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2003 – a memorable year forever

28 Sep 2012 Author 89kg

Bhutan the land of thunder dragon,
Widely known as Last Shangri-La on the globe!
In which peace had prevailed, for immemorial,
Where great many monarchs had reign and set there foots.

Peace and harmony among Bhutanese people,
That had existed for many centuries undisturbed,
Was threatened and defiled enormously.
By the militants, who intruded into our motherland?

Militants encroached into our motherland illegally and uninvited,
Settled and took refuge of southern impermeable jungles.
Then security of our nation became most vulnerable,
As intruders, threaten to dominate our motherland.

Our fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck,
Firm believer of pacifism and non-violence,
Attempted to resolve and negotiate peacefully.
But militants resisted boldly not budging an inch.

In 2003, Bhutan resorted to war against militants,
To dispel the intruders from threshold of our soil.
Our brave king led the troops to the battlefield,
“You give me blood, I will give you freedom”.

Bhutanese troops proved themselves indomitable.
They fought bravely and tactfully in the battlefield,
As militants were defeated and flush out completely,
Bhutanese troops came back triumphant.

2003 will be memorial year for every Bhutanese.
We the people of Bhutan unite together to commemorate,
And pay tribute for those unsung heroes who scarified their lives.
We all are living in peace because of our heroes.

The new method of teaching…

28 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

The method of teaching in earlier days and now are entirely different. In those days it was more like whatever teachers taught we used to learn that by heart and those who could not mug up used to have tough time remembering answers word by word. For me it was always that I had to understand the topic and then only I could write the answer and that too in my own words. But not many teachers used to appreciate this and used to give less marks even though answers were correct. During my school days I always used to feel that how good it would be if the teachers let us write what we have understood rather than what was in the book or what the way the teacher taught us. Writing this here does not mean that I have any hard feelings towards any of my teachers, I am just comparing the methods of teaching then and now. Though I have not been a very bright student but I have been a very hardworking student till my masters.

Now the method of teaching has changed and I must say I am quite impressed. The lessons now make you think and is given with lots of examples around you, be it in science, social studies, maths etc. I think children now should be happy and proud that they are learning in an interactive manner. Before they answer a question, they have to understand it and think about it and then answer it. I think the books now or the lessons taught now are more closer to what we do in reality in every sphere. It makes you aware of what is happening around you and what are the significance of each topic in our everyday lives. And all these would make a solid foundation in our lives. What I could see lacking in our times is that though people get degrees and holding a job but they were not knowing the fundamental basics well. I mean to say that though someone might have been able to give a definition of a particular word or topic, they would not be in the position to answer if you really ask them what it meant. They would be just telling what was in the book without actually understanding it.

Sometimes I just wish that I could go back to school and study once more with the modern methods and utilize my brain to its full capacity. I am neither a teacher nor a student but this was something I just wanted to share through my perspective. Some of the teachers made me the person who I am today and I am forever grateful for that, especially my English teacher because of whom I love English and it has been my favourite subject and my maths teacher in school because of whom I started loving the subject and scoring good marks in it.

Language isn’t a problem anymore

27 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

Though priviledged to be born in the beautiful valley of our capital city, I have spent most of my life in the southern belt. My parents were working in the Government and had done their schooling from India. They were well conversant in Lhotsamkha and hindi. Since they were working, they used to be transferred after certain period but luckily or unluckily it was always in the southern region and that too always near the border. Maybe because of all these factors and the fact that we used to converse in lhotsamkha at home, we children also used to talk in that language only. Another reason was at that time speaking Dzongkha was not that compulsory. Now after growing up, we sometimes like to blame it on our parents and we even questioned them as to why we did not speak Dzongkha at home like others. But maturity says that it is easier to put the blame on others but fault was ours also in some way.

In school it was no better since we used to speak lhotsamkha and sometimes english but dzongkha was rare. Even the dzongkha lopen used to explain it to us in nepali. I used to score good in other subjects but because of less marks in dzongkha, my percentage would come down drastically. I could never rote or mug up so I could not perform that well in dzongkha. So in totality, my dzongkha was very poor both spoken and written. Somehow I managed to get through class ten and as I wanted to pursue in science I got my admission in India. After that I completed my graduation and masters from India only. But while I was there, I used to speak dzongkha with some bhutanese friends since it was matter of prestige too. Otherwise, I used to speak in dzongkha only when spoken to or when I used to visit my native village where they can’t understand or speak anything other than dzongkha.

Even when I started working, I did not face any problem since people speak english and lhotsamkha along with dzongkha. The thing was even the job I landed up with was in the southern border town only. It was only after I met my better half and got married, that I started speaking dzongkha at home and also in office. I must say that I have improved my vocabulary and I must thank my better half for that. It was only after marriage that I got interested to watch dzongkha programs, movies and listening to dzongkha songs. Now I even think in dzongkha sometimes.

So now I can proudly say that language is not a problem anymore – at least spoken.

Depression… the latest disease

27 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

Nowadays more than the physical kind of diseases, the one which is becoming more popular is the mental one. By mental I don’t mean mentally impaired or mad. I mean to say mental depression or stress. It is on the rising though many do not seek medical help and sometimes becomes too late to cure. People are still not comfortable telling their problems out in the open. But this kind of disease is also very harmful if not taken care of in time.

It could be mainly due to living style. Jobs are getting competitive in the market and also getting stressful at work. Due to technology more and more affairs are happening – through mobile or online chats or facebook. People are spending more time outside then at home and affairs in offices are common. Because of all these, people are becoming depressed especially those who are the victims. Handling both office stress and personal stress takes a toll on anyone. Initially some don’t even realize they are into depression.

I have seen few cases where people had this problem and one or two even died due to this illness. People who take their own lives are also victims of this disease. It is only when one is mentally disturbed and depressed that one can have the courage to take one’s own life. It is also happening in children since it has become so competitive that both parents and teachers are putting pressure to perform well. Some even go into drugs because of this reason.

It is better to talk it out in open either with your close relatives, friends or go to a doctor and get help in time. The moment you see some symptoms of depression you should take help immediately. It has become a growing concern in Bhutan and we should make people aware of this disease and take precautions and medications in time. We should encourage people to come out in the open and see the doctor.

The Obscure Eclipse of people

25 Sep 2012 Author phubjd07

Humans are by nature only beings with common sense and intelligence, but I dare say that human rarely uses the senses. Let me brief an example; people write SAVE TREES on the papers but they never realize from where these papers come from in the first place. People do not always realize about their actions and consequences. We always tell ourselves that we are sentient beings and we have hearts to feel and get hurt, but who really cares about it?

No one is perfect, that’s is a fact. We accept we are indeed imperfect but we don’t keep it to it. We say that nothing is impossible and we strive to succeed in whatever we put our mind on, and sometimes the time and effort put more than what it actually required.

Sometimes we say sympathy and empathy but no one puts oneself into the other person’s shoes and see for themselves.

Yes the spiritual people are great and they preach good things for good reasons for the well being of all the sentient beings. But I argue that almost all of the people who attend the so-called great lamas will always remain same no matter how many times they attend the preachings and teachings. May be they attend these teaching just to show others that they are religious minded, but from inside, they never change and remain always the same.

Money has become center of everything in today’s world. A wise man says, “If you want friend don’t ever go empty pocket.” Money definitely talks in today’s world, and if you have no money you are a lonely person.

But not all is in negative light, I should say. On the contrary, I really do appreciate some people for their good attitudes. They will always be able to lend hands whenever they can. They love giving joy and happiness to others. Tough they are morbid about something or someone, they try to let go and mingle with others and spread the contagious laughter of joys. Happiness counts so do the good deeds so we should not only care about our own happiness but others’ too. To make somebody happy you should make yourself happy first. People die but their deeds remain behind. It is the deeds that make a man, no matter who you are. Leave behind good deeds and not sins. I swear that those who really care about others and make them happy will find happiness in themselves. It really touch me when I see someone offering a loaf of bread or a cup of tea to a beggar. I salute those who subdue their mind towards hatred and embrace love and kindness. I pray to those who, in spite of their own sorrows, try to immerse into the pains of others and sew up the broken pieces of their heart.

We all know that an ugly caterpillar will turn into a beautiful butterfly one day and a small pretty tadpole will turn into an ugly frog. Which one do you want to become? You decide now!

The value of Money…

25 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

Nowadays everything revolves around money and it has almost become like a god. Without it we are nowhere and nobody would even give you a second glance. I am not trying to say money is not needed but there is a big difference between need and want. Our wants are many and for that we need more money. If we use it for our basic necessities then we don’t need lot of money.

We have lost the value of money nowadays. When we were kids what we used to get with ten ngultrums, now we hardly get anything for the same. If we go for shopping with 500 ngultrums, we can hardly get anything but with the same we used to be able to buy a lot and even save some. Everything has become costlier nowadays. We don’t value money for what it is worth. We spend more than we earn. We buy things unnecessarily just to maintain some status. We don’t try to live within our means. And that’s the reason why we are not happy and satisfied.

I learnt to value money from my early days since my parents never over indulged us by giving us the best they could and I am forever grateful for that. My dad’s principle is to live within one’s means and never to borrow money from others especially friends since that is the root cause of many clashes and enmity. He is even against taking loans from the banks. He did not wanted his children to repay the debt and interest.

I graduated from India and later on did my masters too from India and my stay over there taught me a lot about life. I could see the difference in the way of living between us and them. Where they believe in saving, we believe in spending. Where they save for tomorrow, we live for today. There every single rupee counts and makes a difference and here we think of bigger numbers only. There knowing the value of money does not mean being stingy but here we think that if you value money then it is being stingy. Here we don’t even mind paying more for what that thing actually costs. But I feel that paying more than what it is worth is unnecessary wastage of money and we are not multimillionaire that we can spend money just like water.

It is our responsibility that we teach our younger generation right from the beginning the value of money among other things. Nowadays parents have become busy in their own lives and don’t spend as much time with their children and in order to compensate that they provide their kids with everything and even give them huge pocket money. The result of which we can see that more youngsters are into drugs, gangs etc.

We should use money but not let it rule us.

Self-Discovered Guide to a Good Night Out!

25 Sep 2012 Author yeesi7


One or two drinks can make you feel relaxed and confident. But if you drink too much, it could be a different story. You could end up slumped on the floor, fighting, vomiting, miserable or just plain boring. I bet almost all of the people drinking alcohol has experience those symptoms. Frankly, I slipped on the floor because there were drinks splashed on the ground and no one has noticed it and no one has cleaned it.

Know your limits and you will have a much better time.

Many young people choose not to drink. They know they don’t have to drink to have a good night out, even though it may seem like that’s what everyone does.

If you drink alcohol, here are some remedies you can follow before you really go for drinking;

Have something to eat.
If you are on a drive, then have a non-drinker to drive.
Have a enough money for a cab fare home if in case you are left behind.
Set a limit on how many drinks you will have.

Drink water or soft drinks between alcoholic drinks.
Avoid straight spirit shots and cocktails.
Avoid rounds or shots.
Avoid mixing your drinks.
Watch your drink. It sometimes happens that you take two shots at a time.
Look after your friends and let them know where you are going and who with.
Never leave a drink mate on their own.

Never drive after your drink.
Never try to sober a person by feeding them with bread.
Never accept a ride from someone who has been drinking.
Drink plenty of water.
Hang out with people who will look after you if you get into trouble

P,S, All of the above tips I mentioned is real with the fact that I have experienced some of it and not all of it. But if you don’t realize your limit, some of it is going to happen.


Two faces…

25 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

It is truly said that human beings have two faces, the one they show it to the world and the other which is their real self. Usually when people are out in the crowd, they behave gently, politely, in their best behaviour while interacting with others but in real they might not be so. I am saying this because sometimes when triggered by negative factors like anger, verbal abuse, mood etc, they show their real self.

I have seen many people who are totally different when with others and in reality they are something different. Many of them I know personally since its when you know a person closely only then you know the true character/nature of that person. Outside they are reserved, friendly, gentle etc but in reality they are violent when angry, moody and very difficuly to adjust with. They are selfish and think only they are right and look down upon others. They take things/people for granted and want everything to be done as per their wish. I wonder sometimes what would other people think if they come to know those people who are different when in real. They would have a hard time to believe that it is the same person.

Personally, I am what I am and don’t pretend to be what I am not. I am how they see me. We should be careful with that kind of person who are two faced.

It still makes me cry

23 Sep 2012 Author dodrup

It is 6:30 PM and the winter sun had given its power to the mighty full moon to take the in-charge to light the busy capital city too keep the nocturnal life moving forward to get into the beautiful dawn. The chilly breeze blowing from the river Wangchu takes its move. The street becomes less crowded and people then start to gather into their home to keep themselves warm. For those who have home would be sitting on their warm couch tugged with inner cloths to fight back the cold winter weather of Thimphu.

Walking down the main street, with a black and white nokia mobile phone clutch in his left hand and his right hand inside his gho pocket is Dorji, a son of a farmer who has been to the city to attend the orientation programs and then to sit for the exams as he has completed his graduation. Being from an uneducated family tree, they don’t have any siblings who are educated and staying in Thimphu to host him. With limited hard earned money during his winter vacation, he has to weigh the importance of the spending and has to always think three months ahead and plan his money management. Seldom, his days are with three meals and most of the time, it is only an affordable lunch and a light dinner. And the reason for his walks down the street at this cold hour is to reduce the time of his stay with one of his far relative who hosts him, so that he doesn’t become a disturbance to their private life.

Pretending to be engaged in the mobile to let other people not suspects him of any reason while walking up and down the street; he would dial 123 and listened to the auto reply of the telecom service. He wished to receive a call from his old father from the phone of the relatives in their village and to convey the message to not to worry much about him but he won’t as his father can’t pay the charge. Moreover Dorji could not afford to call his dad, as his mobile calling balance should be used in only important job search purpose and he cannot recharge anytime, as it will reduce his planned meal schedule next time.

As the darkness engulf the night by stealing the light of the moon, the air around the city gets colder and few people walks along the street. Beggars along the street has taken the shed near the beams of the building and some even along the corridor, trying to be away from the  chill air by covering themselves with rugged cloths and pieces of news papers. He felt so sorry but, looking to himself, he felt they are instead happier than him, as they got some place to rest, whereas he is still in a open air. He would once even decide to sleep along with them, but, his only hand-woven gho has to be kept clean, as anybody can call him tomorrow to attend the interview. By this time, it is almost 10:00 PM and by next 30 minutes, his host would sleep after watching the entire Bhutanese serial and he has to reach to the house before they sleep. If he reaches after they sleep, he won’t be able to ring the door bell in fear of disturbance and his night to rest has no destination.

He should now walk toward the home, as it takes 20 minutes to reach from the city. On his way, he has to search a stick and carry some stone in his hand, as dogs along the way are usually seen attacking people. Even with the bone chilling breeze, he gets sweat on top his nose as his energy of the early lunch has already been finished and the fear from dogs made him jog rather walk. Reaching home, he would hesitantly knock the door and then, their house maid would open the door. Soon he enter the room, he would then take off the shoe and then go to the bath room to wash his foul smelling feet, as he had only one pair of socks and shoe, which he has to use it in all kind of weather. They would then ask Dorji to take dinner, IF he has not taken, but, a guest answer to the host is, always denial when the word “IF” is used in offering things.

He silently slips into the bed with a smile on his face, for getting at least a place to sleep away from cold. He then prays and then goes off to sleep as his tomorrow is no more different.


The matter

22 Sep 2012 Author bella

A teacher had finished teaching his science lesson on the topic “matter” the previous day and asked some questions to the students to check their understanding on the topic. The students didn’t respond.
The teacher was quite annoyed with the students and shouted “Don’t be a matter in the class… occupying the space and doing nothing” to which the students burst out laughing….

A Driver’s Journey of Life

20 Sep 2012 Author Kezwaa

I drive the BPC Cruiser, a sparkling white
And ferry engineers left and right
This is my job and I love what I do
and for me work is worship all through

The road goes winding and bending
and stretches on never ending
I pass the lush greens and plains
And I cross the bridges and mountains

The road goes down the valleys & up the hills
Giving me breezes and thrills
The wheels squeaks and screeches
But I drive on nonetheless

A journey I take everyday
The destination? Come what may
For life is like a journey
A very long long journey!

Different colors of friends…

20 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

Anyone can be there for you in your good times but a real friend will be there for you in your bad times. A true friend is the one who will stand by you even if the whole world is against you without any need of explanation. True friendship is hard to find these days. People have become selfish in choosing their friends nowadays. They want to be around people who can boost their career or business or who are influential. It is truely said that we know who our friends are in times of adversity since it is the time people run away from you or make you stand alone to face the world.

There are two kinds of friends – real and fake. The real one talks good about you behind your back and stands by you against all odds. The fake one talks good only infront of you but talks badly about you behind your back and is the first one to run away from you the moment you are in some trouble or going through some rough phase.

I have many friends and I must say I had the opportunity of having both real and fake friends. I knew my fake friends in my bad times when I really needed a friend. One of them tried to ruin my career and my character by spreading false rumours just because that person was jealous of me and I had no idea that there was so much hatred for me. My life was hell at that time but thanks to my family who stood by me through all those times and I could bounce back to life after sometime.

In another case I was going through a difficult phase in my life when I had no one to share my problems. I really needed a friend that time who would stand by me and give me moral support but the friends whom I counted as my best friends were the ones who talked badly behind my back and were not there when I needed them. But after everything was over, they came back to me as if nothing happened. It is hurting to know that your friends change colors within no time. I am happy that at least my bad times showed me who my true friends are and whom to trust henceforth.

Now you must be thinking whether I stand by my friends when they are in need. Then I must say that I have always stood by them no matter what and I have never talked bad about them behind their back. For me friendship means for ever. You know what hurts more? The truth what your friend did behind your back to you since you did not expect that then what your enemy does to you in front of you? That’s why there’s a saying that it is better to have a known enemy than an unknown friend.

It is heartless and stupid

20 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

In today’s scenario, it is seen and experienced that few bosses sometimes unnecessarily scold their subordinates without any reason whatsoever. But what to do, it has been a practice since long and it would take good amount of time to curb the legendary practice.

It made me feel that the spouse of these bosses should be very strict and disciplinarians at home, or in other words, they are more powerful than these bosses. Because what I feel is, these bosses do not get the chance to voice their frustrations and anger at home which are then brought to the work place in the form of unnecessary harassment and scolding. This really affect the morale and efficiency of the subordinates which result in poor output. In short, the personal problems should not be mixed with the official works.

This not only hampers the output of subordinates, it also leads to misunderstandings between subordinates and their spouses at home. When the subordinates cannot say anything to their bosses, they in turn take the frustrations to their home. This ultimately leads to social problems like divorces.

So I believe that it would be best if everyone drinks only when thirsty and eats only when hungry and not vice-versa, and play football in the football grounds and archery in the archery sites.

And ultimately I think there should be rules such that a person should have some basic required qualities to be a bass.

Writers note: I am not saying all the bosses are same. To be frank, it has not happened to me but I have definitely heard and seen many such cases.

Greed… a necessary evil?

20 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

We human beings are greedy by nature. The degree of greediness varies from person to person. Greediness could be for anything from money, fame, status, material things etc depending on individuals. We just can’t get enough of what we have or get – we want more and more. To a moderation, it is good to be greedy since it makes you do something to achieve that. But if you are too greedy then you just look at the end and not the means to get that. I mean you would go to any lengths to achieve what you want.

If we are satisfied with what we have then we don’t need to get things by unfair means. But we want money, more of it in the fastest way possible. It is because of our greed only otherwise we can earn enough for just basic food, shelter and clothing. Every day we get to hear someone robbing, theft cases, siphoning money, taking bribes directly or indirectly, cheating etc and the list is endless. What makes people do these? It is greed only which makes them do these things even knowing the risk involved in it and getting caught in the act. On top of that losing their good name which will never come back once they lose it. Some even go to the extent of taking someone else’s life and end up behind the bars for many years. Even if you achieve a high status by unfair means, you will not be respected by people and very soon you may not be holding that also. Some take money from people for getting their job done for which they are already getting their salary. Sometime they get in kind or take some favours from parties and then they are obliged to do something for them in return. This is the trend which is happening everywhere which is wrong but people are practising it.

The more you have the more you want and human wants can never be satisfied. We tend to spend more than we earn and that’s why we feel that we don’t have enough money. If we live beyond our means then obviously we will not be happy. If only we are happy with what we have and try to achieve what we want by good means, then this world would be a better place to live in. There would be no crimes, no war and everywhere there would be harmony.

Role of a wife…

20 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

From the time of evolution, it has always been women who look after the house, children, doing all the household chores and men providing food, shelter and now money. It had been divided that way since they were best at what they did and also it saved time. But now women not only look after the house but also work in almost every field same as men.  And they are good at them plus bring the added income to run the family.

But despite all that, it is sad to see that women are still treated as doormats in many cases though we like to say that in Bhutan women have equal stature in society. It is mostly because women do not come out in the open and expose about the way they are treated by their husbands at home. They still believe that it is something which should remain within the walls of their own house. But sadly because of this, they are taken advantage of and treated badly. It is seen that in most cases it is because of husbands drinking heavily and beating their wives for small or no reason. Just because women work outside, some husbands get jealous easily and treat their wives badly. The wives are expected to do everything at home even though they work equally in office and still husbands are not satisfied with it. It is very rare where husband helps in the household chores. Now since women are working, they are expected to do chores outside home also. Being the weaker sex, women take it silently. But now many NGOs like RENEW have come up which help the women who are ill treated. Still it is sad to know that even well educated men tend to do this with their wives, so what can be expected from the uneducated or the villagers. Many don’t approach for help for fear of what would happen to them and their children afterwards and the society doesn’t think good of women who are single or divorced. Why does society still look down on women?

Actually women nowadays do multitasking juggling both home and career efficiently and they need to be appreciated for the same. They need to be respected and not treated as slaves or someone inferior to men. There will be clashes, there will be arguments, there will be difference of opinions since individuals don’t think alike specially men and women but that does not mean the solution is to beat them, abuse them and bully them. Everything can be solved by talking it out openly and listening to each other. Just as they want women to understand them, women also want their husbands to understand them. By nature both men and women are different and because opposites attract they fell in love with each other in the first place.

Treat your wives as your equal, a life partner and give her the respect she deserves. She will be devoted to you for life happily.

Wonders of autumn season

20 Sep 2012 Author 89kg

I long to plug beautiful red roses
Blossoming exquisitely
Inflaming brightly
Dancing gracefully
Fading slowly
In the chilly autumn breeze

I long to fly like birds
Soaring freely
Singing mellifluously
Flapping consistently
Disappearing slowly
In the chilly autumn sky

I long to flow like rivers
Moving untiringly
Meandering silently
Speeding rhythmically
Journeying endlessly
In the chilly autumn courses

I long to touch the lovely crescent moon
Glowing luminously
Sauntering indifferently
Lighting serenely
Waning gradually
In the chilly autumn night

Drinking… a killer in disguise

18 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

People say that they start drinking for a reason but I beg to differ here. I have my reasons to support that. They say that they started drinking because somebody ditched them and they drink to forget them. There are others who have been ditched but they have not taken to drinking to forget or overcome the feeling. Some say that they started drinking since they were facing a lot of tensions or personal problems.

But is drinking the solution to your problems? Will drinking make all your problems go away? I think its just an excuse to drink and nothing else. Once they are habituated they don’t even need any reason to drink.

In Bhutan drinking has become a habit and is increasing day by day. In the name of socialising, people start drinking and even women are not far behind. They look down on people who don’t drink labeling them as backward and conservative. In fact they should be respected since they are not under the control of alcohol. If it is a bottle of beer or two, a glass of wine or a peg or two of whisky occasionally then by all means it is within the limit. But some people don’t stop at that and drink till they are completely out and that too almost all days of the week, because of which there is an ever rising cases of divorce, affairs, fights, arguments, accidents etc nowadays. There is hardly any family time together since people prefer to be out of the house most of the time. People have become too selfish that they think only of themselves and their enjoyment and do not think of their wives, children, old parents at home who are dependent on them.

Drinking is also one of the main causes for liver cirrhosis and early death. When people are drunk they become violent and beat their wives and children mercilessly for no apparent reason. They spend most of their savings in drinking and thus become difficult to run the house. In spite of knowing the consequences, people still become addicted to it and continue doing so.

In Bhutan, in the name of tradition and culture, people tend to drink but I don’t think any religion or tradition in the world will teach you to drink till you are out of your senses or drink day in and day out. Everything done in moderation is good for health but people tend to forget that and drink as if there is no tomorrow.

I personally think that there would be more happiness everywhere if people would drink less and in moderation. Drinking is a slow poison and we don’t have any right to kill ourselves before our time comes.

Face to face with Death

18 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

One has to go through ups and downs in life and nobody can deny the fact. But mine has been more downs than ups.

I wanted to narrate my experience where I faced death from a very close distance. It was like any other day to start with but I started feeling some pain in my abdomen. Though it was painful, I went about my daily chores for sometime but it started getting unbearable and I took some pain killer hoping it would relieve the pain. I was all alone at home and thought that taking rest would help. But I had blacked out and that’s when I thought I needed help after I regained my consciousness. My pain was increasing terribly and no amount of injections were helping.

I was taken to the hospital and I had to undergo major operation immediately. It all happened so fast that I could not even digest the fact that I was so near to death and be prepared for that. I felt as if the person on the operation table was not me but someone else from a movie or a dream.

It was much later that the doctors told that if it was delayed any longer, I would not have survived. Even the thought brings shudder in my body. The next few months were gone trying to regain my health back to normal. You value life only once you have faced death from a very close distance. You should not take it for granted anymore. The truth of life is Death.

Religious & Development.

18 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

Bhutan is a Buddhist country where majority of the people practise Buddhism except few practise who other religions. According to the Buddhist religion, rearing pigs for pork, poultry for eggs and chickens, bulls for beef, etc. are grave sins. It is believed that committing such sins will result in sufferings like you will be reborn into life of lower rank of species and the amount of suffering will depend on degree of sins accumulated in the present life. In other words, your next life depends on the merits or sins you accumulate during the present life.

Bhutan is a developing country. As such, the government is trying the best to help and encourage people to rear pigs for meat, poultry for eggs and meats, etc. for income generation. These are all aimed particularly for the maintaining self sufficiency.

Well, self sufficiency does not meant to say, one country does not have to depend on other country for trade. As pillars support the roofs to stand above the ground and roofs protect the pillars from rain and heat, the trade amongst the countries support each other.

The import of meat for consumption is also sin, I guess. Whether Bhutan produces meats or not, the end result is, people purchase meats from other countries for consumption.

So religion and development both have their merits and demerits and people have their own opinions about them. Similarly, the government, with the intention to help people, encourage development of pig breeding centre, poultry distribution outlets, training centre for fish raising, etc. On other side, religious body builds temples, monastery, lhakhangs, chortens, etc. and always discourage killings of any sort. Both are aimed to benefit the people.

The question is, which one, development or religion, should take more priority over the other? Or how can one unite religion and development in this modern day?

Time of “No Choice”

17 Sep 2012 Author dodrup

As the time goes on, so does the rules, which go towards getting stringent and narrower, which at the end come like a hard squeeze on the throat. And this sort of feeling usually comes when the last resort of what you can do to the best ability is completely exhausted. When it strikes, it comes gradually with the sense of feeling with it, but cannot push or avoid it either, as it has its own power of piercing the smile on the face to make it bleed and turn it into a stricken grin on the face.

It was in 2010 when they, known each other through their friends decided to tie their knot of love and started to move into the line of the married life. Nothing could turn their will into negative direction to refuse each other’s plan and nor did their parents have any objections on their choice. Both of them were happy and their parents too. Life went normal with the joining of their lucky son into their family, gifted on the date of the auspicious day in a normal delivery under the supervision of the medical care. Happiness came into their life and they were enjoying with their new step of parenthood. Neighbors and outsiders appreciated their ways of living and the belongingness they have to each other and their faith in religion.

With things becoming competitive in their work life and living standard getting harder too, the husband then decided to plan for a studies in third country, so that he can be away from home at the younger age of their married life, and then be with family together when the needs of a male part is required at the later stage of their married life’s step. He tried for studies in greener pastures, where he saw many colleagues returning with thick pocket and settling back in home peacefully. But, his limited scores and his thin age of experience became bottlenecks and could not make it to that land. At this time, their son was almost quarter a year and now she has to rejoin her office after the maternity leave. At this stage, a family member of her came in rescue to look after their son and be with them although herself being three month old pregnant. We thanked all.

Life then came to normal once again with a mother like baby sitter at home and they could go to office without fail. Meantime, the husband continues his mission for studies and has applied to a scholarship, but it was in a place, where that country itself has unemployment problem, forget about getting a side income. Hopes of earning were now gone, although their plan to complete the studies at this young age can be fulfilled. There was no returning back to their decision to let him complete his studies as her family member assured to stay with them looking after their son till he return.

Twelve months passed away from home for his studies and home being taken cared by her and the baby sitter, life seems moving normal, but the rules and policy then struck onto their peace and it was his salary being then deducted to half for the remaining period of his study. He still had nine months to go. As ill luck comes, it comes together. The baby sitter was then called back home by her husband, as it is more than a year, without seeing her and wanted to see his new born child. The house rent got its injection of inflation and got raised by a half of thousand. And now, the survival of the home is totally dependent on her meager salary that she gets from her job, as more than eighty percent of husband’s half salary goes to the house rent.

The time of “no choice” now came ringing in the rooms of their happiness. They can’t stop the baby sitter to go home back as she is being called by husband. The rent of the house could not be argued, as we can’t find any home immediately, the other half of salary can’t be requested as the rules and polices says so and the course he was attending could not be shortened, as the requirement of the institute is strict. At this dilemma, nothing could save them from the harsh life until the husband join the home back and earns his full salary. The wife can’t be on leave to look after their son, as the salary she gets will only run the house alive. When the time of no choice struck, there is nothing other than trouble and that too in a chain, where you can’t escape from any. At that time, he remains sleepless during night and stay praying in the whole class hour in day time.