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Shame Shame!

06 Jun 2013 Author 5457

Uncle Shame kept gazing at the other end of the bar where she sat chatting gleefully with her friends. He was simply mesmerized by her beauty. He was tall, dark and handsome by his own rights, but he did not believe himself worth for that damsel’s love. Still, luck had been on his side all the time and the tale of his life had been mollified with bountiful colours lately. He was falling in love all over again, just so quickly even as he sat in a corner of a crowded room, amidst drunken breaths of people around him.

Toying with his drink he kept his gaze fixed on her, just letting it roam elsewhere as and when she occasionally glanced towards him. At one point of time he even thought she threw a wink at him. He stiffened on his sofa and tightened his grip on his glass of scotch. He felt his blood rushing to his head as she jostled her friends into looking towards him and all of them burst into laughter. He even thought she had meticulously repositioned herself on the chair to give him a good glance on the flashy long legs, looking truly marvelous in the red skirt and heel she had worn, to blend in perfection with her rosy lips and the raven hair cascading down her shoulder in waves. He never remembered his own wife being that beautiful.

The hunky Unc called the waiter over and whispered something into his ears. The young lad smiled and nodded at him before moving on to the bar to pour a drink. He looked on as the lad squeezed his way in the crowd and laid the drink on her table and pointed towards him. She and her friends looked at him and laughed again, but he noticed she had already pulled the drink towards her and beckoned something back into the waiter’s ear. The lad smiled a naughty smile this time and squeezed his way back towards the lone man sitting at the corner.

The message was clear so he ruffled up some cash into waiter’s hand and slowly rose up from his seat and moved towards the door. He sensed from the corner of his eyes that the lady in red was also getting ready to leave her seat. He moved out quickly and almost dashed towards his car parked nearby. Just as he put the keys in and his car started coming to life she had silently slipped into the seat beside him. They didn’t look at each other and drove silently into the dark.

Reaching home, he grappled for his keys and rushed to open the door. No sooner had he opened it than he felt her behind him. He turned around and hungrily kissed her and dragged her into the house. Slamming the door they dropped on the floor and ravaged each other with sensual pangs of love. After a while, the exhausted duo snuggled each other in their arms. As she rested her head on his bare chest, he ran his fingers slowly down her hair and uttered, “I love you.”

“I love you too…my dear husband,” she whispered back.