Make Someone's Day!


03 Feb 2013 Author Kezwaa

In the hands of impunity peace and happiness
Those hundred and two years of potentate ruled.
Through fortress of a faithful heart we are blessed?
Majesty shed energetic power to save our realm;
When father gave heart to its son shouldered a big helm.
Thy wondrous action was a legend born
Thou saga will move the lip of those dynastic pass
Roads and Bridge beneath everyone’s feet;
Health and education the seed of Gross national happiness
What ye sow is we shall reap in good yield
Your innocent eyes speaks the words of epitome;
Where people shower with peace and harmony,
Lucky are we born in such regal country;
Let’s pray for the king, let’s plight of true prevail
In the warm hand of our young sapient king,
People shall rejoice with all hope and aspiration;
Thou glorious Weapon was the country in peace.
Security; is more than my life’ ye oath Tsa-wa-sum
Folded hands thru ye charm heart hero vowed;
When unexpected disaster hit the tragic night we stood,
Swept the roof by the wind;
Many injured some died every things was crocked;
Left homeless night in the darkness biting cold;
Seek home shed in the biting ground
Dream to see lord king;
Eyes filled in blur voice laden with equanimity worry;
Traumatized event left the nation under immense tragic sad
Everyone of my happy hour left in the grave a funeral pyre;
Where people celebrate lament tears in each other’s lap
Soul-deep in vision king appear when all in desperately need;
Impetus command to against threats military action;
Thou pay the price walked along; the needy home shed.
Witnessed those affected victim behind damaged,
Shelter for vagrant insist for further necessary action.
Gave the life of survival to stand to see them with today;
Blessing and prayer arouse from many peoples.
Prayer flags stand to flutter let departed soul rest in peace;
In all essence of true heart all we grieve in chanting prayer.
Through thy kind heart a grant reverence was bestowed
Every footstep he made was in all compassionate sorrow.
Through thy pitiful eyes broke people’s sorrow into happiness day.
Let’s bring back that happiness returned those sorrow.
I apologies those victim; to accept my hearty commiserate forgiveness.
All we shall pray to god worship our sapient kings.
Thou shall bless us through thy solicitous heart,
Shower us with peace and happiness more than what we have now.