kezang,

I am really sorry I have broken your heart just to see how you react with me. I have seen your true love but I have missed now. Actually, I don't want see your heart being broken by my love. I know your love is pure and I should not have wasted. I have been loved you since the day you approached me. I have just lie to you that I am in love with someone. I have received so many letter from the boy but I have never made reply to any one of them since I knew that you are only my first lover. But my fault is that I have not replied your letter till now. It is not necessary that I have to give reply in that day you approached.  I am accepting your love and hope our love will last for all together life. If you need my address you can dialed to me in this # 04-202240.

With love, Wangmo.

  After reading her letter I asked the driver to stop the vehicle for a while. Driver he never heard what Kezang said since everybody was busy singing the song for their last departure. Tashi beside me he knew that I was in agony in my heart leaving her. Tashi banged the driver's window to draw the attention. Driver was in his world consecrating the road since he was in risk of carrying more than 30 students. Driver was very hurry and ruthless eyes stare at me in bulging. Oh! Why do we stop here? I am going to miss her forever. She is my life and I am nothing without her. I cannot stay without her for a while” Please at least give me a last chance to meet her face. There she stood near the roadside with wistful eyes. He asked the driver through haggard voice. I may not see her again in my life time since we are departing forever like Romeo and Juliet. “The sage of the lover never meets their destination when they are in the battle of the broken field.” Driver could understand the situation of two lovers being broken away.  Then, driver gave a break for another hour to have their last conversation. Now I am almost relief my pain after I got letter but it was too late to reconcile his broken heart.

 Next after fifteen days he dialed her but it was received by her mother. Hello…hello…. line is not clear here, who is this? She ended up the call before I could answer any words.. After several time of trying I got the line again.  Hello…it's me Kezang can I talk to Wangmo. This is wrong number she ignore my call. After an hour later I called her but again received by her mother. He gave a last try call finally Kezang meet Wangmo in the phone call, She repeatedly apologized her forgiveness for Miss behaved. Aai….Kezang I should not have done to you like this.  I have done a big mistake I am regretted now only after I see your true love for me. I am extremely sorry to break your heart. She cried inside the phone. I said there was no use of crying inside the phone since faith is the king of lovers”. We cannot stop them to break our heart. Nothing is wrong when we go away from each other's heart. Someone has to come and go then only new thing will happen in our life. Any way I am leaving to Thimphu for my last blood check up since I was suffering from blood cancer from the day I was from my mother's womb. I have been living my misery life for the last 18 years. I am not sure whether I will meet you or not it is all in the hands of god. Actually I thought to find a lover before I go from this wonderful world. But I could not give my love to the one whom I have loved a lot. Love is exactly what we cannot find. Everything is tested in my life time. Our life is like pendulum hanged on the balance. I will wish your life to be happy ever but never break the heart of poor man who cannot resist the pain like me. Their conversation ended with tears of sorrow.



01 Nov 2011 Author Kezwaa


Her twinkling starry eyes and a tinkling laugh has made me sleepless night when I saw her at first sight near the gate.  But did she really laugh at me to fall in love at first sight. Her beauty has enough power to kill human's heart if you really don't know how to fall in love.  “Love is war between two hearts.” Let's read how the battle of love has ended at last.

Actually, Kezang was brilliant student in the school and more ever he was trusted by every one of the teacher and really happy for his excellent performance in every subject. He is punctual in ever routine. Once he was awarded price for the best student of the year. As we all know that “simple living high thinking doing nothing eating more” is the famous saying in the school time. He remains always busy and he even did not get time to do his home work on time but he has plenty of time to write love note to the girls. One day he was excited to see her bewitching smile. Actually he has never seen a beautiful lady in his life time her elfin so tall more than dakinis. But time went in tearing hurry since he could not write a single chit to her. He wished he is fortunate to fall in love with her but unfortunate that he cannot approach her.

One fine morning by the help of his friend Zangmo, He seeks help with her to reach letter to her which he has written for long days. His quivering heart did not allow him to write to her. But he did not take hesitation to write from his inner heart. With anticipation he did took first and last chance to have this writing.

 Dear Pema Lhachey, The moment I saw you at first sight have become sleepless night and did not know what else to do myself. Shall I end my world or shall I continue to fall in love with you. I am just wondering myself why I am disturbing your heart and giving pain to myself. I can't live without you and you are like my wind I breathe. You are precious lady ever I have seen in my eyes. I have nothing to wish rather than to say I love you, at the same time hope this chit may bring us all happiness ending. Yours admired. Kezang.

He was extremely worry whether she will accept his chit or not was big question inside his heart. The time went in a tearing hurry after delivering his chit to her. His heart could not resist the cruelty of her love that always wanted to see her. He just closed his eyes and called his friend Zangmo who was majestically walking beside the dining hall. He requested her to deliver his letter to Zangmo silently by the evening. She holds the letter for a moment and said I am not sure whether she will be happy to receive your letter or not.  Intentionally, Zangmo love Kezang very much but she never disturb since they are in deep love with Pema Lhachey. Any way I will try to grovel her as much as I can get your reply. She added!  She did not want to be spy between them but she was a very nice friend him since beginning with Kezang. She was very kind enough to deliver his chit to her in back yard of the school. Ever body was in dinner except she was left in the class doing the homework.

The next day he asked Zangmo about the reply but she nodded her head in unusual way making him rather unhappy. His night becomes sleepless and any food he takes has become test less without her reply. He has no hope to get reply from her after nothing was happening between them. The next few days later Zangmo could not see Kezang staying lonely and even he did not attend any function in the school. After weeks long waited Zangmo came to him with a thin slice of white paper with smile on her face. He has never seen Zangmo was happy and smiling in unusual way. He thought she must be bringing reply to him. Suddenly she handles a bundle of books requesting his to write his home work which was left for long days without doing after she become mediator between you she said. I have left so many home works to do. Any how he has to accept all the books to write home work thinking she may bring her reply soon. He did not have peace whatever he does in the school he even neglects to go to the school. The days has passed and months has been gone there was no any sign of coming reply from her. He lost his hope and thought to himself  he is no more going to get reply from her, By the next evening he handed the books to her after doing all the home work and said I am have no more days left to go sad .I know I am looser in this world by writing to her. I cannot wait for any more. I have to do something from my side he said to her with wistful eyes.

The next day she came to me and handed some chit hiding in the middle of the note book. She said to him with laugh! Kezang, here is your reply she handled with enthusiasm. She said, I have very taught time to get reply from her. Actually all the reply she bring was all written by Zangmo since she love Kezang more than anything in the world. She was clever enough to twist the entire letter between them. Though she was not willing to give reply. I have force her to write. At the very last she has agreed to write. Any ways hope all is well in this chit. She handed the chit to him and his heart was filled with overwhelm of joy after long waited. He has nothing to do rather than to wish her thank you for getting reply from her after long struggling. She said to him, Ok, Kezang try your luck she veered her face and walked off. He opened her letter but it read as like this.

Dear Kezang,

My heart is not mature to fall in love with you. I don't know what love is and when is love i have no any definition of love till now. I believe love is just simply killing people's heart. I am innocent and my innocent heart cannot resist the pain when you give me. I have come to study not to fall in love. I am not at all interested with your splendid chit. I am sorry baby, hope you will never mind since I am breaking your heart from the beginning. Though I don't like the love but I do feel like I am falling in love. Take care and try later.


Actually this chit was written by Zangmo in the middle to disturb love between them. After reading her reply his heart burst into sad tear. Whatsoever he has wished from her has vanished into the depth of despair. What he hopes has become abandoned. Nothing can restore his happiness after she broke his heart into pieces. His heart collapsed dramatically and nobody can understand how his painful day ahead was.


After several months of everything forgotten Zangmo silently whisper in his ear saying, Wai…Kezang don't worry I have brought another letter for you to restore your broken heart. You will find happy after reading this chit. Be strong enough to read this letter. He was really shock to get second letter after several months of love disappeared. He has forgotten everything from his heart except her small chit always filled his painful day whenever he think of her beautiful face in the school. (Actually Pema Lhachey did not receive any letter from Kezang so far since Zangmo has hold the entire letter which Kezang has written to her. Zangmo love Kezang from the very beginning and could not express her love just they become a good friend in the school). It was like in the dream when he read another reply.


Dear, Kezang, I am really sorry I have broken your heart just to see how you react with love. I have seen your true love I am always enjoying. Actually, I don't want see your heart being broken with my love. I know your love is so pure and I should not be wasted. I have been loved you since the day you approached me. I am accepting your love and hope our love will last for all together life. With love,



His prompt reply to her was written shortly,


Dear Pema, you have been hurt my love from the beginning and I don't want to have terrible pain from your side any more. I am sorry to reject your love since I am already in love with your friend Zangmo from the day you broke my heart. She is a splendid girl and she never breaks my heart like what you have broken me. I am happy and really enjoying with her. Her love is better than yours one. I will lead her love with all my fidelity and dedication.

At the end of the year when ever body was about to go for the vacation Pema Lhachey saw this letter inside the Zangmo's dower while she arrange the text books. She picked up the letter and filled tear in her eyes with lots of regret that she could not express their love to each other. She   weeps to each other and salutes for their unsuccessful love at the end.





Your fetching smile

24 Sep 2011 Author Kezwaa

How can

I will forget your

Bewitching face?

Since you are

already rooted in my heart.

It was just like

a star when

I saw you at first sight;

It seem I am only,

the one who fallen in love

with thou within seconds.

I have nothing to give or seek

rather than your true love;

That you fill my heart with beam

of pleasure in every corner of my heart;

Thought I am poor boy

 in your fetching eyes;

But I am rich in loving you.

Through all my depth heart

To ensure my true love

I swear I can give you my life

In front of you I really swear.

Every blink of your splendid eyes

Left me in the dream world,

where I wished I am truly in love

Become sleepless night

every sumptuous meal

become tasteless without you,

My heart cannot resist the thrilled;

That you have given me,

your company. Then broken

my heart into become potent love

Into the beautiful median like thy;

From where to start my

Speech and explore the theme

of my passion.

Now, i cannot stay

a single day without seeing you,

Nor a single minute to leave

you behind;

I always keep looking in your heart

you would change your love

And left me in broken pain,

Whenever you are there in my eyes

I become happy beyond measure.

Your kindest piece of love

Always nuts my heart with splendid feeling

Where ever I go alone.

To ensure our true love

I write this poem to insure the

True meaning of love

In the heart of a girl,

Whom I have loved a lot.


None can't stop her

24 Sep 2011 Author Kezwaa

Time just went in tarring hurry

Pouring some sadness in my heart

When to recover those broken pain

Coldness is only from winter

Nor the summer can't be?

Since winter wind cool away my bliss.

That I have sent to her;

I know you are there before the sun set

But never to be found in the day light

Knowing what was coming
I took a run up to find thou
Put my head down
And hurtled sweep away
The last few days when hurt me
Like some athlete trapped,
Trying to sidestep grief of lone

Beside my heart that save my shone

And yet here I am again

Waiting for your come
after four busy days

Waiting was just abandoned
and nights of minimal sleep
writing another poem to loss

The pain of longing.

The tears still came

From core heart of my lonely man
and the dreams of course

Never let me sleep in peace

Can't resist the pain of lone day

Come and wept my tear

That I have wept for you night and day.

Come back to me share my love.

Lone man's heart

24 Sep 2011 Author Kezwaa

When evening comes

To the heart of a lone man

What did he do to pass his feeling?

His was lonely for more than years

Building pain in his heart alone.

He eats nothing rather than bread

Deep in the water for an days and night;

To keep his heart cool

He seep a cup of wine

Every after he think of  her

To ease his loneliness far across the bar

He pepped through window to feel the air

Dig his love why did have shared together.

I am bagger his speak to his mind

Bagger has no choice to be beg again

Seeping his cup of wine again.

I am lonely man since she broke my heart

I love her but she is not in my heart

No more is gone forever;

I will be there after you where ever you go

Deeping my bread in the tears I collected

I will be lonely every day and night

With all day and night seeping my left over wine.

I will see your way how long you survive with him

Driving in a new car when I walk alone this road

I will wait and weep until my tear bleed in blood.

Nothing is wrong with her to leave me alone;

Since I play and lost the money to them.





None can't stop her

08 Sep 2011 Author Kezwaa


Time just went in tarring hurry

Pouring some sadness in my heart

When to recover those broken pain

Coldness is only from winter

Nor the summer can't be?

Since winter wind cool away my bliss.

That I have sent to her;

I know you are there before the sun set

But never to be found in the day light

Knowing what was coming
I took a run up to find thou
Put my head down
And hurtled sweep away
The last few days when hurt me
Like some athlete trapped,
Trying to sidestep grief of lone

Beside my heart that save my shone

And yet here I am again

Waiting for your come
after four busy days

Waiting was just abandoned
and nights of minimal sleep
writing another poem to loss

The pain of longing.

The tears still came

From core heart of my lonely man
and the dreams of course

Never let me sleep in peace

Can't resist the pain of lone day

Come and wept my tear

That I have wept for you night and day.

Come back to me share my love.




It's taught to leave you alone

08 Sep 2011 Author Kezwaa

The year two thousand and eleven,
Was a tough year for me
A year to blurry my memory,
To forget the pains you have given

I had the chance to mingle with others
I explored some of the world's wonders
And guess what, I met someone better
But it was only two months we were together

Next, I met someone I thought much better
He was kind and faithful
But it wasn't enough for me to love him deeper
Then after a month, it was over

I guess it was still you I am longing for
But it's time for me to really move on
I will bid goodbye to you now
And thank you for making me happy, somehow

Soon I'll be with someone else and be happy again
Happier than being with you,
And now is the time to say,
Good bye forever from my heart,

I will never let you come in my heart

And let you play again in my heart

Since I am no more a toy to play with.

Keep your heart strong

always  be true to love long.

Poignant Memories

22 Aug 2011 Author Kezwaa

Writing poem

on the death

of my mother;

a poet who

attended the death

ritual of mourning night.

Six months and half

thou stayed with us. Mom;

Laid in the clinical bed

inclined watching

movie narrating

epigrams with her

tender mouth;

the next day her,

death came,

In the amid night

of June, 15, 2008,

When all farmer

busy planting paddy weed.

In the field

when there is

no reap or yield has come.

When everybody was

dying with their works.

I know now how

you have become old;

finding the best place

with your age. Whispered,

Do you afraid for death, mom!

Why this death is soo for you?

Why not for others?

I asked before her eyes shrunken.

I am not at all afraid; my Son,

No logic can describe,

Where the death come from.

Death the one way

Journey forward.

Everybody have to follow;

Nobody in this strongest man

can hide from it.

I am already

prepared to die with my age.

Once the age puts its shutter down

nothing can stop us

from growing old to die.

Death is just a matter of time.

Is sooner than the day;

Death will come

As it always has,

Nothing can stop us

From going to that grave.

World is a stage where we play;

the game of birth and death.

Oh! She replied;

I wish I am worth to grow

old in your eyes.

death is lighter and dream

nothing is wrong with death

as it always has… once more.

Let me pen a line of glorious tone

Written on a plaintive poem

In respect of my late mother.


My mother land BHUTAN

15 Aug 2011 Author Kezwaa

Druk yul is my mother land,

Where I was fortunate

to be born as a drukpa,

a humble citizen of Bhutan,

in the kingdom of heaven.

Oh! my beloved king,

How to express myself

for being under your wing,

Who to thank for your deed,

When to repay your feed,

Let me spread your praise

from east to west.

Oh! my great king,

A real among heroes,

Did battle against enemy

Wipe out all the rebels

from the heart of our kingdom

with sweat on his brain,

and love from your pain.

Oh! Your majesty,

You are like a father,

bound with many responsibility

to sow the seeds of our field

shower peace and prosperity,

in the hands of our people

for our good yield.

Oh! Our fabulous king

It's more than enough

you've done,

Take a rest from

the cares of a throne,

keep your heart warm

we will continue

what you've begun;

don't be afraid

We won't let you down.

Nothing is immortal

15 Aug 2011 Author Kezwaa

I am growing old

My mind ever so young

Leaving behind tragedy

Abandoned hope

Everything has no scope

In your eyes I wither

Life is an uncertain journey

Yesterday was his birth day

Celebrated with laughter and joy

Tonight I weep for his departed soul

Once born, death is so sure

Today we can prepare for tomorrow

Tomorrow is only the sad sigh of getting old

Happiness is rare

Truth of life is only sorrow

Our mind runs through unrest desire

Wealth is the only thing we curve for

We wish for more and more

Once death approaches

Wealth is all about a shadow

Morrow never ends, today can't hold

More wealth is the causes of all suffering

Every man desire to love long

But no man wishes to become old

Live like a man

Let's die like a man

Nobody can fill the void of death

Nothing can stop when death approaches

Beware! Hell is heavy

Heaven is lighter.

Un fulfilled Promise

15 Aug 2011 Author Kezwaa

I promised my mother,
To be doctor in life;
I would serve without searching wife.
Treat with different medicine;
Unfortunately my promised was not fulfilled.
Sudden demise of my mother.
Stopped my future planned,
That i have really bothered.
Now, I have no anything to do,
Rather look back to my house and mother land,
With knowledge in my brain;
But big axe and spade in my hand,
Really pain in my heart.
Only repentance from my part;
What i promised was lonely abandoned hope.
Promise not from your heart,
Promise are mean to be broken

Lock your heart

12 Aug 2011 Author Kezwaa

Why did I fall?

In love

with one who's

having a partner.

It don't need

a teacher

to fall in love,

And incidence of

love can happen

To any core of

the heart

You are the one who taught me

The true meaning of love,

That I have experienced,

You were the only one

Who always opened?

The door to my heart that was closed,

My nasty experience of first love emits:

“Falling in love is just a blink”

Now how can I lock my heart?

Since you were meant to belong me,

to lock my heart is not an easy task

like locking the doors of this world.

our love has gone into such depths

that we're unable to close the chapter.

We live happy in the worth of two kings

07 Aug 2011 Author Kezwaa


We live happy in the worth of two kings

In the warm hands of peace and happiness

Those hundred years of glorious ruled

Through fortress of a faithful heart we are blessed

His Majesty shed energetic power to save our land

Road and bridges beneath our feet

Health and education-the seed of Gross National Happiness

What we all sow is all what we reap

Lucky are we all, born in such a peaceful country

Let's pray to the kings

In the warm hands of our kings

People rejoice with hopes and aspirations

Security is more than my life

An oath to Tsa-Wa- Sum

When expected disasters hit us all

Razed to ground pillars, rafters, our homes

Many injured and some died

The nation wept, too

Happy hours gone to the graves

You shared with us all the love

Gave us strength to live once more

Vaporized sorrow and brought joy to all

To celebrate in unity-peace and comfort

Long live my sire

My country Music

07 Aug 2011 Author Kezwaa

Yesterday in a dream

of night I stood,

alone in the light of sandalwood,

soul-deep in vision

my king appears:

the essence of truth in his tears,

an aura of peace

in his heart glowed,

a halo of love around

his head showed.

in the light of that sandal grove,

I felt the power of spirit of love

and I sing to the strain of truth,

gleaned in days

of my delicate youth,

of loyalty to people, country, king,

and a love that passeth

all understanding.

The death blow

07 Aug 2011 Author Kezwaa

Life is mortal to every age

Human a guest for a short stage

People laugh and shed tears

Families die on beloved laps


I live happy in the worth of today

Tomorrow could bring me sorrow

Never dream of yesterday

When fate alone can measure

What would happen tonight?


Heaven the happiest place never dwell

The hell of longest journey never trod

For every creature in this world

What we sow is what we reap


Death is a one way journey forward

Bade farewell to all, germinate to new

Life is said to be only illusion

Living together is joy to every one


Death the beginning of new life

Sorrow the beginning of happiness

We really can change the world

But we can never hide from death

The ruthless love

20 Jul 2011 Author Kezwaa

Thou, fetching smile

Left me in a dream world

Since that day I saw you at first sight

Was like sun shone a shiny new coin,

My first day of a morning I mat

Was ultramarine day ever since, thee?

Woke my heart into sleepless night

The moment I saw thy bewitching eyes;

Blink at me with all your tender light

Wince my heart cannot resist the thrill;

Broken my heart into become potent love.

Though there is no reason in falling love still;

What makes me to fall in love, wonder I?

To such beautiful maiden like thee, (Mandey zam)

From where to start my speech, ye see;

To explore the theme of my passion,

Is not as easy as I can give all my lobve thou;

Every time I missed you bewitching face

When the sun goes down my mind linger,

In the depth of pain and despair.

Every time I missed you

Since the day has gone,

All now gone is all now done,

Every thing is left hurt and broken,

Before entering into your heart

No more tears to shed let's close up that lesson,

Since I have waited for thou so long yore

Thought you would come back some days;

Would take me along the shore?

Quench my longing thirst from all the way

Where my heart cannot rest in peace

I did loved you through all my core heart

More than many things in this world ever care

I can't imagine that day; our love so pure

But, now thou left me in broken apart,

More than a diametrically collapse

All my love that I have given you was perished

And left me in the deserted heart;

Where our love is now sunken into desert world;

Please leave me alone in proper place;

where I was belong from,

Never tear my heart I must live,

I don't need thou love so bitter;

Let me free from unhappy world.

Nor let me long to see thou soon.
if you are there in this world…….!


13 Jul 2011 Author Kezwaa

It was on Sunday morning, I was back to my home after week long tour from Thimphu. I was alone at home without my family. My wife had gone to village to attend death ritual of her uncle. As a proverb say “a lonely man will never have secure mind live lone”. So, I decided myself to go outside to see what the nature had for me. I saw a lone tree standing more than hundred meters above my head. So I felt to rest under the shade with my entire frantic mood. I heard birds singing happily beside me and the sharpness of the cricket's whistling echo was so pleasant. Cool wind blew over my ear to chill my eyes. Dry leaves began to fall by my side making rustling sound in the air. Rain began to sprinkle from above raising a beautiful rainbow beside the green pasture where the cows were happily grazing. Shallow river began to swell in depth filling the pothole near by. Fish started to jump up and down weaving by their tail to for their departed friends. After the heavy rain birds and insects stopped singing and even the ants stop to build castle for their queen. Magpie stretched her wing to dry and flew away to collect food for her long waited chicks in the nest. The wild flies who rested on my lap started leaking her hands to keep themselves warm and sweet voice of whinchat started to sing so rough… whirl-whirr over my head. I did not know what made her sing so rough when all others sing so sweetly and softly. But her nest was beside me with tiny colored eggs. I was surprised to see her wings flapping more velvet up in the branch of a flowering tree. She did sing to me in many different ways. I just watched white villas setting among land escape and crickets whistling from the branch. Fragrance of sweet smelling lily invited humming bees who came and sat on them. How beautiful the nature looked to me and I began to miss my family more than ever. Hope they will never leave me alone again.

Rhythm of trees

13 Jul 2011 Author Kezwaa

Beside I laid under a tree
Trees shaded dewing the winter

Leaves sway gathering of biting cold

Whispering leaf frost bird's sad twitter

Leaving her elfin shrunk old.

Sun ray to the morning rigor

A rainbow takes its place

Planting trees in more than gold

Paint dripping sparkling dew

Oh! Trees ye like queen to us

Beautiful green fir in depth eyes;

Come, cover a shaggy crown

Entwining splendid blinding shadow fall

Thy Coolness air fills the lung of all

Guard us from sweeping dust

What creatures pray for the nature?

Through seed germinate

Down to the mighty trees;

Let's breathe a clean air;

Sparrow's nest the twinkling glowworm

Habited of every living soul

Quench a thirst of every mouth;

Animal laid friendship for long yore

Birds sing through tip of a voice

Song for animals live, lively lives

Beneath that shivering of whispering;

Bring, Ce-ri-ri, rhythm of winnow

Oh! Trees thou gave life of many creatures

Without trees is no water in the pond

No padded in a stream while minnow

No herder will bring herd

No animal will come to drink

I chop trees is water source dry

Animals weep for no water to drink

Egress under the whispering pine;

Cutting trees is birds seldom cry

At all risk of water source may dry;

That shall vanish in furtive glance;

Become to tale of long sorrow;

Ce-ri-ri, the leaves swing the rhythm

To the people who will sing the anthem

In the shivering random dance

Cutting pieces curving into more furniture;

Worry us no trees left for tomorrow

Heading future towards empty hands;

Trees must not cut off; children must live.

I shall oath to die under a tree,

Without cutting trees

I left this poem to read by all of us,

Let's oath swear not cut off the trees

Let's keep home for the future citizen

Ce-ri-ri, the wind must blow always. 


20 Jun 2011 Author Kezwaa

you have never made me laugh.
Instead you left me to cry alone
through that Epistle
you have written to me yea;
why you are so unjust
to me this time
Since I have done
nothing wrong with thee.

I am not toy that you play with
and discard with out thinking of some one's pain.
I am a man with blood and tears
who will feel pain like what you do.
I have been loving thou;
more than any precious things
in the world I have seen.
But your love returned in pain now.

I have nothing to do myself
rather than to cry alone
for being left behind darkness.
I wish I have exhausted
all my tears that I have.
since you broke my heart
I am verge of dying myself
if you don't repay my love again

I am not speechless creature
that bears the pain
with out saying anything
you have promised me this
love is only mine
much stronger than any weapon in the world.
but the process of love
left me in shatters now.

since what you have promised
is now left abandoned
I shall tolerate this broken pain
As legacy forever till my tears bleed
I shall keep loving you
even though you are on other's heart.
I shall keep flowing my tears until you know
the rhythm, of;broken pain I suffered in agony.

Perhaps! love is easy to fall;
very difficult to reconcile
when every thing is broken apart.

Song of Realization

03 Jun 2011 Author Kezwaa

Impermanence in this world relaxation
Living together is joy to every one
Once unexpected death raised one's eyes
Unbearable pain knocked every one's happiness.
Uncertain as the world i dwell
Why was i born into a lone mysterious land
I wish i would have died before leaving the womb
I would not have faced a life of agony
I love to travel as like what others traveling
But my soak numbness body never let it to go
I wish to die from this unfair world
But i have not prepare to die for now
Where did you go leaving me alone
With out the words of good bye to me
You are sweetest mother i ever have
But unfortunate as i was to be live alone
I am sad to seek you are no more in this world
I seek high and low is just abandoned hope.
I came to know she is no more in this world
Oh! god Bless my mother from heavenly abode
To the one who live in the soul of samsara
Through all your benediction
Let her soul respite in Peace in heaven.