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Religious & Development.

18 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

Bhutan is a Buddhist country where majority of the people practise Buddhism except few practise who other religions. According to the Buddhist religion, rearing pigs for pork, poultry for eggs and chickens, bulls for beef, etc. are grave sins. It is believed that committing such sins will result in sufferings like you will be reborn into life of lower rank of species and the amount of suffering will depend on degree of sins accumulated in the present life. In other words, your next life depends on the merits or sins you accumulate during the present life.

Bhutan is a developing country. As such, the government is trying the best to help and encourage people to rear pigs for meat, poultry for eggs and meats, etc. for income generation. These are all aimed particularly for the maintaining self sufficiency.

Well, self sufficiency does not meant to say, one country does not have to depend on other country for trade. As pillars support the roofs to stand above the ground and roofs protect the pillars from rain and heat, the trade amongst the countries support each other.

The import of meat for consumption is also sin, I guess. Whether Bhutan produces meats or not, the end result is, people purchase meats from other countries for consumption.

So religion and development both have their merits and demerits and people have their own opinions about them. Similarly, the government, with the intention to help people, encourage development of pig breeding centre, poultry distribution outlets, training centre for fish raising, etc. On other side, religious body builds temples, monastery, lhakhangs, chortens, etc. and always discourage killings of any sort. Both are aimed to benefit the people.

The question is, which one, development or religion, should take more priority over the other? Or how can one unite religion and development in this modern day?