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I want to be a Man…

01 Nov 2012 Author fragileheart

My wildest fantasy is to be born as a man. Then I would not have to be answerable for everything. I can do anything as I like. I can go anywhere I like. There would be no restriction to go anywhere at anytime. I can have as many girlfriends I want and nobody would even raise an eyebrow. I don’t have to cry for every little thing since it is not a manly thing to cry over petty things. I can play all the time even after marriage. I can behave as I want anywhere. My friends would be more important than my wife and children. I would drink till I can take no more. I would stay out till morning almost every day. i would not have to do any work at home. I can just order everything and if it is not to my liking then I can always scold them. I can sleep as much as I want and get up late every morning. I just want to be in their shoe and feel how they feel.

Black and White

01 Nov 2012 Author cholden

On the black and white of my feelings I wrote your name.
I heard that life is transient even then I am thy fame.
Before the flowers around me fade to fatality,
We’ll see the way to our opportunity.
Don’t shun me for my heart will melt off
Don’t devastate my dreams for which I am fearful of.
I heard that our life is like water and ice cube.
We face concurrent living and breakdown for we’ll wipe.
High on the mountain of promising sun rays I see your face.
Downhill through the thick jungle I find loads of burly base,
That it’ll clutch our strong assurance so tight.
And let the mountain full of promise be our divine delight.
Down the plain of winding river of our existence,
I see the evaporating happiness of thy sweet fragrance.
Along the crisscrossing bank ablaze with beautiful Daffodils,
I see the different coexistence making deals,
Many things that go wrong are fixable,
Like our yellow teeth are brushable.
Like crushed flowers our beauty will lost forever!
Like dress rehearsal we believe grand concert is yet to appear!
We think and gossip most about the success of Bill Gate,
And we rarely do the success of Gandhi for I bet.

Bigg Boss

01 Nov 2012 Author fragileheart

These days I am busy watching Bigg Boss on Colors. It comes everyday at 9.30 pm for one hour. It is a real live show and is quite interesting. A group of celebrities of mixed field are put together in a house for some months. In the house they have to follow certain rules and do tasks as required by the Big Boss. There is no TV, music system, mobiles, computer etc in the house. They are totally isolated from the outside world except on fridays when they talk to Salman Khan who is the host of the show. In order to get luxury items they have to successfully complete the given task every week. Every week a new captain is nominated who has got some privileges over others. Also every week each contestant has to nominate two people from the house. There is voting system for the same and the result is given every friday.

The reason why I like this show is that it shows your true personality, the way you deal with people, the way you handle the tasks etc.  It shows that no matter what background you come from, how rich you are, how famous you are, basically we are human beings first. Though it is a game and everyone wants to win it but still you cannot pretend not to be yourself for so long. It is good to see even the guys backbiting about other people like the girls. Among them they make their own groups and sometimes argue over small things like coffee or water. The fun is doing everything yourself since there is no maid in the house and they have to do all the cleaning and cooking by themselves. It shows how good you are at coordinating things and divinding the work amongst themselves. Some know each other from before and some are total stranger. Sometimes they say things which are misunderstood by others and then starts another heated argument. Most of the ladies in the house have already cried rivers and once even one guy cried for no reason in particular. It shows how considerate you are of others feelings, how much you can take it. Its all about human psychology and human behaviour.

What is LOVE?

01 Nov 2012 Author fragileheart


The very thought makes you feel blissful and on seventh heaven. It means different to different people. There are different kinds of love – husband wife love, lovers love, mothers love, fathers love, childrens love, brothers love, sisters love, friends love etc etc. But overall it all means the same which is caring and loving someone very much sometimes more than yourself. Some love is selfish wherein you look for your own benefits rather than the person you love. Love does not mean forcing someone to love you in return. Love means being happy for the person you love no matter what. The love which is unconditional is the best of all since you do not expect anything in return but still keep in giving unselfishly to that person.

Love does not mean loving the physical features of a person but the inner beauty which is there to stay forever. It means accepting that person as they are with their shortcomings. Love means trust and understanding each other along with respect. Love means being there for someone when the whole world is against them. Love means the comfort level which you share where you don’t have to use words to express your feelings. Just one look or one touch is enough to put the message across. Love means doing something for your loved ones. Love means spending time with them and sharing your feelings. It is just a small four letter word but it means everything. It is easy to say but very difficult to actually mean it from the heart.

Nowadays you say I LOVE YOU to so many people that you lose count of them. True love is hard to find. For men love means attraction basically. When they are pursuing the one they love, then they are ready to do everything for them. They are so caring, do little things to keep thier girl happy, call them number of times in a day just to hear her voice. Some shower thier girls with gifts and flowers and surprises which are the key  ingredients which any girl would fall for. But once they get married then it turns to another kind of love. They stop all the things they did while courting.

Some men don’t love anyone but has plenty of girlfriends or wife. Some marriages are without love. It is one of compromise or for the sake of the children. They both do their own thing and carry on as if nothing has happened. They are just two people sharing a house and maybe couple of kids. I like the kind of love which keeps on growing rather than diminishing which goes on till the end of your life.

There are people who even sacrifice their lives for the one they love. There are others who are too possessive about the one they love to the extent that they can kill someone also. This kind of love is dangerous. There is silent kind of love where they never express their love to the one they love. There are people who take their own life when they don’t get the love of their life. There are others who claim they love more than two persons. There are some who love their own kind and though it is not common but slowly getting recognized in some countries. There are many guys who were bad but mended their ways once they fell in love.

Love has the strength to melt even the hardest of all hearts. Some go mad if they don’t get the one they love. Love is one thing which knows no barrier, no religion, no caste, no color. It is the only language known all over the world. Love can make the impossible seem possible. Love can change you into a better person.

In the end Love wins all.

Has it really come to this?

01 Nov 2012 Author fragileheart

Is it really a matter of convenience now? It is not that it was not there before but the cases like these are in the rising and it is disheartening to know that such things happen nowadays. Every now and then we get to hear things like these happening with someone. Whom should we blame? the individuals, the society, the economy or who else is to be blamed. Decades before it used to happen randomly and that too people who used to take advantage of innocent girls, proclaim false love and marriage and then leave them as if you don’t even know them. People in the higher ranks used to visit villages and then deflower young and innocent girls and then leave them on their own when they left that place. And there are many cases where the girls have become pregnant and given birth to children with no father. There was nothing or noone to save them and give them justice.

Because of the rising number of unemployent, girls are forced to take up any available job they can get in order to sustain themselves. Many of them end up working in Drayangs and hotels where they are not treated well. Most of them are lured by men by giving false hopes of job, love and marriage. And in worst cases many end up selling their bodies for few ngultrums. Mostly they are the ones who have been cheated and used. But nowadays even the girls are not far behind. Some of them have accepted it as their fate and use their charm to get things done. They make boyfriends for benefits and use it to study further or sustain themselves. It doesnot matter how old is their boyfriend but how much he can spend on them. The lifestyle they lead requires money to buy clothes, luxury items, travel, food and party which they cannot afford on their own. And the rich old men just wants to flaunt their girlfriends who are old enough to be their daughters.

Nowadays there is a trend of people going for further studies and most of the time either the husband or the wife gets it if both are working. It is very rare where the wife or the husband goes along with their spouse. Otherwise one of them goes. This is also one of the reasons of rising number of affairs. The ones who are left behind then cheat on their spouses and in many cases gets married to someone else by the time their spouse returns back home. In many cases it is a matter of convenience wherein they just have an affair but with no strings attached and commitments.

These kind of people who use other people as a matter of convenience for their own needs are dangerous. They are the ones who are breaking marriages and relationships and also the life of the children involved in either cases. There are no values or principles about marriages and relationships nowadays and nobody takes it seriously. Everyone is so casual about it. Having more than one wife or husband and having affair seems like a normal thing nowadays. Integrity and trust is nowhere to be seen except in dictionaries. People have become too materialistic and practical. As long as their own means are fulfilled they do anything to get it. We don’t get to see pure love and good values. People change wives and husbands just like they are changing clothes. In some cases the children are confused as to who is their real father or mother.

When I ponder over this things, I feel that it needs a revolution to change whatever is happening around us. It is very easy to blame but difficult to correct it. The economy, the society, individuals, everyone is the culprit. Unless we change our way of thinking and way of living, nothing is going to change and chances are it might get worse than this.

Why do good girls gets bad guys?

01 Nov 2012 Author fragileheart

Why do good girls gets bad guys and vice versa? This is one question which keeps popping up in my mind at times. Statistics also confirm that it is true since there is hardly many couples who are both good or both bad. Is it because opposites attract? When I look around I always see that the good girls always end up marrying bad guys and good guys end up marrying bad girls. By good I mean a girl who is the take home kind of person one who is homely, decent, does all the household chores, a good wife, mother, friend etc. She takes care of you and your likes and dislikes. She is the one who manages the house and outside very well. But her husband is a guy who has all the bad habits, stays out most of the time, does not do anything to help at home, ill treats his wife beats her even, has affairs with many but expects his wife to be good. By bad girl I mean one who parties all night, drinks and smokes, always out of the house, hardly manages the house, spends all the money for herself, who doesnot cook at all nor takes care of husband and kids. But her husband is a guy who stays at home, cooks and manages the house, takes care of the kids, does all the work himself, doesnot drink or smoke, treats her nicely.

So my question is – is it fair like that? Don’t the good girls deserve a good guy? and good guys a good girl? or is it all about balancing the eco system? These days I hardly see any couple who are perfect in every sense. They deserve each other and compliment each other well. They share the work between them and do everything together and also give each other space at times to do their own thing. And i think the relationship lasts longer that way. Compromise should not be done by one person but both person involved to make a relationship work. But weird is the law of attraction because of which opposites attract and as it is love is blind.


29 Oct 2012 Author deepeeyangzom

We met online, had a good time, chatted again and became good friends. Do you ever recall the first day we met? The day we became friends? I do and I will always remember that very day I knew and will remember for the days to come.  The times we had together still lives fresh deep in my heart. It is good to reflect and remember the good times we had together.

You said, you love me and i loved you too. I loved you, not your face, I loved you, not your post, I loved you, not your wealth. I loved your HEART. There wasn’t a day went by without missing you and without thinking about you. Trusted you and loved you with all my heart.  Came to a situation where I couldn’t skip a day without keeping in touch with you. Never imagined that one day you would find a reason to leave me. Never knew you would be so harsh towards my feelings. Your decision shattered me, made me go numb, felt the emptiness around me, broke my heart into pieces and still didn’t believe it. When i came back to sense, countless tears rolled down my check.What about the promise you made? The promise you made is still fresh in my mind. “I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU” I do remember you telling me time and again not to leave you but then it happened just the opposite.You shouldn’t make any promises if you can’t keep it. I always thought promises must never be broken. May be some promises are meant to be broken, to let us learn not to trust anyone again. May be i am not fortunate to have you in my life, indeed i am not blessed to be with you. Even the emotional songs made me weep over again and again as though the lyrics were written just for me.

If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then you would realize how much you are loved and how much you are missed every single day. You will know how much your silence hurts.  It’s more painful than the harsh words spoken.

You found a reason to ignore me indeed you never felt my love. I don’t have resentment or hatred towards you. You are probably the one of the best things that happened to me in my life. Thank you for coming in my life and leaving your footprints on my heart. All I am left are the memories and a heart around your name. Hope there may be a day you realize how true my love was.

Old Cypress

28 Oct 2012 Author Laengs

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge in the valley below. It has carried loads of varying nature – large, small, heavy and light. Some loads it carried couldn’t reach their destination – wherever that may be – and got buried under the river water or got stuck on the banks over the rocks and against the trees. Sands and stone particles might not have gone so far. Branches and leaves of trees would have covered some farther distance down the course of the river.

The huge cypress tree that has been standing in front of the old chorten has abided by and followed the order of nature sincerely. When it was young, it used to flaunt proudly the healthy branches and leaves it had in abundance. With time its leaves started to fall more and more notwithstanding the fact that it is an evergreen species. To worsen its condition, some of its branches became weak and gave way to a summer storm that struck it one day without any warning.

Now that it is old, it doesn’t have much to show off and flaunt. Even the spring winds or winter breeze don’t find any charm in teasing and playing around with it. Striking a romance with the young cypress was not so hard. They used to produce music of a sort which was pleasant to the people visiting the chorten and birds perching on the tree. Realizing that they can’t find any luck in wooing it, winds stop making any further attempts. Birds stop visiting it except when they are in dire need after a long flight.

Tashi has aged rapidly over the last few years. Let alone his hair, his beards are bearing a good mixture of grey strands. As he mumbles the six-worded Chenrezi mantra counting every prayer bead threaded with a string and shuffles around the chorten alone, the bygone younger days and memories of the past visit him. He is in need of some rest. He takes shelter from the sun beneath the old cypress and sits on the stone slab lying there.

He raises his hand and tries to trace the receding hairline which he hasn’t checked for a long time. To his surprise, it has crossed the point which he expected it to be at. He could feel it receding further even as he was checking it with his right hand. Life has gone so fast, he thinks. As the old cypress branches creak above his head under the impact of a strong gush of wind, he looks up and notices many barren twigs and branches. “Not bad either, my friend,” he says softly to himself and forces a smile.

Student’s expertise in appearing exam…

28 Oct 2012 Author hart

Once in a primary school the students appeared an annual exam. Two of the friends from the same class appeared an exam in same exam hall. One friend’s name is Dako and other is Depo. They have finished writing the exam. Dako came out of the exam hall and Depo, the next.

Dako asked Depo, ” How is the paper?.”

Depo replied,” I wasn’t able to answer the questions. It is tough. I have left the answer sheet empty.”

“Boo Boo Boo……” a cry.

” Dako, What happened? Whats the matter?.” said Depo.

” Depo, Now I am sure that our teacher will punish two of us.”

” Why?”

” I too have left the answer sheet empty and it is of sure our teacher will doubt that we have copied from each other?


On her untimely Death

28 Oct 2012 Author cholden

Gone were the days of memories and regret. There are numerous days that I’ll count on my fingers to cast my mind back to joys and fun we had. All those abiding memories and hereupon your absence are imprinted on my mind. The tear that rolls down my cheek is sign and misery of your absence.  Such is the uncertainty and desolation of our life and it is now my endurance.

I remember the place where we first met. It was dusty and noisy yet surprising to see you through the haze of dust in the sun with cute smile on your chubby cheeks. And right away I followed you to your office and thank you for your syrupy cup of tea. I still feel ashamed to talk to you boldly and I can’t forget your simple complain for my quietness and reticent.

The petals that you touched are still beautiful and lively, the signs that you scribbled are still inscribed with no distortion, dews that were on the leaves are still fresh and sparkling in the rays of beautiful bulb behind the bench and the throne that you got pricked is still strong on the sturdy branch.

In the busy Zangdopelri compound of elderly circumambulating and chanting mani and youngster snapping the beautiful scene of fountain, at the side of compound, in the small canopy, I met you for the second time of your choice. Your angst on my touch on your back and cheeks and my tricks to check your temper was all my mischief for you. Sorry Tashi if you still mind for.

You wanted to kick my ass for keeping in touch with your friend Pema and you assumed us. And I still have the guilt of compromising our relation. And I know you implicit that I cheated you and the belief is still carrying with you for you might not find the right path. And I pray for to forget all those mischief of mine and may you go straight to heaven. Go to the eternal place where we met for the second time and wait for your friends who will be soon coming and the day isn’t certain but be patient my dear.

The pain of your disease and the pain of my sickness to hear your voice was all that struggled a lot. The greatest pain was when you were unable to answer my call and I couldn’t hear your final voice. May be you thought it was worth not hearing my voice but for me it was worth anything and I didn’t anticipated you to leave this wonderful earth so soon.

I didn’t believe your friend Pema when she said you are no more in this world. How can I and how’ll I react to such threatening and thundering news? The moment I end our conversation I was totally numb. It was the moment of utmost regret and pain, the regret of not letting you to know the truth of my silence and mischief. Seemed knowingly I concealed my feelings. Alone in the corner of my room I tried to endure the pain and tried to smile myself with our memories but you always disturb me by your sweet grin on your chubby cheeks.

We have seen hundreds of butter lamps being lit in the small chamber beside Zangdopelri. Today I am going to that chamber to light for you to clear thy darkness and lead a way to heavenly abode. I will climb on top of the mountain and hoist prayer flags to call you and inform you to wait for me in the heaven. I am coming soon and let’s reunite in the afterlife!

 Om Mani Padmee Hung hre 

Who are responsible for solving the rupee crisis in Bhutan?

28 Oct 2012 Author lotusflower

It is just my opinions. All the people of Bhutan are responsible for solving the problems of rupee or financial crisis. All of us should know and understand the financial position of our country and how it should be utilized for developmental activities or for others given the limited resources for incomes and more of expenditures.

I really do appreciate those people who had completed the construction of buildings for tenants, for the benefit of themselves and for the future of their children. And equally, I love to see those whose constructions are under progress as, as long as their properties are within the Bhutan, these are properties are of the people of Bhutan, although the buildings are owned against the name of individual so called private buildings. And the same are for the other businesses.

But does our people think the problem of rupee crisis as the problems as a nation (for all the people of Bhutan) or as an individual problems? Although, there might be some sorts of lapses from royal monetary authority as the sole authority for looking into these matters, however, it could be equally important to understand whether the mistakes have been occurred knowingly but for the benefit of people or else the unavoidable circumstances forced towards it.

I read in newspapers as well as I experienced that the most of the people have disturbed their businesses by the so called rupee crisis. And I too felt sorry for it. They are frustrated, their incomes declined, some not able to pay wage for labors, some have to shut down their business like construction of private buildings; some could not import vehicles, etc. But do we think, is it good decisions to avail loan all those are in banks without taking any interim measures for improvement for the solely benefit of present, and not analyzing the future outlook of country and the future generations-our offshoots and bloods?

I do not think, even my parents would care me as I care myself. Same would be for our nation. Other nations may not care for other countries rather than they care and love their own country. So, at this juncture it could be better to think properly for the country as an independent nation, I guess.
Way forward. It would be better if all the people of Bhutan join hands and ideas, souls and bodies together at the earliest to solve the problems either rupee or financial crisis. Let us not point fingers to each other but solves the problem collectively. And, “WE CAN DO IT IF WE WORK TOGETHER.”

Human Values

28 Oct 2012 Author hart
Human desire grows even if they were given chance to shortchange the whole world’s benefit for individual wellness. It is alike drinking a sip of ocean water which continues to increase the amount to a cup, a bucket than a tank and an ocean. Similarly, emptying the ocean too will not be able to quench the thirst of the person. Hence, humans are the conduct less among the living beings. We utilize the major percent from the shared earth but we never give a second thought to our selfishness nor does we feel guilty for our own deed.While going through the newsletters, listening to views and speeches on shared responsibility, we can point out strong supportive words expressed on sustainability. But seeing the words and saying it isn’t enough, seeking the reality with analysis is vital. For example, we people, in order to find outer happiness, we distract the global environment at large, use this raw to manufacture toxin- synthetic goods where billions of tons of toxins were used to manufacture it into smooth slippery shows. At the same time produces billions of tons of toxin pollution, we then distribute half of the toxin input goods to ourselves. What is our next preference?   We consume all the self distracting goods.

Are we satisfied with what we have consumed or brought so far? No, it wasn’t enough and will never be, even if the present available resources runs out. Because of our attached defilement, we look forward for new branded goods, exchanges the system within a snap of our finger to drive in a spacious center being a ” latest fashionable consumer.” Even to fix a simple electronic we ignore to mandate rather go for a suitable technology.

Have you ever asked yourself, where does this exchanged wraps or scraps go? I never asked this question to myself . All the stuffs were dumped as an unwanted wastes, they were burned down to an ashes producing trillion tons, thousand times powerful than the toxin called dioxin.

Now, what is your response if our sustainability remains as an idea or concept? If the earth turns to a handful of dusty sands? If we haven’t thought of then it is high time for us to ensure greater thinking ability to answer these questions. Everyone believed the world as a beautiful place after evolution of education.Did you know, from the early evolution of education till date those questions weren’t answered explicitly. Education’s benefit is though enormous I would say it stepped on to distractions and decentralization of the naturally existed  nature into an artificiality appearance. It has done more harm than a good.  What do you think?

Our knowledge that we have acquired so far from the education is implicit. The knowledge we get to know were innate within us but we are unaware of it’s existence. We are only aware of tip of an iceberg of the knowledge remaining submerged.From the Buddhism views basic human needs are roof over a head, cloth on our back and plateful rice for each meal. However, our humans today flows in the line where more than what we want is unnecessary, less than what we have is incomplete with our wants as immense.Therefore, analyze and check out for the fact. Individually try to know your own natural conduct. Question oneself, Am I being greedy to research the submerged iceberg or is it enough studying only the tip of an iceberg so our younger generations can have their say and discovery of the submerged berg.

Take in account,we have not inherited this earth from our heritage, but we have borrowed it from our children…

Once upon a time

23 Oct 2012 Author settingsun

Looking backwards to the bygone times brings in a sense of nostalgia.. sweet, hilarious and a lot of murmurs. It all began, when a young IT professional by the nickname NOPKIN gave birth to a website fondly called the In a short time, nopkin, who loves to be called THE CEO had a line of followers…. the likes of Luzee, Kuenza, kewadaza, dankala, bella, arrogant buddha and so on. The CEO was as thin as a match stick and his followers even thinner. Time is magic. As the years rolled by, nopkin disappeared from the mountains and so did all the followers. I heard that there was a lot of fun then, everyone trying to outsmart and outwit the other. There was fun in organizing cleaning campaigns, going for picnics and spending a night out in the wilderness, sharing the same tent and smelling each others aroma. I wonder, whether such a time will ever revisit and bring back all the missing men and women of this wonderful web.

Believe in yourself

23 Oct 2012 Author sdoji30

Sometimes when we wake up in the morning we find things – not really like how we have hoped them to be. And we feel it to be a day’s downer! But if we think little bit straight, that’s when we have to stay put without panicking and remind ourselves to get better of oneself.

There are times when people disappoint us or even let us down blatantly and we- disdainfully burn in the fire of our own ego. What a bummer! Actually those are the times where we need to trust our own judgment rather than getting carried away along with our emotions.

Believing in our self, staying focused in life and most importantly learning to accept are keys to get back with our life. Yes, it isn’t easy but those adversities will really test our senses of who we really are; our purpose.

When we are living through the dark days of losing and frustrations; remind ourselves to stay calm and believe in one self. Only times of struggling and unexpected responsibilities will test the unexposed zeal in us.

So believe in ourselves.

Hero to Zero

23 Oct 2012 Author kelzangkd

Lance Armstrong is no more a legendary cyclist. He is now an infamous cheat in the history of cycling sport.

Doping test confirmed that he and his team had been illegally doping for many years. Today, the famous champion of Tour De France is like a rat, powerless. He is no more a celebrity.

His 7 Tour De France titles are stripped off. And he is banned for life time from cycling sports.

I watched this news on BBC and read online too. The news was shocking to me. He was my hero. I was his fan. I like when he rides like a highwaymen. He was the boss of cycling dorm. Tour de France, the most popular cycling arena was his avenue of successive name and fame. Now it is just a history – a deceitful and shameful one.

Though the reports and findings reveled that Armstrong was doping, I still have faith in him, a little faith. How could he escape those dope tests for many years? What are the pitfalls of dope testing units? Without charisma and some skills, drugs alone would be not enough to win a title repeatedly?Cycling is a spurring hobby in Bhutan. Lately, Thimphu has seen many cyclists. Pedestrian day further propelled the cycling fever. Starting from the prime minister to opposition party leader are cycling enthusiast.

One of my good friends is now a professional mountain biker. He works in biking showroom. He won several races in Bhutan. Recently, in the US, Coloroda, he climbed the international ladder in cycling world. Of 1400 bikers, he came 11th. I am overwhelmed.

However, the point here is not about his glory and Armstrong’s downfall. It is about being professional. Bhutan is not an exception. We should forgo our Bhutanese attitude of ‘Let it be.’ So, doping should be a serious concern in Bhutan too. Be it an archery or a mere Degor match, the participants should be tested. I call upon all the sports committee to confirm an anti – doping measure in every sports that takes place in Bhutan.

Life is lovely, death is scary

23 Oct 2012 Author kelzangkd

Everything is transient. Change is inevitable – it is the truth. Everything is sure to crumble down one day. It happens every moment, yet we are ignorant to realize the flick of fleeting moments of life. I do not intend to sound dramatic. So, relax and focus on good aspects of life. Value life.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Death is the ultimate reminder. Countless teachings revolve around death. We are supposed to live life as if it was our last day so that we can live life meaningfully (Lousily sometimes).

The recent demise of great filmmaker, Yash Chopra is another reminder. I am deeply aggrieved. As a kid, I grew up watching his films. He brought flavor and spices in Indian cinema. He dramatized Amitabh’s charismatic acting, while he nurtured and honed Shah Rukh Khan. Many actors’ glamorous reach should be credited to him. However, he has to go. Life is not a cinema. We cannot write our own script. The plots and climax of life is incredibly unpredictable. Heroes perish without a trail. There is no fixated resolution to a drama called life. So be warned that death is all around the corner. You know, he died of dengue, a disease caused by a mosquito bite.We think that disease like dengue and malaria are often associated with lower class – working class. The fact is that everything in life is uncertain. A person could die while eating also – choking with food.

It is said that when you are about to die, the world will come flashing with memories. You would be watching an imaginary movie created by memories and reminisces of your life. So, make it worth watching, at least in your final years.


21 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

It took me by surprise when I received a call from my friend Lungten saying our friend Sherab was diagnosed with liver failure. It could be me I thought to myself since I also drink with them when we get together. The stuck of the pain entered in my mind when I saw another Rock beer standing in front of my table. Actually the size of the bottle does not matter but how much it is left to fill another glass. Before I could finish another bottle Lungten again called me with anticipation. He told me that Shreab was going to be admitted to the Thimphu hospital. The doctor had arranged ambulance to carry him to Thimphu the next day. He asked me to escort him to Thimphu because he himself was not very well as we was also suffering from some sort of chest pain. I agreed.

The next day we processed to Thimphu in the ambulance. Our journey began from the very early morning. The ambulance was well equipped with oxygen. The driver was so kind and helpful to reach us Thimphu very safely. The road was nice but several blocks made us reach Thimphu bit late in the evening. The time was exactly 5.30 pm when we reached the hospital. I saw the several ambulances in queue in front of the hospital to get off the patients who were all diagnosed with liver problem. I was bit afraid when I came to hear of another similar patient as my friend Sherab. I heard some doctor murmuring to me aside that the jobs for doctors have drastically increased. Most of the patients were because of liver failure.

Hours later another doctor came near me and asked what happen to my patient. He asked me time and again. Is he a chronic drinker, asked the doctor. I don’t know doctor I replied. Do you drink? Yes I do sometimes I replied. This word broke me into eerie silence in front of the nurse. You will become like him if you drink. These words brought me into terrible realization. The doctor asked the nurse to take my patient into emergency ward and get the result as soon as possible. After the CT scan was done he was found that his kidney was about to fail. The doctor rushed immediately to the emergency room and asked him to put injection. Hours hours later we were asked to take him to the medical ward for treatment. Without any further delay we took him to the medical ward. I looked at him and he was still senseless lying beside me and he looked all yellow all over the body. He was suffering from jaundice too, I was told. He was then admitted to the ICU ward.

The next day his pulse raised beyond limit. I asked the doctor what would be the solution to bring back him normal life. Again doctor nodded his head to him and told me that it was too late treating him. He said he was sorry and took the last breathe and went to attend another patient. They drove him again to the ICU ward without any delay and placed an oxygen musk on his face. After week in the ICU my friend Sherab died.

Thus I say drinking is bad for health and it puts your whole life into great risk.


17 Oct 2012 Author SleepingPig

A girl was setting a password for her laptop with Boyfriend sitting beside her.
She types “BRAIN” as password
Boyfriends fell off from chair laughing because….
Laptop replied :

I thought this way

17 Oct 2012 Author dodrup

As I am interested in National geographic, Discovery and History channel shows, most of the time in my university during class off days and no-sleep nights I click into the and watch the programs to push and pass my time as I had a charge less Wi-Fi connection in the dormitory. Recently, as I was watching through the programs on “Banged up Abroad”, on the side of the playing screen I saw a list showing the tribal people and their dance. It caught my eye directly and then immediately I clicked on it to watch it.  It took my attention because it seemed to me as a good opportunity to watch this sort of program alone where you can see people cloth less and all of their body exposed. Moreover, when at home, whenever this sort of programs are broadcasted, we should avoid it as the whole family at the home is watching a single TV and it is shameful to watch it together as there are unwanted scenes to be watched within family members.

As I selected and clicked to watch this program, a line of program related to tribal and bushman lined up from the side of the screen and I then clicked to open it all in different windows tabs and watch it all simultaneously. Some programs were too short and other was little bit boring. Luckily I got into few programs which made me think.

One program that I watched was on the life of tribal women in some part of African country. The women in that tribe are treated as the main workforce. They fetch the water, food and make shelter. They take care of the household needs and every work outside should also be done by women all the time. Now, what does a man do? The man does nothing. They sit together in a group and enjoy making themselves handsome by coloring their face, making their hair and shaping their body. They don’t even bother how the women are working and then just ignore even if they see a women carrying a huge load at the back with baby hanging from her front and walking with sweat. The men rather walk along the path, holding a long stick and trying to show off their decoration to the women. Then I thought where would the “Hell” be called for women, if this is not? And also who would like to be born as women here? And now, I just made it to myself that, those men, who are currently under the full control of women and those women who bullies their men currently, must be getting their rebirth here.

Another program was of the same theme, but it was about the men. In this program, the only painful work that the women do is to give birth. She doesn’t have to do any work both outside and inside the house. It’s the men who have to do it both. She doesn’t need to even breastfed the child. The man should make an artificial breast from a coconut shell and start feeding with milk from domesticated animals right after the birth and when the baby wants to breast feed, he have to take the artificial breast on his chest and then let the baby suck it acting him as a mother. Why don’t the women feed? The women don’t feed, because, if the baby sucks her breast, the worry of getting the breast shapeless and its damages on their body beauty stops them to feed and. The man should then take over the full charge as a mother. The men in this tribe are mother, father and worker. What struck me was, surely this is the “Hell” for man. And I made to myself that, those men who don’t take care of their women and those women who are fully bullied by their men must be getting their rebirth here.

Today, as I am writing this, my quest to search programs about this tribal are still green. It makes me think that all sort of life cycle for human are in this round/flat earth. It made me think that, a heaven on top and a hell below us is just a metaphor. This cycle of life realms are near you, me and everybody of us and makes me understand what sort of life each realm has.

Any actions that we make, words that we speak, thoughts that we think are therefore watched and the path to the better or worst place of rebirth gets paved accordingly.

Give Yourself, this Moment

17 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

Old helpers are gone.
Your body falters.
Nothing will get easier.
Give yourself this raindrop
at the tip of a leaf.

Long cherished, your project
will not be. Your purpose
is dust. The soul garden
withers at dusk. Give yourself
this last lit tendril.

Behind the ruins
of your storied life
find your counting house
of happiness: sip of sky…