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Articles by: Kezwaa

How Tenzin was got bitten up!

23 May 2011 Author Kezwaa

Tenzin was very shocked to see Dorji carrying bag full of money from the Tenzin put up a question to him?Oh! Dorji where did you get this bag full of money. Dorji, simply said i got this money from the bank. where is bank? dorji was taken by surprise since he have no idea about bank. can i get money from bank if i go there Tenzin, said? why not sure…there is lot of money in the bank dorji replied with smile. Tenzin walked whole day thinking to get money.

Tenzin approached the counter # 10  and said to one of the bank cashier…sir, can i have some money? why not sure you have to fill up the form kept in the corner. why i have to full up those form since Dorji got money with out filling the form Tenzin was the cashier.

So, bank cashier helped him to fill up the form. After filling up all the form  he was ask to go to the counter no 7 so he went to the counter and show his form. so, unfortunately he has forgotten to write his bank account number.
So, he was asked to write his account#  He was puzzled what they are telling to him.
Tenzin do you have the account # here. No sir, I heard from Droji saying there is lot of money thrown everywhere so i came to pick up some money. Bank cashier was very angry and call the guard from outside and he was bitten up severely and handed over to the police and taken to the jailed for one week thinking he could be robber.

“Never trust the one whom you don't know personally”


23 May 2011 Author Kezwaa

I would love to rest on your lap
to ease my loneliness
that I have never felt before
you are only the one
whom I loved a lot
Since I saw you at first delight
you might not know
How much I mean to you
more than any thing in the world
you are like my weapon
that I can protect from sadness
I have fallen in love
thinking you would love me too
but now the process of live suffer
more than agony I have never felt
leaving in broken pain
I know you love me
but insult from your parents
made me to live apart
I  know you begin to hate me
but I love you more than you hate
I live with single heart
I have no more spare heart
to resist pain that you gave me
I love you more than you are
but your mother let me love
I understand your pure love
how can I be in your real heart
every time I remember the words of love
I cannot remain in the depth of despair
how can I will gain her love
unless I am living in broken apart
I shall never leave loving you
until you break my heart with your love.

Verse of wisdom

16 May 2011 Author Kezwaa

Quality of
activity can't
be risen
unless the
of life is of consistent emotion.
Unhappiness is incredible;
When you have no choice,
mobilize yourself!
Punishment is not an answer,
Reformation is.
Enemy arise when you touch.
Compassion is one's kindness.
Denoting with impure mind is a sin.
Do not touch but witness
The thought behind the giving.
Practice tolerance; that's compassion.
Character's more than intelligence.
People will be in perfection.
Definition of joy is within us.
Death and thirst are the way of life.
Perfection comes after you do yourself.
Weather you believe or not,
The rules are not changed.
We can't control the length of life.
But we can its weight and depth.
If you think you can, you will.
If they can't accept. why expect.

Uncertain Dream (Poem)

09 May 2011 Author Kezwaa

I can see thee

Thru' my visionless eyes

Helplessly she waited

To someone else's.

In the middle of the dusky road

As if he will never to come

Why she waited was my inner question?

Showering beneath the un rain dusty cloud

Far across the distance where I cannot gaze

Purely dressed up in unusual way

Under the depth of despair

I feel pity as I have no any mercy on her

My heart goes on until she looked at me

In the damsel night I gazed

Where people are in deep slumber

Dog barked as in unusual way behind the ladder

Cats are yet to sleep beside the oven

Wanting some more to sleep to warm their coat

After a long dry day drenched

She moved on unheard foot steps

Silent and innocent she stood

In the night when shadow unfold

The door was partly opened

Since she peeped to enter the casement

The latch swung on creaky hinges

I was afraid until my eyes open

Under the thick blanket

As if I needed some more sleep again

She stood up behind my cozy bed

Like the women I have never to be seen again

I walked behind the unclosed portal

With murmur of my unsung prayer

To seek help where I cannot see any women

Perhaps! My dreams tilt into unhappy night

Where that dream belong to this poet;

It was all in my dream of course.


26 Apr 2011 Author Kezwaa

Why do you
Often come
In my mind?
Since our love
Broke up
Ages ago,
Nothing is
Left with me,
Only broken pieces.
Every ache I suffered
Was cured and gone. Through that

Broken pain I have shone.

Though our love took a year,

It seems like a day.

Left behind tragedy,

And meek words in an

Epistle written to thee;

Even sowed poems through my tears

That swept through my words

For you to come back some days;

Now the indelible memory

Has evoked my mind

In the heart of the one,

Whom you have left behind.

I shall weep through my heart

Till my tears bleed in blood;

Let her to know the rhythm

Of my true love


This detriment heart echoed;

From the edge of one another' sorrow

Through the wall beside you laid.

The years had been trod,

Many months has been taken

From the one whom

You have left unpaid.

But it seems she won't ever come back,

Then she perished into a lone yore.

Waited behind her perished love

Those lingering memories alive;

To the heart of this poet,

Lagging behind the depth of despair.

I wish no more is gone forever,

The truth of love from her side,

Perished into another's heart,

Won't ever to come back,

Broken apart;

What I hope of her

Was just abandoned.

Nevertheless this poem

Will remain as legacy

Forever in the heart of a girl,

Whom I have loved a lot.

Come and wipe the tears

That I have wept alone for you.

Three states of mind

17 Apr 2011 Author Kezwaa

Stop drinking,
Start thinking:
is a shame
a fun game.

Drinking is an acquired taste,
That's laid many to waste.
A true-to life fiend of hell,

If not handled well.


Smoking is more than mere smoke:

It curtails life with every toke.

Every puff further clogs lung,

Cakes it till it likes like dung.


Stealing is still another crime,

For which, if caught, you'll do time.

So stop these vices three

And you'll be truly free.


Life is not a dream,

Nor some hare- brained scheme,

Make the most of a short time,

Don't waste your prime.


07 Apr 2011 Author Kezwaa

one day Dorji hoped to buy a brand new car from his long years of saved salary. “What he hoped was never to be wasted” So, he brought second handed car for Nu.200, 000/- with all his hearty requested from his neighbor friend. He wished his car will solve the problem from working long distance.

He drove his car and headed to home with proud in his heart. He parked his car near by the gate.

 The very next morning somebody honked from the gate to make his car to be side. So he asked his wife to get his car's key from his table. Suddenly his wife sprang from the bed with amazement and yelled from top of her voice. Where is your car? Are you not dreaming you little poor husband?

Oh! My god? Dorji realized he was merely dreaming of some one's car. He rushes to his office with the speed of 1 km/hour without breakfast that morning. What he has hoped was never happened.


02 Apr 2011 Author Kezwaa

I am one big loser
for falling in love with you.
You left me heartbroken
there was no word of goodbye.
Nothing can stop my tears
flooding my eyes

It took years to nurture
our love, it seem just a day
Love has now turned into a tragedy
how long can i wait for you?

Will you come back
to mend my broken heart?
My days stretch long
and my nights are even longer.

Faith alone can measure,
the pain i have endured
being being in truly in love with someone
left with nothing more than an agony.

A true heart and a lonely soul
a man of constant sorrow is who i am now
whose heart longs for nothing
but one last look at his lost lover.

Our Domestic Volience

24 Mar 2011 Author Kezwaa

We know our country is blessed with green environment and modern technologies, but we are also aware some form of domestic violence takes place here. Many people might have faced different kinds of violence, but very few understand the source of violence. People think that domestic violence is mere quarreling between the couples, which is often mistaken. It is more serious than that and the root cause I think is alcohol, drugs and infidelity.

Today you can almost count those people without mobile phones and it is the fastest means of communication. But it also leads to violence. Many people are affected thus and the environmental effect also comes as a package.

The survey shows that most couples divorce due to alcohol related issues, anonymous SMS and chatting on the Internet and growing infidelity thereof and develops mistrust in relationships. We all believe divorce is a misdeed.

Alcohol is the first step towards violence and unfaithful relationship only fuels it. We have seen many people become homeless after divorce and turn into prostitution. This is going to hamper in achieving our Gross National Happiness goal. Children are the ultimate losers when the parents separate. We know divorce through violence is nasty and unpleasant.  We feel pity and sympathetic when some family breaks apart.

Lastly I would like to request all the parents around the world to stop drinking and start thinking. Let's join our hands to say No to domestic violence. 

Uncertain Love

21 Mar 2011 Author Kezwaa

It was almost 4.45 PM when I got a call from my wife. She yelled over my mobile in such a hurry… Kezang ….your friend has come to meet you, he is here for almost an hour waiting for you. I replied; oh! Don't let him go away I am coming. I will be there in twenty minutes…hold on… ok.

I was on my way to home from and decided to take a Taxi as it was bit urgent thinking that I would miss my friend whom I was going to meet after so long. I went to the Taxi parking as soon as my wife called to me. I saw Taxi drivers were all busy calling out names of the places… Taba, Dechenling… and some were busy playing cards inside the Taxi. I also saw a lady Taxi driver who was desperately waiting for passengers. I heard she was murmuring to herself saying that her day was ending without much work and that she had collected only Nu. 250. The harsh wind swept all the dust towards the town and made the trees sway. I was bit in hurry and I asked lady Taxi driver how passengers she already had. She smiled with her dimpled cheek and said that she had three passengers; one going to Langjophakha and two to Taba. She walked here and there looking for one more passenger going to Taba.  I knew that she was desperate for one passenger so I told her that I was going to Dechenling and asked her whether she would take me to too. But She said she was would go only till Taba. I told her I was in a hurry and requested to take me to Dechenling. She wistfully said that she was not going to Taba due to road condition but was will to go if I paid Nu. 100 extra. I said OK.

I was busy texting my friend when the Taxi stopped in front of Dechenling Zam (bridge). I asked why we stopped. She told me that there was engine heat up. The Taxi was vibrating more than usual, but she managed to start it. It stopped again a little while. So I asked if I should get out from the Taxi. She told me in bit of anger that it will be fine and not to worry. So I sat back and worried what would happen again to the Taxi. Needless to say, it stopped again after a little drive. I was fed up and took out Nu 100 and said I was getting off. The driver half turned and said that she didn't have a change…. Taxi was unable to start and she waited for someone to help. Hello, Madam… what is happening to your taxi, I have to reach home? I asked, almost in anger. She replied me with a stressful face, I don't know this Taxi always giving the problem. I asked did you check the engine oil this morning. Yes, she said.

I tried to check the fuel line and battery connection but everything was alright except a small drop of water leak from the radiator. I asked her to put the reverse gear and I will push bit harder but I pushed several times but there was no any sigh of starting the engine. She was shaking with anger. All I could suggest was to drag the Taxi to the workshop. Aush! She took a last breath after a long time repairing her Taxi. I never expected my Taxi would give me this type of problem on the way, she murmured to herself, resting her hands on her west. The crowed had swelled quite a bit and there were honks from behind. Why do you stop your Taxi on the road without thinking of others? People wanted to know what was happening. But I did not address the crowed. By then crowd has swelled so much that traffic had come to complete halt on the narrow road between Taba and Dechenling.

Soon a police vehicle came by blinking red light conveying the VIP. I'd been at this for the day long. Traffic police came out with stick and asked what was happening. I grovel him with gentle voice sir, we are sorry since her Taxi has broken down and nobody could repair it. So police man said with haggard face, don't you know who is that VIP? She replied I don't know la. Why don't you keep your Taxi aside so other vehicle can pass? The police man was terribly angry at her. Police checked all her documents and was fined for not renewing her Blue book on time.  So police man called another vehicle through his handset to the base traffic office. The traffic vehicle came within 10 minutes and dragged her Taxi to the workshop.

 So everybody pushed Taxi aside to clear the way to the traffic. In the meantime my family was calling me again constantly. But I was too agitated to speak coherently.

While the Taxi was being dragged by the police vehicle, suddenly one of the wheels went off the cliff and I shouted through the top of my voice…hey wait … wait you are dragging too fast one of the wheels has gone off the road.

When we reached the workshop, I realised that it was merely a dream about the beautiful lady Taxi driver whom I had seen on the Taxi parking yesterday. I was just a dream about her whole night long. Uncertain dreams can make you suffer in any corner of the heart. The next day when I met the lady Taxi driver I saw she was in normal condition as usual with her brand new Alto Taxi… When I narrated the dream to my friends, they all burst into tearing laughter.

The power of word “SORRY”

15 Mar 2011 Author Kezwaa

Sorry is just a five-letter words often used by people in their day to day life. Some say sorry is not medicine but I would say sorry is more than medicine if expressed in a good way. Sorry is also a word of sympathy and is accepted by the people around the world.

How many people might have said sorry as an acknowledgment to their mistake? We are bound to commit mistakes. We should learn from the mistakes, say sorry if needed to, and move on.

When someone is really angry with you, be it your parents, friends, teachers… their temper reaches boiling point for you have committed a mistake knowingly or unknowingly. But admitting the mistake does not lower anything or take away your pride. Instead it eases out situations. If we can control yourself when someone is in a fit of anger, the battle is half won.

So go ahead and say sorry…

Same name

08 Mar 2011 Author Kezwaa

One fine morning i saw one boy standing in front of the Police station eagerly waiting for someone.. Suddenly i saw him handcuffed by a policeman for thieving someone's money. I felt pity and asked his name..Kota (brother) what is your name. he pointed his finger to the policeman and nodded. I was afraid why he is pointing  finger to the policeman…I asked the policeman…. what is your name Lopeon…? Police said Tashi Tshering. What about that boy? Police said his name is same as mine.

Destined King

03 Mar 2011 Author Kezwaa

We live happy in the worth of two kings
Those hundred and two years of potentate ruled
Through fortress of a faithful heart we are blessed?
Majesty shed energetic power to save our realm
When father gave heart to its son shouldered a big helm
Thy wondrous action was a legend born
Thou saga will move the lip of those dynastic pass
Roads and Bridge beneath everyone's feet
Health and education the seed of Gross national happiness
What ye sow is we shall reap in good yield
Your innocent eyes speaks the words of epitome
Where people shower with peace and harmony
Lucky are we born in such regal country
Let's pray for the king, let's plight of true prevail
In the warm hand of our young sapient king
People shall rejoice with all hope and aspiration
Thou glorious weapon was the country in peace
Security is more than my life ye oath Tsa-wa-sum
Folded hands thru ye charm heart hero vowed
When unexpected disaster hit the tragic night I stood
Swept the roof by the another gigantic tornado
 Many injured some died every things was crocked
Left homeless night in the darkness biting field
Seek home shed in the biting ground dream to see lord king;
Eyes filled in blur voice laden with equanimity worry
Traumatized event left the nation under immense tragic sad
Everyone of my happy hour left in the grave a funeral pyre
Where people celebrate lament tears in each other's lap
Soul-deep in vision king appear when all in desperately need
Impetus command to against threats military action
Thou pay the price walked along the needy home shed
Witnessed those affected victim behind damaged
Shelter for vagrant insist for further necessary action
Gave the life of survival to stand to see them with today
Blessing and prayer arouse from many peoples
Prayer flags stand to flutter let departed soul rest in peace
In all essence of true heart all we grieve in chanting prayer
Through thy kind heart a grant reverence was bestowed
Every footstep he made was in all compassionate sorrow
Through thy pitiful eyes broke people's sorrow into happiness
Let's bring back that happiness returned those sorrow
I apologies those victim to accept my hearty commiserate forgiveness.
 All we shall pray to god warship our sapient kings
Thou shall bless us through thy solicitous heart,
Shower us with peace and happiness more than what we have now.


Poem by, KEZANG DAWA (Driver)
Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;
Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan


03 Mar 2011 Author Kezwaa

Why my heart
is broken,
Who did it?
When I was in
exceeding peace,
You took it.

We promised that love is only ours

Which can be disturbed by no others;

We tryst now and then sharing love

Never shared with others.

In the name of god, you can pluck

The star above if it resist our true love.

You kissed my hand and took oath

Never to leave me alone.

it was a rose, never bloom in my heart

But you now like bees left me broken.

As if like last autumn's phrase,

You are no more, my love.

Oh god! Don't let me see such love

Again in my life, in this globe…


Poem by, kezang dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;

Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan.

Campus Opener

03 Mar 2011 Author Kezwaa

The day was perfect,

Unblemished blue,

the sun shone,

a shiny new coin;

my first day of a college:

the gate was partly open;

it swung on creaky hinges,

Which unnerved me no end.

My mind floated like cloud

as I walked behind the lab

accompanied by

the echo of my steps.

A blue denotes sadness

but my cherished college age

had memories to store against

the cold dark days of December.

It was a time abuzz with life,

with nobody to frown on you

And laughter under the stars.

And though there were no words,

Fear has a voice of many tongues;

that rang in my inner ear.

I heard walking steps

Without footprints;

I even heard their echo;

It was all in my mind, of course.


     Poem by, KEZANG DAWA (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd,

Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan

The last lost angle

01 Mar 2011 Author Kezwaa

Actually, Rigden was not so strong enough to express what he feels to her. He knew himself that he is just a chicken hearted man when he sees a beautiful women walking beside his eyes.  He saw she was extremely beautiful in any personality. So he could not control his mind to go with her all day and night.

It was in Gyelpozhing Junior, High School when Rigden, was placed in the new school. It was very hot in the summer and he was there to buy some utensil, suddenly, he saw she was walking beside him with a noble book in her left hand walking in tearing hurry towards the shop. So, he could not control his heart go and grovel her name but his timid heart could not do it in such a crowed place. She was just beautiful in everything but he never knew what would be her heart is made up off. He felt she is just phenomenal in every appearance and beauty beyond measure and she was the apple on his eyes at very beginning.

So, he felt to write her with theme of all his passion. The next day he proposed to her through help of his class mate wangmo. Actually wangmo was also very beautiful but he treated as good friend in the class. So his heart forces to write to her in this way.

Hey, if I am not mistaken I have fallen in love with you in first sight, though am poor but I am rich in loving you through all my true heart, the day I saw you have become  sleepless night. I know I am here to love till you break my heart. I know it was tough enough to write this chit after a long deep thinking. Any way I will wait for your chit reply to come as soon as possible. I love you ever, yours ever only the loving man .Rigden. He handled this chit to his best friend Dema who was only his new friend from the beginning for the school time. She is very good friend but bit cunning to help him.

The day has been gone in a tearing hurry without any sigh of getting reply. Rigden, waited more than the month hopping to get the chit reply from her. What he thinks was abandoned hope. The next day he meets her near the school flower garden when they are all in cleaning and planting the new trees around the school campus. She looked at him with her starry eyes and dimple chick and he did too smile to her with all their true love and affection. Through all his shivering heart he wished her HI, May I know your sweet name please, if you never mind? She merely said to him, why do you want to know my name? Actually, he was bit nervous to ask her name, he hesitantly asked her name. So everybody was just looking at them when they are conversation between.  she was also bit timid to tell her name so She hesitantly said her name with her tender voice, actually, I have no any special name like other have she smiled through her dimple chick, I am Yangchen and sometimes my parents called me pinky. As soon as he heard her name he becomes sleepless night and he started to rewrite his love chit to her in such a way like that.

Hey, Yangchen/Pinky, your sweet name make me to rewrite my feeling that I have capture your beautiful face in my heart since I saw you at first sight, I know you will not reject my proposal since this is my second time writing for you. If you never like my proposal please at least accept my apology under your kind acceptation please. I know what I am doing with you. I know I have fallen in love with you in short period of time. I think nobody has fallen in love like me what I have fall to you. My love is true and will remain forever until you break my heart dramatically.

The very next day he received the chit reply from her and his heart burst into happiness with all rapture of great happiness. Nothing can fill the void of longing that I have waited for several weeks to get her reply. He wished he was the luckiest man to get her chit reply within a day he has applied.

She write to me is such a desperate tone.

Hey, Rigden, I never received any chit from you since this is your first chit that I am receiving now. Any way your sweet chit made me sleepless night and I know we are made for each other, I have never expected any chit from you but I know I will have to reply your love with all my heart too. I have received several chits from many boys but till now I have never replied to any one of them. From now on wards I will be your wind you breathe everywhere in the place you dwell. I know I love you more than what you are loving me. Their conversation gone into deeper into the heart and nothing can demolish their love that we are sharing. Nobody has known that they are in love but some months later somebody has came to know their love and try to destroy their love by reporting to the teacher. Many boys have proposed to her but nobody could get reply from her. Many boys have curved her name in their arms and still they tried to write her but none could get reply from her. Many proposed but in vain. They even seek help from best friend to convey the message. But she was dam less to any who proposed to her.

The midterm exam was over and they were all in the summer break, so he did meet in back yard of the school and kissed on her hand to insure their promised should not be broken and they bade farewell to each other with all our cried heart.  She cried in his arm stating she loves him more than anything and he did too love her more than any precocious thing in the world. They wished both a good luck and meet again without any change in your love. She wept and said I will miss you from today and henceforth I will miss you every time when I go to sleep. Your beautiful face will linger all over my face and capture your promised made in my arm. So they departed their journey with weeping to each other in the crowed.

After the weeks long break they are back to school and they were very happy to see their friends after weeks long missed to each other. Teachers were very busy preparing the result. The students were asked to clean the school campus after weeklong garaged by the fallen leaves.

The next day result was declared and he was proud enough to stood second position from the entire subject. It was really proud to receive price from the head teacher and everybody was there to clap hand for his good performance in the school ground.  Suddenly, He was very shocked to see his girl Yangchen was nowhere to be seen. He was very worried about her and wished what has happen to her. He waited more than a week but no any sigh of coming back to the school. Despite, he enquired his best friend who sited beside him.  Droji, where is Yangchen I never see here in the school? He asked him whispered, who? My girl Yangchen!   suddenly ,He saw Dorji 's eyes  was blur with tears ,Droji, explained him  with wistful eyes,  Awai…Rigden,  I am extremely sorry to say that she is no more in this school now, she was expired last week due to of her blood cancer. What are you telling me Dorji, Rigden  stood with amazed to Dorji?   No, Rigden!  It's really a true why I have to keep hiding from you even I have her chit to show that she has written for you before she died.  He was really shocked  and his body razed in to the ground after he heard the clumsy news of her untimely death. Are you telling me the truth or you are just making a jock Dorji he asked with laughing since he could not believe weather Dorji  is joking to him or not.

The next day news was spread to all students and unhappy to hear the new about her untimely death. Sudden demise of her make his heart in terrible pain.
Hey, Rigden let me tell you the truth of her sudden demise in hospital. Rigden, could not think  for one else rather than his Yangchen's face. He never believes that she will die without words of good bye. The day he heard the news was ultramarine day for him to leave his interest in study. He lost his interest in study and everything he wanted to do was drastically razed in to the ground with the dust of sorrow. He was unable to eat anything more than months and his merely kissed and see her picture that kept in his locket hung over his neck. She was everything to him and every day and night has become meaningless to live without her. Actually they have made promised to come without any change but their promised was mean to be broken in any circumstances.

Here is her Last note Yangchen has written to him with all her desperate tone.

I have received several letters from many boys from my class but I have rejected their entire chit since I was not interested in any of them, but I am just wondering myself why I have accepted your chit without any thinking, if I have not receive your letter and love I wish I would not have give pain to you now. Till now I could not tell that I was suffering from blood cancer and I am in last stage.  I could not tell you that I am suffering from blood cancer thinking that you will never love me. i know i have broken your heart by leaving you behind…i know you are missing me. Let's hope to meet in the heaven.

Hi, Rigden, Please convey my heartiest message to your friends those who I have rejected their chit.  I rejected their letter several times in the beginning, thinking that I wouldn't be able to give them happiness since I was suffering from blood cancer. I've lived in a gloomy world due to my disease, counting my days. I accepted your proposal at least just to please you. On our last date together, the one I call you for, I had terrible pain and I could not say that I am suffering in that disease and knew that it spelt my end. Later I spoke harshly to let you erase me from your heart.  I know I am hurting you by leaving you broken heart. Forgive me. I will love you forever when I come back to the world again. Yours only Yangchen, What is love and what else is love?

 He thinks true love is only the one who gives him pain. Nothing is wrong when she goes away from his heart. He thinks he was the loser in the battle of love. The truth of love is sorrow and happiness is rare. Love is uncertain that can't be judge by any one of us.  His story ended here with tears of sorrow. Love is uncertain only last episode in general dram of pain.

How Dorji got his name

28 Feb 2011 Author Kezwaa

Dorji and Tenzin was very best friends. One fine morning both of them were fast asleep and they were late for the morning study.

Suddenly, Teacher took attendance and found both of them were absent in the class. So teacher asked school captain to go and wake them up and asked them to come to his chamber.

Teacher got terribly angry to see them sleeping like pigs when rest of the friends are in the class studying.

Teacher- Hey you two, what makes you to sleep like pigs?

Students- Sorry sir, we were bit late to sleep last night because we were chatting with my new friend in the dormitory. We will never repeat again in future we are really sorry sir, they apologied.

Teacher- Ok that's fine, but you will have to receive simple punishment from me.

Students- Ok sir, thank you, but what would be our punishment sir, they grovel.

Do you see there is a big rock said the teacher?

Yes sir we could see there is a big rock said both of them pointing finger.

So, both of them were asked to sit on the cold rock near by the school campus more than two hours. It was terrible cold in the morning and shivering all the body till the morning study is over.

Suddenly, Dorji fart and Tenzin laugh with loud voice, He…he .ha…ha…ha…

Teacher- hey, Tenzin Why are you laughing, what makes you to laugh?

Tenzin covered his nose and said sir, Dorji is farting in front of my nose.

Teacher -no problem I too fart in the morning. It's not a mistake of him it's my mistake to sit you two in the cold rock.

Lastly, they were asked to sit inside the class room with friends all laughing   Ha….ha…ha…..

Dorji you are a big loud farter tease his friends inside the class.

The next day dorji was kept his nick name as farter..

Phantom night

28 Feb 2011 Author Kezwaa

Tshezang…..wai…Tshezang, Somebody called from his vegetable garden in the middle of the night when everybody was in eerie silent.

Tshezang was terribly afraid and wished who could be this?

He raised his head from the pillow and harks carefully…


Again somebody called beside the door step in such a haggard voice.

Tshezang….wai….Tshezang….come and help me. I am dying here. I am dragging by some unusual man, his elfin so tall and head are white.

Who are you asked Tshezang peeping through his casement? The night was covered by the thick blanket of cloud with drizzling rain. The wind blew harshly over the straw roof.

It's me Serkong replied from another side in such desperate tone.

I am really afraid I am gonna die; I am dragged beside my house by huge monster, big bulge eyes, sharp fork tongue…..

Slowly, Tshezang went in crawl with the help of a dagger in the middle of the night. Who could be this?

When he reached neighbor's house there he saw no body in the house except his poor dog  (Katoo) and saw someone unusual man waiting with wide open mouth laid hungrily in front of the door steps eagerly waiting for the  prey.


AAA…zai…. Ya lama Keno ……Tshezang…… shouted through top of his voice and rushed back to his place, when he ran back to his  place his leg slipped and fall down from the bed and ouch!

He woke his sleep and saw he was merely dreaming alone in the middle of the night and had wet his pillow sweating.

 Suddenly he saw his clock stuck to 5.30 AM and he rushed to his usual work with laughing to himself.


So, Tshezang narrated his dream to his friends, they all were burst into tearing laugh…Ha…ha….ha….

Distressed out

28 Feb 2011 Author Kezwaa

Why I was born in this world

Into a broken home?

I wish I could have died

Before leaving the womb.

My life is a jock: a living tomb.

I've searched high and low

Through the window of my world.

To find my long lost mom and dad.

Where are you?
Have I been had?

Set apart, my heart feels spread.

Oh God! Help me find my folks and

Free my soul from all unspoken,

I may as well not be alive:

It's like living without light.


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love is pain when broken

16 Feb 2011 Author Kezwaa

Love is pain when broken
How shall I see thee?
Until thou are in my heart
I missed thy more than What ye are missing me
You are not the one I fall In love with thy;
You are only that girl Who will break my heart?
Once my heart was in peace.
You know there is no pain
More than the broken in the world
I can resist the love that you have
But I can't resist the pain that you gave me
I can feel the love you have
But ruthless love that you share
Is just like the pain without hurt
I know I am belong to you
But my love can't be yours
The pain that you gave me Is more than agony now? 
I know I am there to love you
But I won't be available to give my true love
What you hurt is more than sweet
That I have never tested ever
 I know you are there alive
Some where hooked with love
 Don't give him a pain More than what you have given to me
Love is just pain that we all have
Love the one whom she love you
Not the one whom you have loved a lot
Be careful love is only terrible pain 
In the heart of a man
Let's fall in love like a man
Never give pain at the end
If you don't know how to fall in love
At least! Don't break the heart. 

Kezang Dawa (Driver)