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PDP has promised 20% house rent allowance for civil servants

16 Jul 2013 Author lotusflower

Congratulation People Democratic Party for winning the second Parliamentary Elections of 2013 with 32 seats from 47 constituencies. It was heartening to watched and listen to televisions and radio regarding the 20% house rent as well as salary allowances for the civil servants during the recently completed election campaign. On this regards, as a citizen of Bhutan who had exercised the franchise to vote (either to PDP or DPT) as to elect the better government and the wise opposition, I have few suggestions to be made, and I wish, my voice would be heard and will use during the parliamentary discussions on this matter.

Although the prices of goods and services and the other costs in economy should be balanced in accordance with purchasing power of the people, it has already been the costs of basic needs-house rent, food and clothing, etc. has been higher than what the consumer could afford.

Therefore, I earnestly suggest to put the measures in place as to control the inflation on house rents, food and clothing, etc. which will come with those allowances as I have experienced that increased in salary by uniform percentage on basic pay in past years resulted into total inflation of costs was doubled the amount of salary allowances for middle income people; tripled for lower income people and no affects for the high income people or may be surplus by few hundreds.

All above points are for those who will be eligible for house rent allowances and salary allowances.There are other pockets of people who equally worked for the Nation like- NGOs, Private employees, corporate employees, volunteers. When even those section of people who will be admissible for allowances are difficult to balanced with escalating prices may be due to repercussion of salary and house rent allowances, what could be the situation of people working in NGOs, Private sectors, Corporate employees especially who falls under middle and lower income group.

At last, I would like to request parliamentarians to consider above few points among many others while discussing for house rent and salary allowances for civil servants.

Tashi Delek La.