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Role of a wife…

20 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

From the time of evolution, it has always been women who look after the house, children, doing all the household chores and men providing food, shelter and now money. It had been divided that way since they were best at what they did and also it saved time. But now women not only look after the house but also work in almost every field same as men.  And they are good at them plus bring the added income to run the family.

But despite all that, it is sad to see that women are still treated as doormats in many cases though we like to say that in Bhutan women have equal stature in society. It is mostly because women do not come out in the open and expose about the way they are treated by their husbands at home. They still believe that it is something which should remain within the walls of their own house. But sadly because of this, they are taken advantage of and treated badly. It is seen that in most cases it is because of husbands drinking heavily and beating their wives for small or no reason. Just because women work outside, some husbands get jealous easily and treat their wives badly. The wives are expected to do everything at home even though they work equally in office and still husbands are not satisfied with it. It is very rare where husband helps in the household chores. Now since women are working, they are expected to do chores outside home also. Being the weaker sex, women take it silently. But now many NGOs like RENEW have come up which help the women who are ill treated. Still it is sad to know that even well educated men tend to do this with their wives, so what can be expected from the uneducated or the villagers. Many don’t approach for help for fear of what would happen to them and their children afterwards and the society doesn’t think good of women who are single or divorced. Why does society still look down on women?

Actually women nowadays do multitasking juggling both home and career efficiently and they need to be appreciated for the same. They need to be respected and not treated as slaves or someone inferior to men. There will be clashes, there will be arguments, there will be difference of opinions since individuals don’t think alike specially men and women but that does not mean the solution is to beat them, abuse them and bully them. Everything can be solved by talking it out openly and listening to each other. Just as they want women to understand them, women also want their husbands to understand them. By nature both men and women are different and because opposites attract¬†they fell in love with each other in the first place.

Treat your wives as your equal, a life partner and give her the respect she deserves. She will be devoted to you for life happily.