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SITUATIONS in life……

30 Dec 2008 Author icegal
Sometimes it is important to sit back and think about one’s life.
I honestly feel that we should really appreciate what we have and should thank for what we have in hand. Everybody has ups and downs, good days and bad days and what we fear the most, can be the most exciting moments the next. We should always believe that however miserable the time for us may be, we should think about somebody out there who has a tougher time and a bad day. We should be optimistic, cheer up and think there are lots of things to be done and your life doest end there. Things do not always happen as we want it to be. This is how I cheer up myself.
A month after I am here, in such a place where life is so different, which of course I didn’t expect. Life is continuously changing and I have learned to change accordingly. I feel ones life closes here if you are not able to adjust to the situations. If you can’t adjust, the situation will contribute to ones grief in life.
One thing that I always tell myself is the adaptability of oneself in the surrounding. I have started to feel that I should be able to do things not according to my habit but according to the situation.
On the other hand, I fear this situation might take me somewhere that I don’t want to land up. The other day I was telling my friends that do not get surprised if you hear that I am married the next day. The situation is something like that you might land up doing something that you don’t want to and had never wanted to. I don’t want these situations to be the master and dominate my life. I want to live my life as I want to but I have to consider the situations also………….

5 responses to “SITUATIONS in life……”

  1. sangay tenzin says:

    Zai…. Tshomo tey senti showa la ko… hapka gisa….

    Hope you are doing fine there.

  2. Luzee says:

    You mean to hint you are getting married? Or that you have already gotten? Hey hey, we ain't for such big surprises lady!

    Jokes apart, how are you otherwise? You seem to be undergoing a transitional situation with the new posting but nonetheless, life is all about  change and changes! Good to read you are sensibly adjusting yourself to the new envorinment, give sometimes more and you should be fine with it soon, perhaps sooner.

    All the while, we miss you here.

  3. yeshi wangmo says:

    hey madam…..this is exactly wat i felt when i was  here for the first time….but  its  the way of  life.neways hope ur doing gud….m expecting u guys to come here for the new year mey….

  4. Tshering Chuki says:

    Very practically written!

  5. ICE Princess says:

    hey chumo..gelephu is a nice place..m sure u ll like it with time…take care!