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27 Nov 2012 Author sangkudem

I know that very well from my heart that you will not love me even once in your life because after trying hard for 3 years, there wasn’t any reaction from your side. I don’t understand myself, why I always cling on you even after knowing the fact that you don’t love me.

Why it is you only that gets stuck on my mind. I thought that I was moving on with my life but thinking deeply, I wasn’t moving ahead at all, really I wasn’t at all……. You are able to move on because you don’t have space for me.

Everything reminds me of you. When some strangers smile to me, I remember your smile. When I look at the stars, I remember a walk with you. When I listen to music, it reminds me of you, why it has to be you only that reminds everything.

To you, 3 years might have been nothing to you, as you might be feeling, 3 years as 3 seconds, 3 minutes and 3 days but 3 years, I waited you to love me and 3 years was something that I can’t let it go freely. I waited for you and still I do ………

Don’t know how long I have to wait for you but I will wait for you because boy! You are the one I have been waiting. Love connects me with you but you never give chance to yourself to know that, “does love really connect you with me”. If only, you thought deeply inside your heart, I am sure I would never have been alone, even in the crowd.

Will you just once listen to me, what my heart really wants to say to you, will you? You will never going to listen to my heart as you don’t feel the pain in my heart.  Sometimes I blame GOD that you don’t understand my feelings and why it is you that has to be in me but I am thankful at the mean time coz GOD made me feel what is love with pain.

It was love at first sight and it remained forever sealed in my heart, your first sight was all enough to make me love you forever. Everything has change and nothing remains same but thinking of u makes all things same around me. I revealed my feelings to you but all you could say was, “its okay”. How I feel stupid of myself.

I could see myself waiting for you, when you are not there at all. When I think of you, my little heart gets pain but still then I want to keep you, as it is the heart that chooses you only. Am I really that stupid, thinking that one fine day, you would confess that you are in love with me.

I cried, cried a lot and sometimes I am unable to cry because you have never understood me. Even from three years now, I can still see your face so clearly, as if I have met you yesterday. No matter how much I have to struggle further more and get heartbroken, I am going to love you more because I have secretly learned the meaning of LOVE and you taught me about PAIN without knowing yourself. Now all I wish is that, you just understand my feelings and only if you knew, you mean…

4 responses to “STILL WAITING MY DEAR…”

  1. Ugyen says:

    Please let me know, who broke into your hearts and left you in cozy situation. I will pray to Cupid to have your love back this summer and all the best.

  2. Samten Choden says:

    Thanks Sir Ugyen For your concern upon me…………..

  3. Langa Tenzin says:

    Hey Samten,
    I enjoyed reading your post and at the same time felt sorry for you. You have narrated your feelings and the hardships you have been going through waiting for his love. I can only wish that he understands your feelings one day.
    I feel sorry because I can related to the story very well.In fact, I waited for someone even more than you, more than three years. But may be things were never meant to be between us, she never seemed to think a bit about me.
    For the same reason, I would suggest you to try to move on and give your heart to someone else. i know how difficult it is. Even if we try, we are not able to do that if our feelings towards someone are very genuine. But it’s worth a try, Samten. Don’t languish in pain waiting for his love. You will realize that there was love in a better place somewhere else, with someone. It’s just a personal suggestion given the fact that I have experience enough pain myself.
    I would like to wish you all the best. Just try to move on. Love never ends at the first failure. I am sure of this, at least. There’s always a hope!

    Langa Tenzin

  4. Samten Choden says:

    Ya wat u said is true……….. i guess i have to move on wid my life.Thnks for your encouragement and hop dat you are also moving on wid ur life ahead……….Take care……..