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Shanty hut’s voice projection

01 Sep 2012 Author 89kg

I lay propped against the wall of my shanty hut, trying to overcome tediousness and boredom. Meanwhile, I endured the sweltering heat of the summer inside the house. Partly lighted by the last remnant of the sunlight, before its final respite behind gigantic and majestic mountains, I tried to pen down my inner feelings and emotions spontaneously. My shanty hut may look small, but it’s compacted with lots of things, exceeding its normal capacity. Things lay strewn and haphazard everywhere, creating perfect hide and seek place for mice and insects.

Timely, I had to steady and adjust myself properly to write with the help of faint and dim light pouring through opened door. My hands are burning excruciatingly, which ensued due to handling of chilies earlier, yet I am not deterred to quell my writing spree. I have just begun to embody my inner feelings and emotions, so, I am determined to carry this task till the end, what may befall.

Now, light seems to be fading gradually, as I struggled to strain my eyes in presence of weak light. I could see mice getting rough and tough, chasing one another speedily; flies have been annoying, distracting and frolicking unreasonably all the time, and an army of ants busily collecting and hoarding foods. Seeing all these things unfold in my presence injects allergic and eerie feeling in me.

Nonetheless, I am hoping for gentle breeze to swift into my shanty hut. But nothing came, leaving me sodden with my own sweats. I felt like I am being burned inside blazing furnace. At the same time, I am getting uncomfortable and uneasy continuing my task of penmanship. But, I am not going to abandoned it anyway.

My bums are getting sore, and calves are hurting due to immobility for longer duration. Hence, I changed my sitting posture, ah! I feel lot better and at ease. I gazed at the roof, and unbelievably, only thin tarpaulin sheet and cartoons were sheltering me and things inside the house. All sorts of questions were brewing inside my mind such as: are they going to keep away rain? Are they going to survive the storm? Are they going to protect and guard durably? I was bit dubious and skeptical because I could see holes and gapes everywhere creating the pattern. Those gapes and holes cannot be gagged, plastered and mended, oh! God, heavy shower is going to transform my shanty hut into swimming pool; I am worried and afraid too.

As light gives way to twilight, innumerable insects come to seek unwelcome refuge within my house. I am aghast at the deluge of insects’ creeping into my hut, as if they are fleeing from darkness. I couldn’t do anything rather than unwillingly accept them as my companions or guests of the evening, though with mixed feeling. At the same time, houseflies are provoking my adrenaline, but I wouldn’t let if burst, because, these poor creatures are fulfilling their instinctive obligation, so, I promised, I won’t pour my wrath on them. On the other hands, mice are getting rowdy and indiscipline, taking advantage of darkness as their hiding shields. They transform the house into clamor insignia of their dominance. I remain helpless amid nocturnal insects and mice, rejoicing their part of the day.

Burning sensation inside my hands have not yet desist, indeed, its intensity has escalated manifold. Chilies seem to be insidiously eating my flesh, making me suffer like a fire of hell. Therefore, with perpetuating burning sensation, I put an end to my writing, indiscreetly buying time to soothe my burning hands.