Make Someone's Day!

Life’s Choices

17 Oct 2012 Author Clumsy

Life is full of choices, make sure you pick the right one. Don’t listen to the voices, hear only yours and you have won. Many people will tell you, you need to change your looks. Don’t take to heart their view, fabulous bods are found only in books. There is only one voice, that you should listen to. It will help make the right choice, that is perfect just for you. Your looks are your own, someone will always love you. You will never be alone, look in the mirror and you will see who you are.

Teen Life

17 Oct 2012 Author Clumsy

Every one tells you, they are the best years of your life. The thing they don’t tell you, is they are all full of strife. From a child to a teen, in less then a year. It’s a lot to deal with, you have to grow up fast. As a child you are free, as a teen you feel locked up. A child has no worries of being accepted, are the hardest part of all. What’s the “best” about these years. When as a teen, you live in fear!

Continuously Searching

15 Oct 2012 Author Clumsy

Continuously searching for that field of gold.Forever looking for someone to hold, close to my heart never wanting to be apart. But all i never feel is a deep chill, wonder if i still have the will. To live day by day, i sit and pray. There has to be someone out there, but i can’t see where. As the days go by, i sit and wonder why. I feel the touch of a hand, but nothing takes me to that fantasty land.

My soul feels dead and weak, but still i seek for one who shares those simple things. That lead to those golden rings. A life of security and family, its easy to see but to capture it, i just can’t make it fit. I want that dream so bad but my heart’s so sad, people use me for pleasure. I use them to fill the emptiness, why am that sure?

It used to be easy, now it’s just sleazy! Thery are gone by rising sun, i am left feeling cold. That scenes already old, i want respected not neglected. I can’t let them in, so i pay the price of sin. I sit and wait but for that life am i to late? I am 25, but i can’t take any more! I feel raped by life it cuts deep as a knife, there is no one to blame. I did it to my self and i am in shame! Wonder who l am and if any one raly gives a damn, what steps to take and a life i will make i pray “God guide me” help me to be what i want to be! Stop this pain and these days of rain. Before i can reach that field of gold, i need to get back the soul i sold! ~

Silence, Emptiness, And Confusion

15 Oct 2012 Author Clumsy

Silence builds an awful wreckage of a girl. It feeds on loneliness and creates a void gray shadows that haunt and torment and torture. A teenager is stricken and destroyed. There is no sound of laughter or happiness here, the little one has thrown in the towel today. Somber, melancholy moods decay the soul it is futile to hope and dream and pray.

Emptiness builds a home in this woman in this girl, this child where hollows have bred. A deepening sea of nowhereness consumes and eats away at every connecting thread. Confusion feeds like a savage inside her, leaving nothing considered worthy remains . Destined to walk through life less ordinary alone, exiled, different and disdained.


15 Oct 2012 Author SleepingPig

I wonder how does life sound if it is not reality that we live in but another fantasy that a child dream of. i know that what everyone is thinking? But i can’t help making fool of myself. i don’t blame anyone if they laugh at me but i will surely think that i am different than other.

I am already in my adulthood but i am still like a child who love fantasy and dreaming fantasy. so i just wonder what if my life is another story/novel already read and written by other. i know that is not real but there is no wrong in dreaming. rite?

I love reading book… out off all book i read, i felt like thinking about this book in real life. “Twilight series.”

Just wonders what i will do if i was Bella “lead girl” of the story. first of all i will definitely fall for Edward as well as for Jacob. they two are so hot that i will definitely will have trouble fighting myself whom to choose. Don’t laugh? Cos its nature to trouble yourself when two hottie is fighting for one.

so if it is about place where to choose for Vampire to live in Bhutan, then i think Gedu is best, not exactly like Fork but quite similar. so let say i moved to Gedu, and hell, like Bella, i also hate ‘something wet and cold’.

i never experience being a new comer in my life. so i will definitely be like her on my first day in school. no wonder why she was so much like gimmick. so then it goes like in story. i meet with Edward (definitely some bhutanese guy who is much cool like Price Charming of Bhutan) and he is vampire. Wow! i love Vampire. So i fall with him but hell i won’t kill myself for him or endanger my life for him.

then i meet Jacob. i will definitely fall with him if story doesn’t tell me that he is younger than me cos i really don’t like dating someone younger than me.

then endanger my life for Edward and everything back to normal. but still then i feel like life will be much better if there no gun and goons. but reality show how life is in real and how world is where we live in. twilight was just example of how i dream to live in fantasy with so much loving and caring person by my side. but in real, there is no pain with gain. my advice “so live in fantasy for while whenever you are in pain. it won’t wash away all your tears but it will easy you for a moment.”

I Wish…

09 Oct 2012 Author fragileheart

I sometimes wish I could turn back the clock, revisit the points in my life where I should not have done what I did and erase the mistakes I made. I wish I should have studied harder and got distinction in my grades. I wish I should have participated more in sports and cultural activities in school and college and honed my talent in every sphere. I wish I should have taken up something more exciting as my career and not what I landed up with. I wish I was a good writer and have best sellers to my credit. I wish I had married well in time and had couple of daughters and sons whom I would dote upon. I wish I had settled in US or Australia earning dollars. I wish I was more beautiful to give models a run for their money. I wish I would have got to marry my prince charming. The list goes on and on.

My wishes are never ending BUT sometimes I wonder if all that would make any difference to me now. I know I don’t have everything in life. I have made wrong decisions in life. I might not be able to erase the mistakes I made but atleast I have corrected them and moved on. It has made me the person I am today. I have married late in life and have no kids to call my own. I don’t have the best job but atleast it is decent and keeps me moving. I am not talented but atleast I try to be a jack of all trades. I might not settled in US or Australia but atleast I am in my own country near my parents and friends. I did not meet my prince charming in the sense that he does not have all the qualities that I wanted in my husband but still I love him as he is.

Many of my friends are in good position and earning good salary and some are working abroad. Some of them are married and have kids and have their own home and other luxuries. Sometimes I envy them but more than that I feel proud of what they have achieved. I might not be satisfied with how my life turned out to be but atleast I am happy. When I look back, I am content that I have good memories of my childhood. My parents tried their best to give us the best they could. More than anything they have instilled in us the values in life and principles of life which I have intact till now. So when I think that even if my life was different than what it is now, it could have been worse and whether even if i had what all i wished for, the question remains would i be more happier than now?

My First Car…

09 Oct 2012 Author fragileheart

I don’t know exactly when the thought of buying a car came to my mind but it could be during one of the rides I took in my friend’s car. She had an old model toyota corona and we used to hang around together most of the time and go for long drives along with other friends. It was around that time that I always used to dream about all types of vehicles and in the dream I used to be always in a situation that I had to drive the car though I did not know how to drive one. Dreams were frequent and the only change was the scenario and the type of vehicle. Sometimes it used to be a Landcruiser, sometimes just a car, sometimes a Jeep etc etc. I even saw myself riding a bike and a scooter. The road used to be rough, sometimes uphill, sometimes downhill and sometimes plain. At times I used to be alone and sometimes with a friend or a family member.

This continued till the time I started learning how to drive. After that when the time came for me to buy a car, my dad did not allow me to buy a second hand. I had wanted to buy a second hand car of foreign model but he insisted that buying that would be wastage of money since maintenance would be high and spare parts would not be readily available in the market. He wanted me to buy Indian car of the latest model. So in the end, we ended up buying as per my dad’s wish. I had saved some money myself and my parents helped me with some and I bought the car with hard cash. It was like a dream come true for me and an achievement at such a young age. I have still not sold the car since I have got attached to it and will keep it as long as I can. It is still in good condition. And since then I have not dreamt of driving cars again!

What can I do as a lover?

07 Oct 2012 Author 89kg

I can give you my love,
But I can’t give you a million dollars.
I can give you my heart,
But I can’t give you gold and diamonds.

I can give you my life,
But I can’t give you elixir to immortalize your life.
I can give you my services,
But I can’t give you a butler and maid.

I can shed tears for you,
But I can’t give you pearls and turquoise.
I can share my laughter with you,
But I can’t give you a comedian and clown.

I can share my warmth with you,
But I can’t give you a heater in every room.
I can share my happiness with you,
But I can’t give you a palace and a throne.

I can give you my trust,
But I can’t give you liberty to go beyond,
I can give you my comfort,
But I can’t give you a washing machine and a Prado.

I can share my wisdom with you,
But I can’t give you enlightenment.
I can share my luck with you,
But I can’t give you a magic wand and miracles.

I can share my strength with you,
But I can’t give you superhuman power.
I can share my ideas with you,
But I can’t give you ingenuity.

I can give you my respect,
But I can’t give you name and fame.
I can give you my commitment,
But I can’t give you sandals and handbags.

The value of houseflies

06 Oct 2012 Author lotusflower

Before I discovered the value of houseflies, I have killed so many of them. And today, I regret my unwholesome deed of killing them. I thought houseflies are dirty and they carry diseases from one corner to another. Moreover, I thought they only irritate me by dirtying food, jumping into tea, making noise and especially disturbing when I am in a peaceful sleep by hovering around my face.

But I could learn the value of houseflies only recently. I learned that they are not only irritants but I guess they are also messengers of God passing messages to designated places, persons, and animals.

I have been looking for job tirelessly for many years but I could not get one until very recently. This job could have been missed had the houseflies not hovered on my face making noises and irritating me despite my repeated waving of hands to drive away while I was in deep sleep.

The truth is, I was preparing for an interview in the afternoon at 2.30 pm that day. I was busy preparing for it and revising the past questions and answers the panel would ask. But I had fallen asleep in between.

In the dream, an unknown white person was disturbing me time and again saying that my body was burning and I should wake up. I was in great fear but I still could not get out of the sleep. The next thing was, the houseflies were on my face making noises and irritating me despite my repeated effort to drive them away. At last they made me wake up and by then it was 2.25 pm. Then I had to rush and luckily I got a taxi and managed to reach the interview venue when it was my turn. Thank God, I was short listed in the fifth rank and had I been in the fourth rank, I would have been jobless still.

The interview was attended successfully and two weeks later, I received a call from the agency that I have been selected for the job. I believe it was all with the help of houseflies.

Before I used to kill so many houseflies thinking that they are insignificant creatures. But today, I firmly believe that the existence of every creature, big or small, has a purpose to exist. We should not consider the negative side of things but look at the positive side.

Was it my Past Life?

06 Oct 2012 Author fragileheart

I found myself among the lush green valley with terraced rice fields. I was among a group of girls and boys who had come to visit the place. It looked like we were on a school tour. But when we came upon a ruined house, suddenly I had a feeling that I had been to that place before and everything seemed so familiar to me. I even knew how the house looked like when it had seen its better days. I even told my friends that I had been to this place before. Then everything went into a flashback for me like in the movies.

I was the one who stayed in that house which was now in ruins. I was a teenager and I was walking along a path and suddenly I felt somebody hold my hand. I could not see his face but I somehow knew that person and was happy to be with him. We walked together holding our hands for quite sometime. After sometime he was no more with me and I was walking alone. I was lost in his thoughts, happy to have met him and may be was returning home when suddenly a bus came from nowhere in front of me and ran over me. I had no time to escape since the road was too narrow and I was thrown off the road after hitting the bus. I screamed and I could feel piercing pain in my legs and could not move my legs.

It was at that moment that I woke up and found that I was still screaming. I had seen a dream but it was so real that I could remember every single detail clearly from the dream. I saw this dream when I was in school but I can still recollect it even today. I wondered then and I wonder now whether it had something to do with my past life. The interesting thing or the unbelievable thing is that when I got married years later and went to his village, the scenery was something similar to what I had seen in my dream. The whole experience was nostalgic to me.


Taking away my bliss

02 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

Oh! My happiest moment
Went with the cool breeze
That blew away all my bliss
Forbidding my eyes in tear.
I have pain of you going away from me
With the wind so cool
Without a word of good bye now,
leaving behind tragedy
under the depth of despair.
Nothing is stronger than that wind
Who gave me the pain of tear
Left me in the land of deserted
I wish I won’t let her to go away
From my heart and soul
she is the powerful women to go
Far and wide high and low
From the depth of my heart
I am the looser in the battle of love
That I have waited for long
Nothing can stop my tear to fall
No logic can describe how much I love her
Not any prophecy can hold my love
No strongest medicine can cure my pain
That I will keep crying
Until I finish my tear from my heart
You will remain forever in my eyes
Feel through my heart wherever you go.
Nothing is wrong you went with a wealthy man
I shall remain poor in this world
Like the man who does not have home
I shall see what you do henceforth
Where you feed….
But my love shall always behind you
Where ever you go……

Kezang Dawa

A Distant Pain in the Dream

02 Oct 2012 Author luzee

My friend Kuenza’s daughter Dechen is the first child I ever attended in labour. I still remember the day when K called me from Trashigang to break the news about her pregnancy, sometimes in March 2010. It must have been a weekend since I was home weaving when she hushed me the news. Trusted by word, I swore the news to secrecy until it was made official and evident, not even to my Hubby. That is the kind of faith between us friends.

When Dechen came to the world on December 20th, I and KP were there beside her parents. We took an instant attachment to the child and since that day onwards, Dechen continues to be a part of our thoughts. Often I and KP browse through her pictures and smile at the little girl growing distance away from us (K and her family are expected to return home this December from Australia where K is pursuing her higher studies).

Last to last night, I had a terrible nightmare that left me crippled with fears for sometimes. I was in a room with Dechen. For some work, I walked out without realizing that I had interlocked the door. In a moment, huge frantic attempts were tried to open the door and goodness me, the moment’s pain I experienced was too terrible. I clearly remember my fears, so afraid if Dechen would be OK.

Although the nightmare was just for a flicker of seconds, when I woke up the next minute I was down to tears. I thanked reality for the dream it was. Presence of my Hubby next to me helped me calm through the night and also the verse from Gyalsa Lhaghen about all “our worries and fears being illusions, like a mother who dreams about the misfortunes of her children in her dreams”. I silently recited the verse and lulled myself back to sleep.

Coincidently, the next morning I saw K’s album on Dechen. It did help me seek some solace but the fright still haunts me. I sincerely hope this is just a dream in itself. I continue to send my prayers and wishes for the quick return of K and her family, been a long time since we saw Dechen. And to say she is already a toddler now!

Does our Bhutanese system respect the principle of gender equity?

01 Oct 2012 Author lotusflower

Gender equity should not be mistaken with physically strong and weak, masculine and feminine. Gender equity is all about equal opportunities and equal rights as an individual human being.

In Bhutan, I do not think there is gender equity. In fact, women are favored and supported by many systems. Our children used to celebrates mother’s day but it is sad to see nobody is caring about the father’s day. In similar line, my father would have been hurt to see celebrating mother’s day and no days are kept for celebrating as father’s day.

Among others, it is funny for me to see a couple fighting – husband & wife. Although, there could be mistakes in wife, she is protected by the Women Associations formed by the NGO’s and the Government but which institutes is there to support the husband? To whom he should seek help when he is being harassed?

I do not say women should not be favored and men should be favored. I just wonder why there are several institutions which help women and none for men.

It wasn’t an Easy Life

01 Oct 2012 Author dodrup

Just after completing my class six common exam, I rushed to my home to convey the message that I have done the exams well hoping to make my single parent “dad” happy. It wasn’t more than a year after our mother left to heavenly abode and that emptiness in our home was still lingering in the hearts of all siblings. Out of six, four of us were studying with the eldest doing his training in one of the health institutes in the capital city. Though, he doesn’t ask for monetary help, dad tried to send small amount through those were leaving for the capital city. Life was so tough that time, as I can feel on the face of my dad to keep the home alive and to keep us studying continuously. He would say, my aim is to let you all study to whatever level you can reach.

After few days of winter holidays at home from my school life, my dad then said to me; now as you have to go to a junior high school far from village to study in class seven, we two have to work together to make money so that when it is time to go to school, we can do some necessary shopping. But I was only 12 years old then and our money making business wasn’t an easy job. To fetch the raw materials and to reach the finished products, we had to travel most of the time under the coverage of dark and risk our life. I had keep pace with the elders and sometimes cross the thigh deep river just by clinging on the weight of the load that I carried on my back to make me heavier to not let the current sweep me.

Actually, we did the business of what we Buddhist considered unethical and is not as per the norms. But to maintain our living, we did a business in trading dried marijuana to the bordering Indian state of Assam via the mule track that our ancestors used before through our village. Every week, when dad and I used to make the journey to the bordering state, my face, through the sweat and tiredness would tell, how afraid I was when we encountered the army along the borders. But, as we mingled with the caravan carrying oranges, the army couldn’t notice our products and wouldn’t care to check the horses as it would take very long to check all. What they did was just prick forefingers through the hole of the basket. And, while checking, it was difficult to find those products deep inside the basket, as my dad was an expert on packing the products by putting oranges from the three outside face of the basket and stock ration and vegetables on top of it. Even when they prick the finger, they would feel oranges and just an eye checking will never find what was inside, unless they check it one by one opening. But as a young heart, the fear would overcome my strength easily and I would sweat and pray for my local deity to let us go ahead.

The journey to reach to the selling point of those products takes 16 hours of walk crossing a high mountain and then a continuous downhill knee paining drop with the scorching sun overhead and can’t see even a small pool of water till we reach the foot of the mountain from where the bordering plain starts. The journey which starts on Thursday by around 4:30 AM by lighting the bamboo fire till the dusk will continue till the stop at the bordering plain for night halt. The next day we shall then catch the caravan to move along into the Indian state path to avoid any conflict with the army and the Indian local people. A night halt in the elephant infested plain after a tiring walk would help to ease the cracked and cramped calf to rest. The journey tomorrow (Friday) would be only about 4 hours and it’s a walk on the sandy path with every step digging and slipping inside the sand would be tiring too. In total, the journey would take minimum of 20 hours of walk. And at that age, walking at the speed of the elder people and the horses was the worst pain that I still have with me in the bone, which will test me when I grow old. And this journey was continued in every winter vacation till my second year in college. The vacation of about 3 months would be my entire trip to Assam with those products, whereas those friends of my age in the village were enjoying and resting from the harsh school life. Dad will only stop when it is so close for me to go to shopping and then to school directly on March 10th every year.

Currently when I am not even in thirties, the leg I use to walk for hours has given its power and frequent night muscle cramp overtakes it and the chest that I use to lift the 40 kilo bag of rice to load on the horse has started making a cracking noise. However, the education that I earned till my graduation was all with the help of my dad and this product which we took the risk and traded with courage. My Dad’s only wish in life was to give us education and it made him courageous. Life was not easy, and now, with deepest respects and regret, my dad and we pray for the sin to be rinsed and let there be no other days as harsh as those were. And I am hoping always that, this hard earned life will lead me to a longer life to enjoy what I have got from it.


Uncertain love – Part II

01 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

You cheated on me and broke my heart
Made me cry each night and day
If you think I will let you do it again
I will simply say – no way

I know you won’t change your ways
So it is worthless to try
Where did I go wrong with other
Just answer me, why did you break my heart?
My love, my emotions and feelings mean nothing to you
So you care nothing about breaking my trust

This relationship is a farce
It has just gone bust
You were the love of my life
The one I so happily married
Now it seems like a total lie
I just so well carried
This is one aspect of your life
Which I can never bring a change to
You will always be so indifferent
And if I don’t change I will always be blue

Your pretence of love brings a smile to my heart
And that is all I care and expect from you
She is the sole concern of my life now
One I can truly die for

I will tell you I love you each day
But be assured I don’t mean it anymore
The boy you married has been lost forever
He can never be like before

I am the practical sensible husband you wanted
Who will not ask any questions to me
Any further revelations will make me sad
And that will make no difference to me

Your nature cannot change
A fact I am trying to accept
Even after all this I forgive you
You are in no emotional debt

I will walk without you
until my journey begins
with sweat all over my feet
Broken pain in my heart.
This is just beginning of love
Ending has not yet followed.

You have messed our relationship completely
One I can never remake
I am just pretending to love you
You absolutely mean nothing to me
I have just left you for yourself
And you can just let me be

So hubby here it is out in the open
What I feel for you just written in black and white
My life is just mine and mine alone
And you are not my princes bright

With all the miseries that you gave me
I have emerged stronger than before
I know you can never be truly mine
And honestly I don’t want you anymore
With god between us I oath,

Uncertain love – Part I

01 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

If you say you love me
I know this is the biggest lie
That you ever told me
You feel nothing for me
Then why do you even try

You make me miserable
And you make me weep
Am just not comfortable
Don’t know if this relationship
is for sake of keeps

You just want a face to show the world
And that is all that I am to you
you have made me your husband
But I and my happiness means nothing to me

You are the one who is wrong
And you try to deteriorate my morale more and more
My love too is vanishing
Sad to say but I love you no more

You hold my hand and I feel nothing
And I feel pathetic about this
There was a time you meant everything
And that feeling I truly miss

Thought this life with you would be a joy ride
But am left empty handed
You are the one I wanted by my side
And you are the one who left me stranded

I cribbed and cribbed
About all the wrong you did to me
But when I saw it made no difference to you
I have come to believe it means nothing to me

I wanted to be happy with you
But you shattered the love in me
You betrayed, tortured and hurt me
Enough… it’s high time you set me free

Sometimes I want to feel the love for you
But it just isn’t there
Your actions have just erased it all
My heart is blank and your name is not written anywhere.
Unfortunately my heart believes in no second chances
Unlike my brain it just would not beat the same way anymore
But I will still pretend to love you
Sadly you can never again touch my heart’s core
You are a habit for me
Not the love of my life
Like I am a burden to you
And not your husband

I have come to stay with you
Because I love you so much more than you
Without the true love from your heart
there won’t be any true love
Your philandering sins are for you to bear
Am neither a party to it nor concerned about them any more
Your ignorance no longer makes me angry
It no longer makes me sore

How can I ever forget your face…

01 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

How can
I ever forget your
Bewitching face?
Since you are
already rooted in my heart.
It was just like
a star when
I saw you at first sight;
It seems I am only
the one who has
fallen in love with thou.
I have nothing to give
rather than seek your true love;
That you fill my heart with a beam
of pleasure in every corner of my heart;
Though I am poor boy
in your eyes;
But I am rich in loving you.
Through all my heart
To ensure my true love
I swear I can give you my life
In front of you I really swear.
Every blink of your eyes
Left me in the dream world,
where I wished I am truly in love
Become sleepless night
every sumptuous meal
become tasteless without you,
My heart cannot resist the thrill;
That you have given me,
your company.
Then broken
my heart into become potent love
Into the beautiful median like thy;
From where to start my
Speech and explore the theme
of my passion.
Now, i cannot stay
a single day without seeing you,
Nor a single minute to leave
you behind;
I always keep looking in your heart
you would change your love
And left me back
Whenever you are there in my eyes
I become happy beyond measure.
Your kindest piece of love
Always nurtures  my heart
Wherever I go alone.
To ensure our true love
I write this poem to insure the
True meaning of love
In the heart of a girl,
Whom I have loved a lot.
Kezang Dawa

Deaths After Death!

28 Sep 2012 Author deepeeyangzom

It is very sad for me to recollect my moments of togetherness with my Dad. I vividly remember our happy life with him guiding and caring us, his son and daughters, all the time. To the world he was a simple man who stood the test of time, but to us, he was our world: a world without which we would find no life.

People say life is like a novel, full of suspense: you don’t know what’s going to happen unless you flip to the next page. This is indeed an inescapable truth. My ‘happy life’ became a chapter of sheer suspense in the novel of ‘our life’ when my Dad fell ill.

I remember vaguely seeing him for the last time on his sick bed. I was eight years old then with my brother ten and sister four. All of us were too young to realize that sickness was one of the signs of death’s arrival. We never thought our Dad would desert us as he loved us more than himself. He suffered from cancer; the disease which I later came to know was incurable. Before we could grow tall to fetch him a cup of water in his death bed, he left us alone in the world. The ‘merciless’ death took him, our world, too early.

It was in the year 1992 when my Mom was 28. His death brought a great blow to our lives. It affected our family so much. My Mom had to run from early morning till late evening hunting for the square meals for us. Everything shattered: the heaven burst away and hell faced us. In the darkness, we lost our path and in fact the zest to walk.

We were trying to overcome the atrocities of death of our beloved father when my mother-in-law (Dad’s sister) gave us another ‘death’. Deaths after death! She, who was once amiable turned hostile and demanded my father’s property. Even before my Mom could finish my Dad’s funeral, she snatched my Dad’s briefcase that had some amount money and demanded more. When we refused to hand over other properties, she returned with her men bringing sickles and crowbars to uproot our home built by my father. She humiliated us and treated us worse than animals. My Mom did not have anyone to lean on and get support. As a kid we were just innocent. The only thing we could do was to watch our Mom running hastily around in tears suffering in the cruel hands of the so-called ‘blood relatives’.

The case did not end with that humiliation. She took us to the court soon after. My innocent Mom had to battle the case alone for several months. It was finally decided that an arbitrator divide the property between my Mom and my mother-in-law. The arbitrator however was bribed by my mother-in-law and he blatantly divided the property unequally favoring her. The scooter which my mother asked the arbitrator to offer to one of the holy places was taken by him. We could do nothing. My fatigued mother was so weak to breathe during all these issues again.

When the head of your family dies, there are many in the society who aspires to be your new head. Without someone to lead the family it is utterly difficult to defend the daily familial functions. You would be living but just for the sake of living.

After my Dad’s death, I grew like a stunted tree by the road side. I saw my friends with their Dad and I wished one for me. But I had none. I often had to reconcile and rekindle my ‘belief’ that he was gone forever and never will he come back even if I missed him billion times.

Today I am decked with so many questions that have no answers. Every time I try to hide them, my sadness of missing my Dad overpowers me. I wish he was still around. I am missing the most wonderful relationship in this world. No pain can ever be stronger than the pain of missing one’s beloved. Even though we do not see each other, he remains in my heart forever. And he will live in my memory for the times to come.

‘I miss you and love you Daddy. You will forever be homed in my warm heart!’

Gambling with proper rules

28 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

It was very interesting to watch the live show on BBS on a very important topic, gambling. As every advantage has disadvantage, gambling also has two sides, both for the individual and for the society as a whole. And as such, one has to really see the pros and cons of gambling.

One of the panelists said that playing for luxury could be within the family with small bet, etc. But what could be the amount of bet when the game is played as a business?

It is my opinion that gambling should be differentiated as business and luxury. If it is illegal, it should be banned and if legal, it should be allowed to play by properly monitoring the amount of the stake used, and also there should not be any favoritism and misuse of power by the implementers of the rules.

The apparent example is the ban on importing and consuming tobacco which resulted in a lot of illegal transactions. Total ban could not be implemented successfully as tobacco is consumed at all levels of society and it was not clear whether the rules were enforced uniformly or not.

Same will be the case for gambling if the it is not properly categorized as gambling for luxury (legal) and business (illegal) and proper rules enforced.

Writer’s note: It is just my personal opinion.

O My kindest mother

28 Sep 2012 Author Kezwaa

My kindest mother
Oh! Thou have been kind to me,
From the day you carried me inside thy belly.
You carried me for several months,
Tirelessly worked for me till my world was open
I have the kindest mother in the world.
You fed me with good food
When my world was inside thy womb,
You gave me all everything that I am now.
I have nothing to wish rather than to thank you,
Oh! My beloved mother.
Giving life of a human being is the hardest pain
I will repay the price that you have paid for me…
When I was a toddler you took me to school
My feet were bare as I stepped into
The long journey of education.
Then I promised that one day I shall be in a job
And shower you with my kindest heart,
For I know the pain that you born for me.
Thou were my kindest mother
When my father was no more,
Who had left us since I was toddler.
I grew up without a father and I was often shamed.
This shame will remain with me for long
Along with tears and pain…
But I don’t blame anyone. least thou my mother,
Because nothing is wrong in that really
As long as I am your loving son,
And I hope I am worth to be born as your son.
I am happy that I am already a man now under your love,
I shall serve you with all my love
And help mend your broken heart.

Kezang Dawa