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Politics in Democracy

10 Feb 2013 Author cholden

Globe in front of you has to revolve a lot to locate Bhutan on it. Country that’s hard to find on the map revolved through times to transit from so called the land-locked. It was unlocked from Monarchy to Democratic Monarchy first ever in 2008 and we are democratically elected monarchic government. It is almost five years old.

We had only two political parties, Druk Phuntshum Tshogpa (DPT) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the current government election. The motto of DPT is “Equity and Justice” while to “Walk the Talk” is PDP’s.

Now the time is approaching for Bhutanese to be extra careful with their thumb for which they shall vote for. There are five political parties in total. Recently three new political parties joined the election market vying for better quantity of votes. They are Druk Ngyamrub Tshogpa, Druk Chirwang Tshogpa, and Bhutan Kuen-Ngyam Party.

In democracy the quality of votes doesn’t counts. The quantity matters a lot. For this you have to be careful to choose the right candidate from your constituency. The better choice you make the better enlighten citizen you are. Even the vagabond has the right to vote for. And can you call him the better enlighten citizen? The better choice for the better promising tomorrows will decide the strength of our nation.

You have the fallacy of calling politics a dirty game and you don’t want to get involve. Sorry if you don’t have. There is no dirty game at all. There are only dirty players. That is it! The choice is yours whether to vote for dirty player or not. In near future everything will be result of politics. The air you breathe will be the result politics. The water you will drink the education that your children will get and the medicine you’ll take will be the result of politics. By not getting involved you are already involved.

With more than seventy percent of population living in rural area, more vulnerable are we that the Politian triumphs over creating the reality of docile population. Because politicians tries to pick words and use words to shape reality and control reality. But the fact is more often reality changes words far more than words can ever change reality. Words are at center of politics and all politicians know they have to try and control language.

Moreover the diplomacy of the educated middle class will stir the gear and topple the biggest game of election.

There are many questions that one has to ask before voting for the party which you may think shall be ruling. Can you afford to send your children to college when financial institutions stop lending loans and when Royal University of Bhutan has become autonomous, when your son/daughter has to pay tuition fees which are not at all worth comparing the quality of tutors? And moreover the modules are credited depending on the degree of importance and have to pay equally.

What if you have to pay for the medical facilities when the hospitals are not well equipped with the basic necessities and when the check up is not up to the standard of what we desire to be! And what if you have to wait for a day or half to get checkup with the simple sickness like headache, cough and cold…Etc.

I must not to be judgmental about the political parties and rather I’ll vote for the right party that’ll serve for the betterment of our nation. Let’s stop playing one against another. Let’s all be responsible and make our country a hub for happiness.