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ode to death!

01 Feb 2011 Author Kezwaa

In your eyes, I wither old,

Bade farewell to old, germinate to new

Yesterday never comes, today can't hold

Every man desire to live long

But no man wishes to be old

Once ye are old, thou age cannot be sold

Softness of wrinkle feels the age

There left a little flapping page

Where we shall sow some poem

Once they would read my epigrams

Through eyes do blur and ear go deaf?

Body weak, heart so young

Nodded besides the fireside heaven

Shelter nooks and corner

Those trembling hands hobble to beg

And as it reaches each delicious ending

Every one shall shed tear thy grave

Let me pen a line of glorious tone

Written a plaintive song

Tis not content so soon to be alone

Journey of death cannot be wrong


“what you wished will never happen”

28 Jan 2011 Author Kezwaa

“What you wished will never happen”

Once there were two beggars. They were very hungry and walked into the shanty village hopping to get some food. After a long journey they came across one mother in front of the door eagerly waiting for someone's help.

They knocked the door and said

Owai! Ama, Moo, ta fe ga khe wa tai man cha mo la….??

They both whisper through a haggard voice behind the door.

Don't you have any sick man!

We two are prophecies,

Mother murmur to herself that she was fortunate to meet that two prophecy.

She stopped them to perform Puja for her sick husband,

When they were performing Puja they saw meat dried over the oven.

Oh! Why do you keep your meat over dry?

Better you cook the meat and give him a hot soup for his energy?

Thus, Mother cooked all the meat and collected the soup and fed him with hot soup.

Ah! Cried two prophecies? what a hot soup. What about the meat in the bowl then?

That meat is kept for you two. Smiled mother.

My god! What a luck day is today for us to have this meat murmur both.

Mother placed a plateful of sumptuous food for them.

Tenzin, he rubbed his hand by food. Usually we do before the meal if our hand is not washed.

Suddenly, Pema laugh at him, His meat was dragged away by the cat. He chased the cat but it was too late meat was already swallowed by the cat.

Pema was unfortunate and sad to see his meat was eaten by the cat.

Tenzin, he was proud to bite his meat in front of him.

Oh! What a delicious meat, cried his friend showing proud to him.

When he bites, His meat was slipped from his font teeth and thrown away in front of the next cat.
His meat was aslo taken by the cat,
 Lastly they has

meal with cup of cold water rather than heaving sumptuous meal.

Ha…ha…ha…ha……laugh both of them looking to each other.
they headed back to their village…….haughing….hahaha…..

Missed you alot!

28 Jan 2011 Author Kezwaa

Every time I missed you

Since the day has gone;

All now gone is now done.

Our love just lasted a month:

Fast into the past; I am alone.

Every thing is left hurt and broken

I sing through wind you breathe,

Broken heart echoes,

From the wall beside you laid.

I do thank

Nothing but your love

That you have left unpaid

To the one whom you have loved.

But my love that sat in your heart

Now feels broken apart.

Pharaph! My love song

Will reach all the way

From Samdrupjongkhar

To the eye of Menday Zam,

Through this white paper

To your heart and soul.

Wipe my tears that I have wept

For you to come back some days;

Fast is only past

My poor heart is left hurt,

And broken pieces.


27 Jan 2011 Author Kezwaa

What is death?

“The inevitable hour!”

People really fear,

every man desire to live

 long but no man

wishes to be old.

As living beings,we are guest

in this world; for a short rest.

No one in this world is perfect.

Man can judge what would

happen morrow and none ever

knew how the world began.

The world's a stage where we play

the game of birth-death,

sorrow and pain.

Restless event of programmed,

we are hired into this world to help

the sentient being.When our different

ages move, we grow old, only then

do we realize what we were told.

Lone night mare

26 Jan 2011 Author Kezwaa

  (Lone night mare)

In one of a chilly winter morning I suddenly sprang out from my bed when my mobile rang to the tone (Ngey gi dren Chen phama) my beloved mother,


I answered the phone through frantic mood since morning was extremely cold and I was in deep slumber.

Hello, Is this S/jongkhar la?  Am I talking to Mr. Kezang ? Some body whispered in a very low voice!

I replied, Yes, I am Kezang, Speaking, with rubbing my sleepy eyes.

But, who are you to call me in such trembling voice? I asked!

When I hark carefully, it was the voice of my nephew calling from my distant Village.


Hello; Aaaa…Jang (Uncle) I'm Norbu Wangdi your nephew calling from Yadi BHU (Basic Health Unit)

Through his haggard voice I recognized something must be wrong in my village,   AAA…Jang (with almost crying voice from another side!) Our grand mother is seriously ill and admitted to BHU last evening. Doctor told us to refer to Thimphu hospital by tomorrow I am just worried what else to do.


Such unexpected news has swept away all my sleep within a second.

He was almost in a crying voice. AAA…jang there is no body to help me when I reach to Thimphu hospital?  Is there any our relative living in Thimphu? Then I replied…. I will come to Thimphu within two days, in a weeping state! Beside I remember my old friend who is undergoing training in Royal Institute of Health and Science at Thimphu, Thus, I desperately tried to make a call to my friend but his cell phone was in switch off mode.

My heart burst into tear and I did not know what else to do myself in tearing hurry, I could not remember anything rather than to her usual epilepsy.


What has happen to her? Again I asked him through my wistful eyes? She was fine yesterday in the phone call, suddenly my body shook and drenched in stream of sweat and could not talk more than a few words.


The next day in a weepy state miserable blue day for him to rushed to thimphu, Fortunately there was strike in Assam, And I was stuck in dilemma since there was no alternative way to travel through anywhere else, After three day later, I reached to Phuntsholing the second most sophisticated city in the kingdom, it was a frantic journey and several tire puncture made us to delay the journey and reached very late night where i spend the night with out food in Daramsala.


The next early morning at 4.30 am, i woke up and  try to find some water to quench my thirst but there was no any water to be found instead I was extremely hungry, I saw few people walking in the street some still snoring in the bed, Beside; I came across a man who was just waiting outside idol as if he has someone to meet, thus I approached that man and ask some favor, Hello, Aaa..ta (Brother) do you know where is bus station located? Will you not mind to show me the location of the bus stand Please? I am just worry since I never came to Phuntsholing before I think I would lost in middle of the town. His prompt reply was in furious voice, I don't know that I am too finding the bus terminal since yesterday i have no idea about the bus satand will you keep shut.  Beside me I saw one eld man with a cigarette on his lip replied me in such a helpful voice, Please don't worry I will help you to find the bus terminal, it's just before the Norgay Cinema hall, he showed me the location by only pointing his finger to there. He looks bit old but his mind is greater than any other solution. i could not wish him any thing rather than to thanks with all my epotome heart.So, rushed to the ticket counter to have the ticket for Thimphu. 


It was  already 5.30am I rushed to the bus terminal again once more hopping to get ticket to thimphu. There I saw people were very in the terminal some are busy begging for their survival. But I am always unfortunate to see words written in block letters (NO TICKETS TO THIMPHU TILL ONE WEEK).With my worried mind, I to tried to find a taxi. But for god sake I came across with my old friend Samten who was only a childhood friend in primary school.  Thus, i process to Thimphu with his Taxi; Actually he was helpful friend in the school time but he was not kind enough to take me without fare at this time. We had talked about our past days.
Just for an hour drive from Phuntsholing his entire passenger nodded and all were in eerie silence gone in deep sleep.


He played a song from his old worn-out tape (Ngyi gi hing gi che che) song from one of the oldest album) when I listen to that song I could hardly remember this song was sung by my mother in one of the function. When I remembered that song my tears rolled from my chick. And I did often call to my nephew how about the mother in the hospital? Nephew replied with a haggard voice. She is better than last dayS; you don't have to be worry about her everything is going to be well by the grace of god.  Where do you reach Ajang…he often asked me? I replied?  I have just reached chhuzom. Every body in the Taxi was in deep slumber and we were already reached Chhunzom  only the cross road check point.  Police work up and asked to show our identity card. My journey was nasty and there was uncountable stopped due to of road block at various location. Inside the Taxi I saw a beautiful median pure like moon shining brightly in my eyes and could not talk with her rather than to see her fetching smile time and again. Where ever we stopped the vehicle our eyes collide she become blushed  to each other and could not express what we have inside our heart. My journey was pleasant but joy of sadness.


One man who was next to her seat asked me, where you are going young man in a woeful face whispering beside her seat. So, I replied with tear on my eyes, I am going to Thimphu hospital my mother was admitted to hospital since one week ago, As soon as she heard the problem  she felt sorry to me. From her sparkling purse she offered me some cash and her cell number too; I could not stop looking at her beautiful face.

Now we are heading toward Thimphu yelled the taxi driver with yarn mouth. After a several minute of driving there we reached Thimphu. driver exclaim. here is our destination hope you all have enjoy the journey, He enter the parking and collected the fare and we all bade farewell to each other's  heart.  After looking at me for several minutes she vanished to another taxi weaving her beautiful hands saying hope to meet you soon.


As soon I reached hospital there I saw my mother was placed in the ICU dripping glucose so faster and oxygen mask placed all over her face in such a critical condition. I could not ask anything to her rather to fill his eyes with tears. I encounter the doctor near the ward; suddenly doctor told me that my mother is diagnosed by a kidney failure. I screamed and asked the doctor to take out my kidney and replace to her as soon as possible to save my mother's life. A flood of uncontrolled tears steamed down in front of the all the doctors. I was desperate and agony thinking where I will find the kidney donor. Suddenly my mother holds my hands gently and I felt her hand was almost like a cold stone. She started to breathe faster and spoke to him in such a haggard voice in present of all my family rounded in tears. She said to me Oh! My dear son there is no alterative way to bring back my life as usual since I am old enough to go away from this world. Don't worry my dear son. Nothing is immortal in this world every body  have to die once born, No one in this strongest man can stop me from going from your eyes, Not even the thousand god and goddess are helpless to me once death approaches in my way. My prayers are always with you. Her last words rather made me to cry aloud. thus my mother smiles for a while and few moments later she closed her eyes forever and all left hurt broken. I could not save her life rather than to pray her departed soul rest in peace. i  Shout for help but no one was there to listen to me.


The loss  of my mother is the end of the glorious life for me,  it's as if  I have just had his eyes torn out,  Suddenly, I sprang  out from my bed shouting loudly, where is my mother? Where is my mother gone? My body was drenched by sweat and uncontrolled tears wet my pillow after a long night dream,
Beside all my friends were laughing at me even they  pinch my skin to bring back my sense! Where are you Kezang, some body sptinlke the water over my forhead, Ah! are you in a dream land? So I rubbed my wet eyes several times but I was on the bed still sleeping, it was already I was already late to attend my meeting in office, my entire friend laugh at me and tease,
Thus, I realized it had all been in a long dream.

I wish I should not have this kind of dream in my life.
I made a call to my village they say everthing is find at village.





Alternative source of domestic Voilence

24 Jan 2011 Author Kezwaa

We know our country Bhutan is blessed by the green environment and modern technology like internet mobile etc. As we all aware of that our country is desperately affected by domestic violence. Many people might have faced different kinds of violence within the society, but very few peoples do understand where the source of violence spring from. Everybody will just think that domestic violence is just quarreling between the couple. I think root of violence spring from alcohol, drugs, and infidelity misbehaves within the core family.

We see that everybody is fond of carrying mobile to communicate the peoples and since it the fastest communication but beside never realized because mobile is leading the violence between peoples and environment too.

As the survey shows the maximum couple got divorce through alcohol, mobile sending anonymous SMS and chatting through internet develop infidelity relationship with unknown person developing sexual activities lead mistrust between the couples and leading to separation.

We all believe divorce is a sin that transgress Buddhist Philosophy.

Alcohol is the first steps that commit violence, Secondly by sharing unfaithful relationship between unknown people through mobile, internet chatting more force to leading sexual activities and lastly by the lack of corporation between the couples. We have seen many people become homeless after separation and they transformed their mind in the line of trafficking that raises more number of prostitution in our country which will hamper our Gross National Happiness. I think more mobile more peoples are connected and more connection will lead to more violence and crime rate within the country. It is always in our eyes that many people become worry less to their children when they are separated. Beside children are only great loser in this world. When the parents are broken apart children's mind get free to accompany with violence like robbery, addiction which is really going to torture their life and hamper their future planned.

We know divorce through violence is nasty example and chocking piece of evidence to the children around the world. We feel pity and sympathetic when some family get divorce through domestic violence is a sad journey travel by the peoples around the world and it also the last episode in the general drama of pain………


Lastly I would like to request all the parents around the world to stop drinking, start thinking, quite doing drug, let's join to stop our beloved parents going away from our eyes, and at the same time let's keep our environment free from domestic violence.



Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;

Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan


uncertain life

23 Jan 2011 Author Kezwaa

It was almost month long that I could not go to Da rang ga India, since I was on month long tour to Thimphu. When I come back from my tour I saw my refrigerator was all empty nothing was left to prepare for my evening meal. So I decided myself to go and buy some vegetables near by the Bhutan gate Da rang ga India, I met my truly friend Rejesh which I often used to buy vegetables from his in a low price. It was unfeigned delight to see him welcoming with happy smile on his face after a month long missed. When I asked the price of vegetable I was terribly shocked to know the price of the vegetables has gone up by 20%. So I put up the question to my friend Rejesh. Why your vegetable price has gone up? His evasive answer was with smile on his face! Friend! The size of the money has never change, but price of the vegetable has changed day by day! It depends up on the size of we all consumed. “Price does not matter, but money matter” in this world for our own living survival. Nothing is wrong with the price gone up; Price of the vegetables will constantly change until you buy. Whether you want to buy or not to buy is all up to you. Even the best friends are helpless when the price are constantly changing, Friend does not matter but price matter now days. Why do you raise this question when rest of your friend does not have this question?

I was amazed with his answer and I become speechless in front of the crowd. But there was no other choice to buy and come back rather than to quarrel for a moment to get that thing is just necessary. It seem money does not have power to bring down those price hike and none of us can stop the price going higher in front of our eyes. What shall be the matter to the indigent peoples behind us? For those poor peoples who have problem to buy even a kg of rice. Beggar does not know the price gone up since they have to beg from other for their own survival.


Beside I saw one eld man with hobbling stick heading toward the rice shop to beg some rice for the next meal. After several minutes of beg shopkeeper refused to give even a kg of rice. He shamelessly headed back home with empty hand and again he steps to next hotel at least he hoped to get a plate of leftover food to feed his growling stomach. There also he could not success to get a single plate of food. All of a sudden I noticed he was pushed over the crowded peoples with almost a nasty word in front of the peoples. Beggar was blushed with almost crying face. It was terrible angry when I see that beggar was pushed away by the hotelier and my heart could not resist that pain that I have seen in his wistful eyes. So, I charged that hotelier with all my   epitome words. Hey! What makes you to push that beggar? He came to beg under your knee he never came here to steal your belonging?  He is just humble beggar but beggar has no choice even if you toss him a coin he will thank us with gratitude. I saw beggar beg only food rather than for money as it is his way of enterprising between life and death. Everybody is struggle for survival. It's up to him whether he wants to beg or not to beg.


Lastly I would like to suggest that, never kill beggar's heart through insolent tongue. If you have nothing to treat them away,  at least wish them a happy smile through thy good voice.

Once age wither old, so our hands tremble to beg, we know this world is a stage where we laugh and shed tears, only last episode in the general drama of pain.



17 Jan 2011 Author Kezwaa

Let's recollect the true tale

The legend of beloved, hero;

He was only one man army

Served the life in the edge knife;

Bed in the bush with star to see,

Foodless night in the grove;

What danger thy are in

Quaking lie in their heart

For fear the roof should fall in;

Prayer for no harm can come

Fought with all his faithful heart

Know what risk this hero, vowed;

Did do and die for this country

The command of thy voice

Gun and roses over the shoulder

Minor injured but thousand killed

Clinic man behind injuries;

Bless and prayer from vary temple

Tears and bloodshed over the valley

How shall we thank them to our beloved hero;

Who's heart like potent sword?

The man with sharp brain,

Defend with clarity and grace

Battle against enemy

Wiped out all the rebel

Through, thy charm heart

With wondrous action;

Now, we all live peace and tranquility;

Under thee wing of their praise

Let's save those sad story of thy misery;

Well, let me dive into the depth time;

Ere this story die,

Here is the glory, there's reverence now.

Entire whole and perfect peace and happiness;


What is credit?

16 Jan 2011 Author Kezwaa

What is Credit?

Credit is borrowed money that you can use to purchase things you need when you need them and then repay the funds back at an agreed on time. Credit purchase is made when you do not pay instantly for commodities. Every one of us like to live a luxurious live with but without money we are unable to do that. When we have no money, taking credit from friends, shopkeeper and banks is only option. And money is only source of happiness. Many people do not take the effects of credits seriously. We feel that as long as we live we will be able to work to pay back the credit. Piling up credit is dangerous. It makes our life miserable. On the other hand credit is the strongest force. Individuals, companies, organizations, government is taking credits from friends, recitatives, banks, and other countries.

As Shakespeare said “Neither a borrower nor a landed be, For loan oft loses both itself and friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry” When we are unable to repay we breed enmity between individuals and communities and breed unpleasant relationship that lead to mistrust between peoples. Everybody wishes to start business with borrowed money as getting loans is easy. But to pay back is very difficult. Our business may not prosper every time you do. Thousand of people kill themselves because of huge dept in terms of loans and credits,

When people do not make profit in business, they lose their money. When money is lost, morals of the people are lost and thus the credits piles up. If you do not have enough money to start huge business do not think of it. You do what you can afford to do. Borrowing money is demoralizing force in society.

Every one of us loves to drive a new car. Many of us borrow money from banks and we are burdened with credits. Your wealth is nothing if you are bound to pay a huge credit. Credit will torture family and do not let them live a peaceful life.

Borrowing is an easy job but paying is an terrible job!







By, KEZANG DAWA (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;

Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan.


The days back to my memory

14 Jan 2011 Author Kezwaa

“The days back to my memory”

I still remember the epistle that I have written to her with my blood. The sting of a pen nip on my left hand still brings painful memories when I think of the past days of long yore. It seems nothing is there inside with me only a broken pain stuck in my heart that transgresses the human psyche. Her beautiful images linger my thought to store against the dark day.

 But, I cannot imagine to myself by living in such a lonely world without a portal nor a window to peep. I think bringing her last remember is the new pageant in the last breathing of a lingering man. I had no hope is I have no farther exception to re-enter the world of sorrow that I have never experienced before. The fond memories of her beautiful face really linger in the depth of despair. I cannot remember more than her bewitching face that I have remember for the last ten years. Everything was left in broken pieces when other heart was rested in exceeding peace. But how can I recollect those broken part that was already perished from my eyes and left waif and stays.

Nobody in this world of logic can describe the depthness of my love that I have given to her when we are in the world of first glimmer. Those picturesque scan of her tender face always evoke my thought to become lonelier than ever before. When I think of the past days sometime it breaks me into the laughter sometime burst me into the tears of despair. The love at first sight is just a blink of an eye as instantly as she glowed her face turns pale and gloomy into the depth of my tender heart. My happiness is only just for a once and my sorrow beyond measure. When love goes away into the beautiful depth of despair is that nothing can stop me bringing only a grief and painful night when love abandoned. Every dream roams in my eyes to bring indelible memory that transgress the eidetic feeling from the depth of my broken heart. Every night wait for the day to come and those days are nothing it has to go away from our eyed leaving an indelible memory to the heart of the one whom waited for. I have sing for thou to come back some days and would serve better tomorrow. It seems there is no use of thinking back to the one whom has gone more than ten years of perished. Love can fragile in every corner of the heart be careful!


By, Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;

Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan




13 Jan 2011 Author Kezwaa

       Remember them

If you all have the heart of a man

The legend of the heritage kings

Who ruled the country with love

    Showering with peace and prosperity

We are lucky as he was born

In the regal country of Drukyul

We shall pray with our hearts

For his long and healthy life

The saviors of the nation

When anything we need

They are gallant deed

Love and care we all enjoy

They are like rainbows

That emits rays of hope and aspiration

We worthy we are worthy to be their disciples

Enjoy the benevolence from dharma man

Liberated with Gross National Happiness

They sowed the wiser seeds for tomorrow's field

Happiness is what we shall get always

We shall sing the song with national flag

Fluttering with rhythm

Of 'gelo gelo lha gelo

Pelden Drukpa lha gelo

Mewang Gyelpo kutshi ringwaa sho'

Is what we wish for 17th December

In remembrance of our beloved dharma kings.
Poem by, Kezwaa

Nothing is Immortal

30 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

I am growing old
My mind ever so young
Leaving behind tragedy
Abandoned hope
Everything has no scope
In your eyes I wither

Life is an uncertain journey

Yesterday was his birth day

Celebrated with laughter and joy

Tonight I weep for his departed soul

Once born, death is so sure

Today we can prepare for tomorrow

Tomorrow is only the sad sigh of getting old

Happiness is rare

Truth of life is only sorrow

Our mind runs through unrest desire

Wealth is the only thing we curve for

We wish for more and more

Once death approaches

Wealth is all about a shadow

Morrow never ends, today can't hold

More wealth is the causes of all suffering

Every man desire to love long

But no man wishes to become old

Live like a man

Let's die like a man

Nobody can fill the void of death

Nothing can stop when death approaches

Beware! Hell is heavy

Heaven is lighter.


Poem by, Kezang Dawa (Driver)



Uncertain Life

29 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

Once there lived a poor boy named Norden who was survived from landslide. In fact his whole family was killed in one of a tragic land slide in the remote village called Semshelling. He is only the one who survived among all. He was lonely for several weeks without food and shelter left waifs and stays. He wished no hope to stay back to his village after all he lost family and rest of all the belongings that he have.

The next day he decided to move to the shanty town where he hoped to earned something for his survival.

One fine morning the boy went to town and heard the big story about the robbery in that shanty town. It was hot and still early, so the boy decided to stop in at the half moon for a glass of cool water near by a shanty bar. As soon as he entered the shanty bar, He saw one old man was standing in front of the portal said to him with wistful face!

Where do you come from?

Did you hear the talk about the robberies in the town?

No when? Replied the boy with astonished?

Not so long ago it's was last night below my shop was all robbed?  Said the man, whispering in to his ear!

Thus, the boy worried about seeking the job in the town.

Do I safe to go to the town? Said the boy to the old man!

Oh no… not so safe to go there! Replied the shanty man with anticipation?

Why it's not so safe go there? The boy asked!

It's really dangerous to go without friend, since you are alone. The situation of the town was really worsened by the robbery these days.

Why don't you stay with me? Since you're alone! I have some job if you wish to do.  Why do you take so much travel to go there for finding a decent job? The old man said!

The boy was very happy to hear about the job he has. Since he walked all the way from village hopping for the job and he was without food almost three days.

Ok then, you seems so kind to me. I wish I am safe to live here with you? Reply, the boy with smile on his face.

What else are the jobs you are going to offer me? The boy asked to the old man!

But the man never told how tough work he has to do it.

The man said with humble voice, come on my boy, here are some job description, But tell me what type of job you usually do in your home. Said the man?

I have never done any job so far; any way I will try my level best to do, said the boy with haggard face!

Any how you have to work for your own stomach. You know our stomach never let us to stay free.  Who is there to give single penny without any doing something? The old man laugh to the boy bit cunning voice. If you wish to earn some penny here is the jobs description as below;

Said the man in humble voice!

Here are some job description, said the old man,

1, to plough the field.

2, collects firewood from the grove.

3, to feed the cow with grass.

 The boy nodded and watched for a few minutes and decided to do the job to feed the cow with grass.

Are you alright with my job description, said the old man?

Yes I am alright replied the boy, with clumsy voice!

Are you willing to do this job? Asked the old man?

Ah! “I wish beggar will have no choice”

That's better understood! Said the old man.

Actually the boy was not so happy with this job, but he never back off to quite this job and thought to earn money and save for his future life.

The next day, the man brought two more new cows from the other village. The boy felt bit uneasy to herd more cows. Though, he faced many trouble herding the cows. He murmured to himself and thought to himself I wish if I have my family with me I would not have to faced such trouble herding others cows. I wish I would have died with them in the landslide he cried on the rock lying incline. He cries a lot for missing his family. After a many struggled, he learned how to milk the cow and churn butter and cheese.

The owner was very happy to see the good job he does on time without fail.

What a splendid performance! Cried owner with great smile! I am proud of you; do keep it up.

Thank you, It's my pleasure and inspiration, replied the boy with half smiled!

I will increase your salary from tomorrow if you continue to perform better than this? Said to him with smile face.

It's a great honor to hear it, replied the boy!

The boy was very happy to hear his salary is going to rise after a long waited.

The next day he was told to sell the milk in the shanty town where he will have a good market to sell it faster.

Oh! I am afraid to go to that town, since you said that there are lots of robberies.

Ah! Said the owner! There's no bobber at all, I have just made a fun in front of others. I just lied and make you to stay with me to work since I am old enough and I cannot work farther more.

The boy trusted the man and he went to the shanty town with jerry cane of milk. So, that day he was happy to sell all the milk within an hour.  While he was coming back from the market after the milk was all sold. Suddenly on the way he got one idea to tell the lie to the owner.

He thought in his mind that he will save all the money from selling the milk.

He pretended to cry louder as much as he can cry.

Hello, help me please! I am robbing here.

The owner saw the boy with crying very loudly near by the grove.

The owner came to him as soon as hear the boy was crying.

Are you alright asked the owner?

Not really, replied the boy with scratches all over his face.

What happen to you? It seems you have faced some problem on the way?

I encountered tiger on the way, when I was on the way to the home.

Actually, the boy's leg slipped on the gravel and split the milk on the way before reaching the market.

Thank god! I wish you are luck boy today.  Alright, alright…. no problem let's be careful hereafter. (Actually boy has finished selling all the milk in the town and pretends to tell the lie as if he has met tiger on the way. His planned was to save money as much as he can save farter.

The owner was shocked to know about the tiger nearby his house.

The next day owner stopped him to sell the milk. But he never listened to the owner what ever the owner said to him.

The next day the boy decided follow another route.

Be careful my boy when you go to the village? Heed the owner!

Yes I will do that! Don't worry about me from today I am brave enough to fight with that tiger.

You never think in that Way ok, my boy! Tiger is stronger than you. Don't ever think to fight with the tiger. Yes, said the boy with jerry cane of milk on his left hand.

Then boy headed to the town. Then he was very happy to sell all the milk within an hour. While he was heading back from the town and he commit another new idea to tell lie to his owner. Now he pretends to run with shouting very loudly! He yelled like almost he was caught by the tiger.  He came running very faster as if he was really ceased away by the tiger.

Owner, Owner, cried the boy through top of his voice, help, help!

As soon as the boy came to the owner's house owner was really shocked to see the boy was bleeding from all over his legs. What has happen to you again asked the owner?

What makes you to run faster? Said the owner!

I was chased by the robbery with masked on their face and I was nearly killed on the way!

Said the boy with blushed face to woo the trust.

Don't you see I have lost many liters of milk by you till this date? I could not earn a single penny from this milk. You are such disgusting boy. I think you cannot work with me farther more. You can leave this job from tomorrow. I am going to replace the new one right after you leave the job. You have spoiled my property. Said the owner!

I wish I am wasting your wealth. So if you wish me to go away I will go right now. The boy said with angry voice I am afraid and it's not safe to stay here with you; I wish I will have to go back to my village where I belong. Thanks for the hospitality that you have offer me. I will not forget your kindness that you have wished. Thanks for everything.

Please, let me go… let me go? He begs with folded hands!

The owner said, with tear on his face! How can you leave me in such a tearing hurry? I will be alone here with no one to look after me.

Please don't go away….I made a jock with you; I will never let you to go away from my house. I will be alone here……pleased!  Owner shed the tears

The owner felt pity to let him go away from his house after working with him for long yore. (And he never thought how many liters of milk have lost by that boy.)  (The boy have saved lot of money from cheating the old man)Actually the man was very kind and compassionate to him in all rounds, but the boy was very cunning and selfish and cheats the owner to collect enough money for his own)


The next day owner decided to let him go back to his village with along one milking cow as a gift from the owner side. (Actually, he has collected enough money to buy a cow by himself)


Owner said with unhappy face! I have no choice to hold you back here and stay with me it's your own way. “Life must go on with your own peregrination! But with truth to all sentient being”

But never forget me? Said the owner with weeping?

Not a single day will forget you! Replied the boy with wept too.

Nothing is wrong with you when you go away from me. One day everybody will have to go away from each other? Said the owner! But I will not allow you to go with empty handed. I wish I have something to give you. The owner caught his left hand and dragged beside the house. There he saw milking cow beside the house. The owner said with all his weeping eyes!  That cow is for your hard work it's for you all I have.  I have nothing to give you rather than a cow.  You can treat this cow as like your own mother it will never keep you hungry where ever you go, she will give you  milk if you thirst. Please accept this cow as my gift to prolong your happy life ever after. Nothing will harm on the way I will pray for both. The owner felt a bit sad, while the cow cried a lot heaving to leave her owner and friends behind. They bade farewell to their friends and relative, took one last look back and took off the journey. They departed with singing farewell song.


The next day they reached the top of the mountain where there was heavy snowfall all over the mountain. They rested inside the cave where there is nothing to eat. Suddenly the mother caw pointed her finger toward the mountain side and said can we reach that mountain? The boy replied with angry, I don't think so, why! Said the mother cow with afraid? I am hungry and cannot walk furthermore, I think I will have to slaughter you and have a sumptuous meal! said the boy with holding his sharp knife in front of his eyes. This worried the cow and told the cow of their wish to be reached back to the owner. “Hunger breeds anger, and the angry one will do what he can do” said the boy with bulge red eyes. How can you kill me since I trust you like my own son. I can feed you with my milk if you are hungry said the cow.  The boy laughs with furious voice. Afraid the mother cow that his sward might devour them. And mother cow saw huge cliff in front of her. And she jumped over the cliff and died at once without to wait for the sward.

Thus, the boy died without food and water in the top of the mountain and vulture did have a sumptuous meal from his body.



A   Story by, Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;

Samdrup jongkhar; Bhutan.    









Ode to death

29 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

In your eyes, I wither old,

Bade farewell to old, germinate to new

Yesterday never comes, today can't hold

Every man desire to live long

But no man wishes to be old

Once ye are old, thou age cannot be sold

Softness of wrinkle feels the age

There left a little flapping page

Where we shall sow some poem

Once they would read my epigrams

Through eyes do blur and ear go deaf?

Body weak, heart so young

Nodded besides the fireside heaven

Shelter nooks and corner

Those trembling hands hobble to beg

And as it reaches each delicious ending

Every one shall shed tear thy grave

Let me pen a line of glorious tone

Written a plaintive song

Tis not content so soon to be alone

Journey of death cannot be wrong

A poem by, KEZANG DAWA (Driver)    

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;
Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan.


28 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

“Help them to serve you better” is my theme that I wanted to write a small article on Gross National Happiness.  Though, I am not perfect in finding other's happiness. Actually I do think GNH is not something ready made it comes from our own actions. It is not necessary that you have to gain his happiness by treating and giving sweet things to make them happy. From my own aspect happiness is all about what you have in your heart, Politeness and warm hearted are the only true source of happiness. If I am not mistaken happiness is all about what you have in your heart and learn how to act doing them by helping hands. For instance  If you see an angry man in the street and beggar man near your house will you chase them away or will you give him a chance to beg them again? This is the language of GNH mean to us! As a general we should know what is happening in front of our eyes and look behind your footsteps. I think on my own understanding if we are often feeling selfish and greedy by seeing other's wealth there is no any sense of maintaining the Gross National Happiness within ourself which will  really going to hamper our philosophy of happiness.  If I died yesterday I would have missed the today's happiness. Politeness and helping hands are the only seed of our happiness between the communities. Nothing is wrong when your teacher bit you when you are on wrong track. If you know the meaning of GNH we should always be kind enough to do whatever it is. I have taught myself how to help them through warm hearted by seeing his problem by helping hands to get his happiness. There are two ways of making happy. Outer happy and inner happiness. Outer happiness mean is to keep our environment clean to keep them self healthy and inner happiness to preserve our Culture and traditional heritage. Thus, I can say is that “His happiness began to smile only if we help to each other” when in need.  “Our Happiness begins only if they help us but helping hand is the only true bond of happiness in our social life. Always hope to gain his happiness! His happiness does comes after we do.



Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;

Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan.

Forbidden Love

28 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

It seems I am the looser in this world
by falling in love with you;
Since you left me in broken heart
without a words of goodbye,
Nothing can stop my tear
fall violently beside thy;
Every day seem lonely without you
by my side, all abandoned;
Our love took years seem a day
leaving behind tragedy
How long shall I wait for thee;
to come back in my heart
to fill those broken apart,
The day seem long night become longer

after all when you left me in tragic sad;

Nothing is wrong when ye, left me

in broken apart;

when faith alone can measure,

From thou pain I have shown.

To me I felt falling in love is easy;

to depart is not an easy task

rather loving some one

without true heart will

never survive more than agony.

What I fall in love was all pine

under the depth of despair

leaving behind tragedy.

those process of love live in suffer now;

nothing is wrong to fall in love

only the fact of being lonely

is the truth love of sorrow

into the heart of my eyes.


Poem by, Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;

Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan

Rhythm of trees

27 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

Beside I laid under a tree

Trees shaded dewing the winter

Leaves sway gathering of biting cold

Whispering leaf frost bird's sad twitter

Leaving her elfin shrunk old.

Sun ray to the morning rigor

A rainbow takes its place

Planting trees in more than gold

Paint dripping sparkling dew

Oh! Trees ye like queen to us

 Beautiful green fir in depth eyes;

Come, cover a shaggy crown

Entwining splendid blinding shadow fall

Thy Coolness air fills the lung of all

Guard us from sweeping dust

What creatures pray for the nature?

Through seed germinate

Down to the mighty trees;

Let's breathe a clean air;

Sparrow's nest the twinkling glowworm

Habited of every living soul

Quench a thirst of every mouth;

Animal laid friendship for long yore

Birds sing through tip of a voice

Song for animals live, lively lives

Beneath that shivering of whispering;

Bring, Ce-ri-ri, rhythm of winnow

Oh! Trees thou gave life of many creatures

Without trees is no water in the pond

No padded in a stream while minnow

No herder will bring herd

No animal will come to drink

I chop trees is water source dry

Animals weep for no water to drink

Egress under the whispering pine;

Cutting trees is birds seldom cry

At all risk of water source may dry;

That shall vanish in furtive glance;

Become to tale of long sorrow;

Ce-ri-ri, the leaves swing the rhythm

To the people who will sing the anthem

In the shivering random dance

Cutting pieces curving into more furniture;

Worry us no trees left for tomorrow

Heading future towards empty hands;

Trees must not cut off; children must live.

I shall oath to die under a tree,

Without cutting trees

I left this poem to read by all of us,

Let's oath swear not cut off the trees

Let's keep home for the future citizen

Ce-ri-ri, the wind must blow always.  

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;
Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan 


24 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

Rigden was a class-X dropout student of Gyelpozhing Higher Secondary School. His ambition in life was to become a doctor. But after the death of his father in a tragic car accident, he had to leave school and help his mother and two little sisters. One of his chores was to take the cattle to the forest. Without his father, Rigden could not do anything in life and he felt as if there was no meaning to his existence. He, however, loved to listen to music, play mobile games and send messages to unknown numbers.

The next morning was clear and sunny, the birds sang happily, and the sharpness of the cricket's whistling echo was so pleasant. But Rigden felt bored as nothing exciting was happening around him. Suddenly, he remembered one of his friends at school and felt like talking to him. But when he dialed his friend's number, the mobile was I a switch off mode. Rigden thought his friend might be busy at school. Therefore, he decided to send a message instead.

Hi, my dear friend! What's up and how are you doing in school? Here my life in the village is lonely without you. I really miss your company. Let's meet soon. With love.

Before sunset he happily headed home with a new born calf on his back. He suddenly felt his mobile vibrate inside his pocket. There was a new message from unknown number.

Hi, I am Menday Zam, Non formal Education Instructor from Mongar Saling. I am fortunate to get SMS from this lucky number. I am a woman of two kids, but my marriage broke up ages ago. My husband went with another lady. Can you help me lead a happy life? What if I marry you? hee….hee..ha.

Rigden was shocked. His message was to be delivered to his friend Samten at school, but it had accidently gone somewhere else, to a lady who sounded so desperate. As their conversation continued, Rigden and the lay began to fall in love. He could not believe what was happening. Rigden was so engross with the lady that he even forgot his parents and friends. Their love become so strong and deep that no one in this world could demolish it.

Rigden decides to be serious with the matter, and one day he sent a message to the lady.

Dear Menday Zam, the moment I met you in the sms, my heart could not rest in peace. Your splendid words woke my heart into sleepless nights. I love your sweet voice. I may die if I don't hear from you a single day. I think you are the sweetest part of my life. if you wish to, I can marry you.

The next day they decided to meet in the Mongar Tshechu. Rigden was terribly nervous and wondered how he would express his feelings for her since he was in love for the first time. He was worried thinking that she might be upset if he was notable to express his true feelings for her. The next day, they went to the Tshechu wearing a beautiful kira and gho. But it was difficult to recognize each other in such a crowed place. It was like playing hide- and- seek.

Rigden sent a message to her, in a desperate tone.

Hi, where are you? I am tired to searching for you. If you wish to see me please come to the back yard of the dzong. I am eagerly waiting. I am in a black gho and with short hair.

After a minute, she approached him hesitantly, Rigden was very happy to see her beautiful face with lone, silky hair and a lather bag on her shoulder. Rigden could not believe the beauty of her glory face, like that of the Dakinis (Khandom) coming from a distance to meet him. He considers himself the luckiest man to meet the beautiful lady. But as she came closer, Rigden could hardly imagine her eyes. Her eyes shone like that of an owl, and her mouth was half torn apart. She was pregnant in her final month of delivery. She came close to him and said in a haggard voice, “Are you the one I met in the sms conversation”? And smiling murmured to herself, “I made a good decision to meet this guy.”

Rigden could not bear to look at her hideous face. He shouted on top of his voice “AA…Zai…Ya Lama Keno, mogi dong doorsisi Du.” He was terrified by her hideous face and ran back to his village. While he was running, he slipped and rolled down the rocky cliff shouting for help. But in reality, he was merely dreaming. He fell down from the bed and woke up from his sleep. There was no one else in the room except for a loud clock which was stuck 8.30am already.

Rigden was late for school. That morning he had to rush to the class without any breakfast.


BY, Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;



23 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

Om mane pad me hung righ!

Om mane padme hung!

May the living creatures be free from suffering?

All we litter under the depth of samsara,

Every death lives in every one's heart


From thou company once become alone

Once he won is all in the name of you,

His death lies in my eyes, when is my death?

No one will ever tell thou are old,

Unless I realizes it by my wrinkled

Once born death so parallel


Om, mane padme hung!

May my prayer reach the soul (mysticism?)

Since no body can fill the void made by death.

I see he is old enough, would die tomorrow

Why last night she died so young.

No proper place to be hide or dwell

It's worth to lit butter lamp today,

Allow his pain let suffer by me and you.


Om mane padme hung!

Today is wise to fetch the prayer flags

Where we shall wipe out some grievous sin.

Fetch hundred of prayer flags keep in flutter,

Where my soul lead way to nirvana

Follow my path guided by Dakinis

Everyone should travel once in that passage,

To that darken channel never prayed.


I have no wealth is no longer struggler

Once death approach wealth all shadow,

Yesterday seed are tomorrow's yield.

What we sow is all what we reap.

Beauty of speech lies in the tongue holder.

Truth of life is sorrow, happiness is rare.

Dying in my eyes is that cannot hold

Tomorrow is only sad sigh of getting old

Today is what we can prepare for tomorrow.

Om, mane padme hung! Is only a prayer I could sing?


 A poem by, KEZANG DAWA (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;
Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan.

Love and lesson

16 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

Love and lessons


I reclined under a shed of a lonely tree. And the memory of the past streamed in like dream. She left me when she found a wealthy man, not so long ago. I haven't forgotten my love yet. I can never erase her from my mind, it seems. I've tried, because it's so hard not being with her. But she won't ever come back. That much I am sure. I see her everywhere, always. I take a walk, and her beautiful image is everywhere. On the sidewalks, on the rocks, in the trees. In the voices of the people who pass by.


Love is easy. Love is difficult. Love is love. When else is love? To love and to be love, they say, is all we need, all we need is love. Love is suffering too. When love go away, all else leave save pain. And the one devil that's ready to befriend the grief of a loner is the pub and everything that comes with it. You drink your conscience away, scoop your heart out and leave it to be scorned by everyone. You walk home, but the pain is still there. The pain of love abandoned.


There, in the pub, there are those of your kind pouring pains. But there are moments of silence too, When the memory of your love barge in, no excuse. More pain, more tears, more drinks.


Her beauty walks in. it did last night, like it does every moment of my lonely life. Her beauty that outshines the moon and gives life and colour to everything she touches. Her beauty that transcends beauty itself. But never will I have her again. Gone. That's the reason. Is that not a reason enough?


Fate the devil! Sometimes, I try not to believe in it, fate. I don't want some mysterious hands of destiny govern my life and everything that's connected to me. But, wanting not to believe doesn't help. Things continue to happen, for good or for bad. Acceptance, is that defeat? What is consolation then, when none is forthcoming to the lovelorn?


I'll think my way about her to perdition, that's what. I've made my mind. I am determined. This, fate shall have none whatsoever to do with it. I'll remember her in good faith, mock her memory, fling her out and torture her image. That must give me great satisfaction and peace. Some respite that's been lone time due.


The one love I had taught me to hate. Her everything, absolutely. Thus, a man learns every day. Thus, a man becomes a beast. I love not anything. I only hate.


BY, Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;