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Silent Murmur

14 Aug 2011 Author kuenza

I think of you in the deep silent night

This memory of you and me

I will carry it through my life

Even when my life should end

This memory I will carry forward

And if we should both be reborn

I know the scent of true love will lead me to you

Last night, I woke up to go to toilet. Then, one single memory of love kept flooding my thought and I just couldn't go back to sleep. I didn't know what the time was. I usually keep my mobile near the pillow but yesterday, somehow it was not there. I don't wear my wrist watch when I sleep. Very beautiful words strewn in my mind but there was no way I could write them down. I helplessly looked for my mobile but couldn't find it. I wanted the words to remain in my mind when I woke up but knew they would be gone. What I am writing here is only a fragment of trying to put together what the gist of the flooding thought was. There are some things we can never really forget.

I wanted to get up, grab my laptop and get down to pouring out my emotions but reasoned it was not rational. And so I soothed myself to sleep, which took a long time. And this flooding thought went on.

I think of you in the deep silent night

You stare at me and we are sinking in love

Softly I feel your caress on my face

I turn away and cry

Not knowing when I can have this moment again

I tossed around a bit. I closed my eyes tight but his face filled my thought. I thought of him again and again and I tried to remember if there ever was a story where love gave wings to a person to fly where her lover was.

 I think of you in the deep silent night

Of love never-dying and love so true

Beneath the clear blue sky one evening

We whistled of love that we could die for

And here I am wishing

This same love will give me wings

And I will be where you are

And then, strewing a love story that I wanted to end with a love-forever, I sang myself a lullaby that would next day take me to his arms. And in my dream, I clearly saw his face, holding his face to my bosom, I vowed that if this love should take a lifetime, and the next, I would wait, because in his arms is where I belong. 

2 responses to “Silent Murmur”

  1. Philbert says:

    So Sweet

  2. Flora Yang says:

    i just love your dream….really nice one