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I Love You

30 Jul 2011 Author cholden
I can't grasp any exact words to say, my grief left devastating state of mind, trying to set myself to its precise spot…I felt impaired and totally ruined. I pause, any moment in my life temporarily cease and and I think how u ended my thrill and my meaningful life.

I wake up filled with thoughts of you. Your image and the exciting evening which yesterday have left my senses in turmoil. What a strange effect you have on my heart! My inner life aches with sorrow it was last night that I fully realized how hard it is to be deserted by someone you like.
This is the greatest pain I ever encountered in my entire life that comes from someone you never comprise.

My heart rages in its utmost height…
My heart keeps bleeding.

I was in my highest point of my emotion…I fell intensely from the highest altitude of hurts me…it tortures eradicates me.

My life is really full of suffering…the disadvantage of being ignored and not being recognized… not even given in whichever right..the right to ask…the right to dictate..
I love you more than you will ever know and more than I could ever show, but I hope that one day you will realize that it is true…I love you more than you know…

I want to fulfill something to prove that I love you so, I'm certain and sure what I'm tracking to…mainly my love that kills my momentum everyday, I feel abandoned.I feel astray…this might eliminate my consciousness including my awareness. My earnest apology for giving you so much worries and troubles, but why? A BIG WHY?! why me?! why now?!

I tried to spill out all my agonies and miseries but I fell short…I'm still suffering …I'm still crying…I LOVE YOU..that's the reason why… I love u KINZ.

Heat of Engineering (To my High school Friends)

30 Jul 2011 Author cholden
Before you decide whether or not to study engineering at university, you have to develop a good understanding of what “engineering” actually is. What do engineers do? Where can engineering take you? How is it different to science or mathematics? Will you be able to get a job? And, how much will you get paid?
First of all, engineering is VERY broad. Specializations can range from traditional fields such as civil, electrical and mechanical engineering to new emerging branches like biomedical, computer systems, and green' technology. All engineering subjects are rooted firmly in combining advanced mathematical and scientific knowledge to solve real-world problems. Essentially, engineers are the problem-solvers, innovators and research and developers that make much of modern life possible. From the bridges you drive across, the car you drive and the GPS (a system that can show the exact position of a person or thing by using signals from satellites) system that tell you where to go – all were designed by a team of very skilled civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers.
As populations increase and the push to be ever more modern and sophisticated continues, jobs for engineering graduates continue to increase. Indeed with the emergence of new engineering fields, many new jobs are continually being created. For example, the development of the internet 15 years ago created a huge boom for computer systems or software programming engineers. Bhutan being in the developing stage always shouts of engineer shortage. Nowadays, in light of the global green movement, sustainable building processes and materials has become an increasingly prominent engineering field. All this leads us to believe that studying engineering will set you up for a very bright future – and because engineers are in such high demand, the pay is exceptionally good!
Of course, how much money you get should never be the determining factor for choosing any career; the true secret is to do something you feel truly passionate about. The very nature of engineering means that you will have to enjoy and be good at calculus, physics and a range of other maths and sciences. However, engineering is not only for maths, science or computer geeks! It is also a very good study choice if you're really passionate about working in a specialised field like environmental protection, bioengineering, advanced telecommunications, or robotics. If you like to solve problems and create things, then engineering could be for you.
Bear in mind that engineering does involve a lot of hard work! Not only will you be studying a wide range of topics, but there are many practical experiments, projects and research that you will have to do. All are time-consuming and require a great deal of commitment and determination to get done. Basically, engineering is not for the lazy student. Your laziness will be proved if you do engineering in College of Science and Technology or elsewhere you go in the engineering colleges.
Ultimately, the choice of what to study at university is a very important decision that draws on a lot of personal factors like your own interests, strengths and study habits. Outside factors such as job prospects or your parents' opinions and friends opinions should be considered, but certainly do not let your parents and friends decide for you what you should do!
Also, though engineering is a very male-dominated profession. Girls will have to be prepared for weird looks should not stop you determined girls from giving it a go and proving to all that girls can do engineering, too! And that has happened.
 Good Luck!!!


26 Jul 2011 Author cholden

Everyday I could see many stars twinkling ….. Of them some are extra bright and we can feel the content of the stars. Everyday I walk a half mile from my home to the road site, and from road site to my home in the evening. The walk is pleasant. The road on  either side is flanked by green beautiful lawns and gardens. The walking solitary is good for me and then I learned something little from a little incident.

One fine morning, about a half way between my gate and the road, I noticed two exquisite girls talking in the lawn. The bigger of two was charming and admiring with golden hair and rosy cheek. The other was quite short. She was beautiful, with hazel eyes and light brown hair. Standing behind for a while was great for me. The serene scene was sad and amazing too.

The bigger one, probably her sister succinct in melancholy,
“What to do now, we are left alone and no way to live with?”
The younger sister was silent for a while.

I was amazed. Their father's name was Ngabjalor(Nu.500) and mother was Jalor (Nu.100). Elder sister was consoling her sister.

“Never be be upset. Our father didn't return after giving food. I thought he would return after few days but failed. He was now in hand of miser shopkeeper, Pema.”
“Mother will not return because she is value less now. She was gone with an arrogant fellow in the bazaar for our survival.”
“For us our shelter is already dismantled, where we will stay” replied the younger sister.
“never worry we can go together and stay near the door of shopkeeper”, said the elder.

For a whole day I was drizzled over this problem. By the afternoon they were not there. That evening I thought deeply on the subject. The next morning I explained the matter to my boss. He was severely shaken for a while.
“Presumably true happiness consists in making happy”, he said with smile. ” The object of life is to be happy, the place to be happy is here, the time to be happy is now, and the way to be happy is by making others happy”, I said. He nodded and said, “ingredient of happy life should be possessed if it should be perfect felicity. Isn't it?”

I nodded and thanked him and returned to my home with unforgettable knowledge and lesson in my life.  

Rolling Tears

26 Jul 2011 Author cholden

In the worst hours of the worst month
Of the worst day of lovers.
I, set out from hostel with my sedate bonnie sweet heart.
I was walking- we were both walking – to the road.

She was uneased with law of nature and couldn't bear.
I caught her chubby hand and proceed.
She saunter in vile with bending head
Until the busy road – meters away from dormitory.

When I stared at her exquisite face
Tears were trembling through mildly.
Of poignant. Of melancholy. Of toxin of nature
What to do, with tears I have to bear.

Before entering in her ALto, she succinct,
“Elsewhere we stay keep cemented THADAMTSE”.
I nodded with hanky on my tearful eyes.
This was the last message she conveyed to me.

Presumably felicity comes when we are with our dear
And speculate sadness comes when we depart with.
I wanna tell – it is common to unkind
And should be borne with circumstances. 

If I am a Girl

22 Jul 2011 Author cholden
If I am a girl, my mercy story would be…. My first time wasn't what you would call romantic. I was 15 or very young years old, a beautiful, simple and loving girl in school, and had very low self esteem. I had a boyfriend. Sure we talked, but it wasn't much different from how I talked to my best guy friend. In fact I was probably closer to my best guy friend than I was with my boyfriend.

But everything changed when I met this guy. He was in my 3rd period class and like me was kind of socially awkward. So I decided to be bold and introduce myself. Or a guy came and proposes me. A couple days or month later he texted me and invited me to lunch. I was surprised at first because he was a senior and seniors rarely dated freshmen at first instant. I was also hesitant because I had a boyfriend. But I came to the conclusion that it wasn't a big deal. I was just going to lunch with a friend, nothing wrong with that right? I gave a thought. But that lunch led to more little “dates”. He was so sweet to me, telling me I looked pretty, gently taking my hand when ever he got the chance. He was the boyfriend I always wanted- cute and sweet- I was very happy with him. After a couple months things began to change. Instead of going places for lunch we just walked to my house which was just down the bazaar from the school and make out. Making out soon led to other things, things I'd never done before and things that I definitely wasn't emotionally ready for. Then one day it just happened. We had sex during our lunch hour and then just went back to school like nothing had happened. I started crying in class overwhelmed by what had just happened and wishing it hadn't. I tried to comfort myself by thinking stuff like “A lot of girls do that, it's no big deal” and “I love him, that should make it okay.” 

I really did love him. More than anyone on the planet. But that just made it so much more painful when he decided he didn't want me anymore. At school he slowly began to pull away, he didn't talk to me very much and at times it seemed like it went to great lengths to avoid me. I was hurt but I wouldn't give up, so I pretended like it wasn't happening. When my friends asked me what was up between us I would just smile and act like everything was just fine. It wasn't until a couple weeks afterwards that I realized I had to let him go. But I refused to look like a weak silly love-struck girl (even though I was) so I sent him and email telling him he was a moron and many other words that I probably shouldn't mention.
For months I cried myself to sleep over him. I still loved him with all my heart but now he didn't speak to me or even look at me. After months of depression, I was finally able to let go and be happy again. I would later find out that the guy I loved so much wasn't who I thought he was. He had tons of girlfriends and had slept with every one of them. After he finally got a girl to sleep with him he always dumped them. I wasn't alone and that some how gave me peace. There were other girls that knew my pain. I met one of his other girlfriends and the similarities between us were astonishing! We were shy, fair-haired, and tall and both determined not to let this insignificant boy ruin our lives. We've become very good friends.
 I write this to get sympathy for who has come across such. There are many girls who are victimized by pitiless boys. You are the one who you had sex, you are the one that have to pay for your mistake, and to ask for sympathy would be just silly. I wrote this to urge young girl who are very beautiful, charming like an angel to know that they have so much value. And listening to some of my friends, such stories make me feel sympathy. Please don't give yourself to the first boy that seems to love you. Make sure you really know someone before you decide to have sex. Remember that you are a gift that only a very special person deserves.

Good Luck…!!!

Hurts never Smile

22 Jul 2011 Author cholden
“Hurt never Smile ever” is not followed by everyone. So as its not even followed in friendship. At times your best friend may hurt you. They may try to do a Hitler act by annoying you and troubling you by saying words which hurt you. Trust me it is painful when you hurt your best friend. I know it because I have always made my best friend cry. I mean not always but at times.
I still remember the day when I fought with my best friend. She was sounding sad and upset. Other day when I spoke to her I learnt that she had cried the whole day for a single issue. I soon apologized and tried to make her happy. When your best friend is upset because of you then go to her/him. Try to be casual, crack few jokes. Hunt for opportunities which would bring a smile in their face. If she is still angry with you then pull their cheeks and say “Cheychey sem mashee siii why are so upset… he he”.
Dear friends, friendship is one of the most priced possession/gifts in the world. A friend is our alter ego. It's the most pure relationship in the world. They sow the seeds of happiness and you derive more happiness as you reap it. Just be good to friends. Don't lose your friends even if they love or hurt you.Yeh not to forget …just give them a kick when he/she has an eye on your girl/guy. Kidding!!

Keep your dear one/friends always happy…..

Good luck..

A letter to my Girl

22 Jul 2011 Author cholden

This is not to hurt you my dear Kinzang….. love you 

Respected Miss Kinzang I'll say;

How do u do these days? I think you are fine without any problems and doing your training productively and you are destined to be fine. And i pray for the success of your profession as teacher. Be prepared to generate the best future citizens of the nation.

Here I am fine and everything is in good health except my outline mentality. Everything more will destroy the atmosphere of the professionals. Let me not stop to say about you and your very excellent characters!!! Again though it will spoil your blissful mood I am now in destined position to convey it. Sweet and bitter is my past. Everything changes on the road of life but when we look behind, we label our past with memories. God knows what might happen next and our reason to be in this world. Yes! Our life is like a river. We donot know how many twist and turns we will face. What ever happen, the only certainty is that only memories are left behind. Being born and departing is the law of nature. When we leave this world, we should leave behind good memories. BUT……………

2005, 7th October was fine. 2006 was also fine. 2007 was bit fine. And 2008, worst of all. 7th October, 2005 was the year where I achieved two goals. First I stood third position from tenth standard-  aimed for. Second I got you as my best friend-intended for. Time had passed like that for one year, 2006; class XI Science, you at Baylling and me at Rangjung, approximately 150km away. Nothing bad happened. XII Science, 2007 very busy with deep integrated books. We were both worried about  the final  (BBE) exams. 1st December, 2007 we have done common exams. Result were declared. My happiest jiffy was on that day, where I didn't sleep hours of darkness. I got professional course in professional country. In the year 2008, my hard work proved me and i got in Engineering courses. But due to my security problem I couldn't grab an opportunity to study in-country also. How sad!!! In 2009, its not my hard work counts but this is the gift from GOD ( Ken chok Sum). I got to be member of CST Family. And I don't blow my own trumpet.

My heart is, was, were, will be always wth you. For those simple grounds you suspected me.How much I have to explain and how much you'll understand. You said, “once you make decision its like that”. It may be right or wrong. I explained you but in vain. From this , I understood that you have been waiting for this chance to come and break relation with me. I assure in the name of dear GOD that actually I don't have any fault that can be assaulted. And I don't have relation with any girls. Any how, how much I have to pour water in the upside down pot?? Since you have decided to end relation with me, its always exact and wise.

You have an affair with others. You told me. My simple advice in this regard is, “one who touches your heart will never touch your body and one who touches your body will never touch your heart”. Please remember it.
Another thing that I want to tell you is, please try to learn to except your own fault. Don't always go for alleging others. Till date my mind is always with you and it will be forever for you. A lover departs but their loves never depart. Since you have decided  to break it I have to accept your decision. I have heard many unwanted and unbearable news of you while you are at Baylling and currently where you are. Even then I didn't tell you, thinking of, it wouldn't be true, i never expect from you and it would severely hurt you. But today I can;t bear the burden that you have given. You never think how others suffer. You only know how much and how you suffer. My mind never stays cool. Its hot and boils. In the vapor of my boiling mind I visualized what I have heard about you. Firstly, I was told that you have an affair with other guys. Not guy, guys. One you have expressed to me. There were and will many.

Secondly I was told, “please leave such type of sexually abused girl; no use. How great! Oh! GOD. How dare it have to snoop? Many guys touches your body, i was informed. Even then I stayed cool, thinking that it wouldn't be 100% true. I have never hate and neglect you. Instead how great! For this, not calling and suspect, everything spoiled. Though I am not a psychologist, one thing that I have learned is, I have accepted my fault of not calling, after exposing all these reasons u pressured me to break relation: that means what i have heard were all true and that is why you have not send your photos, telling that its summer and the river has swollen. What I have heard were all true and that is and will be your moral characters as teacher. When I tell all these, please I request don't get frustrated where anger is only a self demolition.

When I meet my friends all ask me about relation between you and me> What i can or will tell? The moment I heard words about you, my eyes filled with tears. Its very embarrassing. What to do? For love I am not That weak to sacrifice my tears. Once upon a time everybody praises your good characters to me. That is the reason why I have not believe what i have heard. But, “LOW JAPHU TAE RUNG JAPHU TOEM” and”LOW TAE ME ME GE HING KU” is you. Frankly saying, you are a coward, thae goap thae tsharwa dalu, ther is no points of thinking and regretting.

I am sending your letters and all. Its not to hurt you. Its useless keeping with.It gives nothing than sadness and make eyes wet. I am keeping your gifts and photos as long remembrance. One thing I want to tell you regarding this, please ………… don't throw my photos in the dust bin. Instead you please…….. burn it.

Any how I end here and say, “Best wishes and good luck to get thousands of stars. You aim it carefully and shoot it. Please…………………. I tell in mercy, don't let your good story end like the true story of “FLY AND THE SPIDER”

So, lastly i end here with lots of best wishes and good luck to have very successful life ahead…….

Yours truly  

Sangay DUba
Asst. Chemist (Quality Control)
S.D Eastern BHutan Fesi (P) Ltd
Phuntsho Rabtenling (Plantsite)

Failure is not Fatal my Friend

21 Jul 2011 Author cholden
You can't blame the destiny my friend. You have the real power of capabilities. We know how you had put your abilities to come here. And we too know what was your rank. We enjoyed your company. Your act of gesture, your way of cracking joking with profound use of Dzongkha dialect and the silence hour of your drunkard state lets us miss you a lot my friend.
Actually you have made a big mistake and failure in your life my friend. Engineering (civil) it is a traditional engineering. Its need was felt by mankind and it is now as a course we have to study. It is nothing and we can say it is man made. And we can do it actually. Nothing is impossible. But for you it came as an impossible my friend.
The key to success is to keep looking. It takes a long tired road traveled to find what truly makes us happy. That one thing that we wake up and want to go to work doing. If that one interest is found then you are a lucky person for few people reach that point in their lives. Remember this and go ahead my friend.
Any how it is now your very big responsibility that you have to prove that failure is not fatal. Failing in exams does not mean that you have failed in your life my friend. It is not THE END. There are miles to go.  So where ever you go I on behalf of my friends I wish you good luck.
And I can't say more than this. We will miss you a lot. 
Dedicated to Jamba, Loday and Tashi..

It is funny to recollect

21 Jul 2011 Author cholden
Teenagers use their friends to assist them in getting an attention from girl or boy. If we see a particular group of girls always hanging around where we spend time, chances are, there is a girl in the group who thinks you are the answer to her Charming fantasy. If there is giggling, whispering, and sometimes, pointing, whenever we pass by or we are in their area, try to pick out the one who appears embarrassed and does not look directly at you. This is the one who is crazy about you.

It was during my schooling at Rangjung Higher Secondary school. I was in twelfth standard. I thought I was falling in love with a girl. I used to feel totally different when I see her. Her name was Sangay Wangmo. She was in ninth standard and a day scholar. Though I was senior to her I never got confident to stand by her. I thought I was the only one that admires her style of scoring in basket ball, beauty, smile and walking style. I have attended sports events, cultural shows.. sitting up front cheering everything for her besides my busy schedule to do home works.

Once it was in morning assembly, I have manipulated others to ensure that she stands by my side. My simple plan was to give her an epistle. And I thought to ask if she is interested in me.?? A simple “yes” or “no” answer to a single question. But my hesitancy didn't allow. Then a plain idea strikes my mind. To act on it I got my friends to start rumors about the fact that I am crazy about her.

It was during one fine SUPW work program.  We were allocated work together. She greeted me. I was astound and blushed for awhile. Not knowing what to say, I gave my sexy smile. May be she might have heard about fact rumors.  I never thought she be interested in me.  Or my assumption s is wrong.  
From that day, she greeted me warmly every morning.  Days passed .. and I was confident enough to face her everywhere. We shared our interests, likes and aspirations. But I controlled to tell her what I really felt. From then she brought small gifts from home. It was all that were mentioned in conversations. And one special was a pen for my pocket that “doesn't leak”.
She laughs at my jokes, find opportunities to be a confined space with me. At lunch, she will tell me that there is something around my mouth, then wipes it off with her finger instead of a napkin. After lunch we will extend our conversations, betting our eyes, giving a sexy smile, teasing and touching. And sometimes we will be late in our class.
One fine afternoon, She steer the conversation to a more personal level, put her hand on my arm, talking, and run her fingers through her hair several times, and ,moisten her lips often and whispered her secret in my ears. “Sangay, I am in Love with you”.


20 Jul 2011 Author cholden
Throughout our lives we meet many people, and some of these relationships are short-lived and others are for the long term. We all need a friend for finding happiness in our lives, and both our short and long term friendships play a significant role in this happiness.
Is friendship for a lifetime? It is often hard to say because there is no right answer to this question; sometimes we expect that friendships are for a lifetime and in case of real friendship, friendship can exist as long you live.
Friendship is one of the most important things in our lives and we all have periods with problems or we need advice and having a good friend to turn to is a very nice thing to have. Even if you are married or in a relationship there are always items which you prefer to talk first with your friends; not that your husband or wife doesn't want to listen to these problems but a friend often has another view on certain issues than the person you live with will.

A lifetime friendship can start when we are a little child but many times these friendships are only for a certain period. We get friends when we are going to school; to play with and probably we have many common interests. When we become older it is sometimes hard to keep these friendships alive. At this stage in our life we will probably be in relationships or have gotten married. Keeping in touch is not always easy because very often we live far from each other and our free time is limited.

Most people are going to work outside and in the evening they spent most of the time with their husband or wife. If we have children it is often difficult to make time free for our childhood best friends but there are certainly friendships which can exist for a lifetime. Especially if we are in a sports club or another kind of activity which we share is perfectly possible that the friendship will be so close that we can give your friendship a lifetime agreement.
When we become an adult we will expand our circle and meet new friends. It mostly happens when we don't expect it. This can be near the place we live, at work, during a travel or even online. On this stage of age we will have other interests and also other kind of problems where we need a friend for.
I don't have strong friendship bounds from the time when I was a child or even at from the time when I was in my schools.

I really believe that lifetime friendships exist and I was almost sure I found one five years ago. It happened during my ninth and tenth standard at Tashigang. I never was in group. I never mingle with my mates. I was not sure how this happened. The day I realize it was SHE. And worst of all our true friendship was shattered due to distance and belief systems.

Now I am here in College of Science and Technology. Study in college is different from that of schools. We have to do lots of group work, group assignment, group discussions and etc. we organized works in group, and since then my friendship with them become closer. We called each other and go for walk. And they are no other than Sangay Jamtsho (Douley/Khamjay), Sonam Dorji, Sonam Rabten(Smart Rascal), Dechen Norbu(DecNor), Phuntsho wangdi(Phuss), Deki Phuntsho(Pykala), Choki Dorji and etc.
We are exposed to internet. The use of Internet makes it possible to find friends online. There are many dating sites where you can find friends online. I found the last one year some good online friends in writing sites and some of them are now friends. Keeping in touch is really not difficult; e-mail and messenger services make it possible to keep these friendships alive. These friendships are still young and it is difficult to say now if these friendships are for a lifetime but I really believe that some of them are for a lifetime.

Friendships are important in life and if you find a real friend I am quite sure that real friendships exist for a lifetime. It happens very frequently that friendships have a longer lifetime than a romantic relationship or a marriage and you can also have lifetime friendships with someone of the opposite sex. True friendship is really beautiful and offers you benefits for a lifetime.

Is it possible for twenty children to play together for twenty years? Thinking about some old friends brings a lot of refreshing and great memories to mind. When I consider some childhood friends, I really wish we could get together and be friends again. The real fact is that some friendships are not meant to last forever. A friend of mine once told me that friendship can expire. I totally agree with him, because the relationship with some of my friends has actually expired.

Cheers and be friend!!!!!

Employ your life

20 Jul 2011 Author cholden

To the unemployed youth of Bhutan- Life is a mixture as we all know. Just the way diamonds are rare, so we as an individual is rare. Every individual will not be same. Amongst the thousands of different types of life, being born as a human being is no less than being a diamond in a coal mine!

We should frequently ask to ourselves, in what stage of life we are in? We need to think and know what need to discover within us and it will be wonder that most of us live life without discovering that we have something special within us! At times, even when we realize that there is special within us, we never bother to shape it properly, or rather, fail to get the right teachers who can shape that specialty and bring out.

After hearing and reading many stories of success and failure, its actually a wonderful thing that I know and learn. Success can be enjoyed but cannot be passed on. Our parents, relatives, friends etc, being successful in no way guarantees that we as an individual will be successful too!

Everybody is scared of failures. I have seen lots of failures and too have failed a lot.  Failing in exams doesn't mean that we have failed in life. There are miles to go. As a teenager or handsome and beautiful young men whether it will be right or wrong, we just know one fact – we never want to be poor. So having that fact in oneself we have to employ oneself and work hard irrespective of what the work is. Don't discard it as a blue collar job and don't rejoice it as a white collar job. Just we need to work hard with passion and dedication and out of desperation and belief.

And remember that, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, the “King of Bollywood” just signed and acted in films which were discards of actors; – films,for which producers could not find anyone to act. He acted in all of them just to make sure that he continued working and avoid unemployment. He worked very hard on those movies. And he is now a big star….
Don't grief and worry with your work and if you fail remember failure is not fatal. We need to know that failure give and incentives to work harder, an act which invariably leads to some kind of success in most cases. So work hard whenever you fail. It is an amazing teacher. It also help us to wake up with a passion to strive harder. We will never learn if we never fail. if we don't learn we will never grow and shape the speciality that we have in us!

And somebody rightly said; If you are a street sweeper, so be it. Clean your street so well that others are forced to acknowledge your existence and feel that ” here lived a street sweeper who did his job well”; because anything worth is worth doing passionately and hard work. Else, neither will you be happy, nor will you success, and interestingly, nor will you earn money.

And too, Mr. Amitabh Bachan, tallest man in Indian cinema, sometimes he recollects –  as a young boy when film festivals were held in a big hall he used to stand on pavement outside the hall and think one day he'll also be in the hall  and have opportunity to see and meet all those big stars. Now he had discovered what is within him, work hard and he is a greatest Actor of stage and screen. I rejoice to see him receiving numerous awards and people cheering for him.

If we employ our self for what we get, work hard and discover the specialty within us we as an individual will be happy and people as a whole will rejoice for our success.