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Phantom night

17 Mar 2015 Author Kezwaa

A woman sits in the bathtub of her two bed room apartment letting the water from shower slide down her body. The apartment is quite a lonesome one and nothing can be heard, accept the running of water from the shower. There were dishes in the sink that needed to be clean. The refrigerator has old food in the there that had mould on it, and milk that had expired already, water bottle and a half eaten sandwich. Was all that remind in the refrigerator .The women sat in the bath tub with her knees tuck into her chest with her chin resting on her right knee cap. She began to think of what is has happening beside the unlashed door.  “What I did…..was it right?” she thought to herself.  How can I live with wit I did, how can anybody live knowing that?” She continues to think to herself. Oh! Well, whats done is done. She said aloud before standing up in the shower.

She gets out of the tub, left foot first, then the right foot slowly. The water from her naked body drip on yellow rug she was standing on. She never like that rug always thought it was too bright. She walks over to the mirror and began to stare it not her own soul. She notices she has slit ends in her short blonde hair. She then began to shake her head trying to dry hair. She forgot it was blue towel behind her on the bathroom door knob. She reaches her right hand out to grab the towel. Her hand froze as she heard a soft knock at her apartment door.

Was I hearing things? Who would be knocking at my door this late? Was it my cat that would be pushing my door?  She thought to think to her confusedly.

Then she wraped the towel around her chest. It came down a couple inches before her knee caps. She than began to walk fast to the door with her barefoot. Water still dripping from her body onto the apartment gray carpet. She came to the front door, she peeped through the peephole to see who it was. She saw nothing. She shrugs her shoulder, and walk back to her bedroom. She gets to her bedroom and began to dry her body off with the towel wrap around her chest. She goes over to a her drawer, opens it, and puts on her bra and panties, a white small t shirt that came to her waist to tight and a pair of tight black jeans.

She then walks out her bedroom and into the kitchen; she opens the fridge, grab a water bottle, and her half eaten sandwich. She sits at the table, getting ready to her hands together to bless her food. But she heard another soft knock at the door. She gets up and walks angrily to the door this time.

This time she unlocks the lock and opens the door wide open with all her angry face. She looks around and saw nothing. But, she looks down and saw her. Her one and only daughter whose dead body was lying in the other room.

Oh! You are dead already, that’s all the women could say before the little girl hug her mother legs. “Mommy, there you are.” The little girl said in a comforting voice. I thought you tried to hurt me, isn’t that silly of me mommy. The little girl said looking up at her mother.