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Rhythm of trees

27 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

Beside I laid under a tree

Trees shaded dewing the winter

Leaves sway gathering of biting cold

Whispering leaf frost bird's sad twitter

Leaving her elfin shrunk old.

Sun ray to the morning rigor

A rainbow takes its place

Planting trees in more than gold

Paint dripping sparkling dew

Oh! Trees ye like queen to us

 Beautiful green fir in depth eyes;

Come, cover a shaggy crown

Entwining splendid blinding shadow fall

Thy Coolness air fills the lung of all

Guard us from sweeping dust

What creatures pray for the nature?

Through seed germinate

Down to the mighty trees;

Let's breathe a clean air;

Sparrow's nest the twinkling glowworm

Habited of every living soul

Quench a thirst of every mouth;

Animal laid friendship for long yore

Birds sing through tip of a voice

Song for animals live, lively lives

Beneath that shivering of whispering;

Bring, Ce-ri-ri, rhythm of winnow

Oh! Trees thou gave life of many creatures

Without trees is no water in the pond

No padded in a stream while minnow

No herder will bring herd

No animal will come to drink

I chop trees is water source dry

Animals weep for no water to drink

Egress under the whispering pine;

Cutting trees is birds seldom cry

At all risk of water source may dry;

That shall vanish in furtive glance;

Become to tale of long sorrow;

Ce-ri-ri, the leaves swing the rhythm

To the people who will sing the anthem

In the shivering random dance

Cutting pieces curving into more furniture;

Worry us no trees left for tomorrow

Heading future towards empty hands;

Trees must not cut off; children must live.

I shall oath to die under a tree,

Without cutting trees

I left this poem to read by all of us,

Let's oath swear not cut off the trees

Let's keep home for the future citizen

Ce-ri-ri, the wind must blow always.  

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;
Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan