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Power to the People

18 Feb 2013 Author Kezwaa

Who serves the BPC?
Me, you, yet less or all of them,
Those who feel water is free,
Theirs be the power,
ours the generation.
We are the back bone,
We meet their demand
Once they had no power
Now their days the brightest burn.
We see all of modern civilization.
Standing tall on head lamps
When power was oscillate;
And a nation waited
Under the dark night of heaven.
BPC toiled hard through thick and thin
To bring forth the light of true brightness
So our nation must know,
What hardships one must overcome.
What choices must be made for change.
We must see the power in all its glory
And we must not pine for want for more
To the highest degree and greatest scope
Power is there for all to enjoy
Glowing in every house and town
down to distant shanty villages.
We take the power from mountain top
To tap its flow down in the valley
As feel another 10,000, Megawatts coming
Its is our hope to promise you light
To make your life and house bright,
We will light the lamp of love and happiness,
In every corner of our nation
That is our dream and our one and only goal,
Brighter your houses, happier your lives
We aspire to plant the seed of GNH,
Through socioeconomic prosperity,
That is the priority of our long journey
We will empower a green nation.
We love working endless house on the tower,
For the generous shower of progress.
We will generate money from that tower,
Always hoping for the best,
Making our dream a reality.

Poem by: Kezang Dawa
This poem was published in DHI, Melong Magazine.

2 responses to “Power to the People”

  1. thought provoking poem!!

  2. Kezwaa says:

    thanks for the comments,…..