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Story of Odd Friends

22 Jun 2012 Author Dreamy

Dema and Choden were odd pair of friends
Their friendship blossomed from schooling days
They did come from a contrast background
All they had was their own share of stories to tell
Dema came from a well to do family

But was a victim of parental divorce

This made her emotional many a times

thus making her mentally very matured at tender age

Physically she was but a tiny being

Very ambitious and gifted with strong determination

Choden the other part of the odd pair

Came from a humble family

Being brought up by widowed mother

She was deprived of fatherly love

Thus she strived ever since young

Under the situation of hardship

She became more sensible, responsible and loyal.

The twosome made a perfect odd friend

They grew up together, went to the same school

From elementary to the high school

They had the first time boarding experience

Where they were exposed to wide array of friends

All they preferred was to stick themselves

For they were the classmate, seatmate and bedmate

They didn't gain a single new friend joining them

Just as the beautiful rose bears the thorn

So was their friendship at times

We would notice them being mute

Yet moving,sitting,dinning and sleeping together

Choden relied on her intelligence

While Dema relied on her hard work

Initially Choden excelled in her studies

But situation changed as they went to higher classes

Being determined and focused on her goal

Dema worked consistently leaving Choden far behind

The twosome then drifted oceans apart

As Dema left for the studies abroad

Choden tried to keep in touch with her friend

But to no avail, the bond of friendship weakened

And so she lost the faith in friendship

Choden did get into humble profession

Today twosome are both independent

Yet they don't have time to mingle

Leave aside the possibility of saying 'Hi'

Gone are the golden periods of their time

And strange has they become

Their friendship remain as odd as it began

Perhaps prejudice overshadowed the loyalty

Or time tested their friendship

Or it was destiny that paved their way

Whatsoever oddness it turns out

Today Choden cherish over the friendship

That lost its charm being loyal and positive

That it made her happy even for a while.

One response to “Story of Odd Friends”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nicely written… many a times it has happened with people around the world.. it still is happening … sad but true…