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Studying in Dhaka

03 Dec 2012 Author Khamdangpa99

I was flying back to Dhaka when on board I saw a magazine. I usually talk to people next to me or at least greet them with gentle smile. This time I was earlier. A Japanese woman who was sitting next to me had a child seemingly an abnormal one.Therefore, I didn’t. I took up a magazine and randomly flipped it. I saw The Hitch Hiking Diary. The first sentence it read; “life is about hitting the road when you are not one among the league of extraordinary flyers”. This kept me thinking for sometime, and I sure knew being in Dhaka is not being in the later. Somehow my determination to become a dentist kept me going.

It is hot today. The temperature is dreary. The beggars on the streets are all the same. Life is full of contrasts. And I am yet to find the equilibrium. Like any other day, I dressed up, put my apron on and headed for college. Lately,I have realized how noisy Dhaka can be, therefore, I didn’t forget to put in my bag my iPod and Dr. Dre along. Yes, Dhaka is noisy, and there is no doubt about it. The moment I came outta gate, the truncated noise came out of nowhere, and when I gazed my vicinity, it didn’t take me long to figure it out that it was a prayer from the mosque nearby. It is early in the morning, as bare a 6 am. Allah sure would have been happy about this. But what the hell?. Why didn’t I recognize the mosque before?

If any thing that needs to be learnt from here is this; it is a taboo, for a guy to sit in the bus without offering his seat to any girl standing, be it teenager, mother or an old grandma. I was on a recklessly driven bus today, and I mean recklessly driven, you wont know it until you come to Dhaka, and a group of boys were seated right next to a windowpane fully comfortable. Right in time, few girls came in with rushed up hush and gladly enough the guys offered seat to these girls and moved to backside which was not so comfy. Yet then again, few elderly lady came along and they again gladly offered their seat. It has been customary here. They respect woman and I very much appreciated it.

I got out from station near my college and was headed to college. Dr. Dre is still playing ample music to keep me floated, the weather not so hot in the morning. I got in the campus, and greeted few professors who very much love using their language in between lectures. Heading to the class, gonna be a pretty much of time in the lift, and I am prone to keeping away with Dr. Dre only if few whom I call pretty classmates are in way of mine.No luck today!.

Physiology lecture was going on. What the hell?. Urinary system?. Didn’t I come here to learn how to take out somebody’s teeth? God damn! It is nothing sorta what I had been imagining a dentistry course would be. Studying eleven modules in a semester. Well not to mention reproductive system and embryology. What’s going on? I don’t k now shits if somebody has a root canal infection in his teeth yet, is this class really necessary? Yes it definitely is. Dentistry, is not just about teeth, it is about almost all of your body.
Thank god we don’t have to study upper and lower extremities, otherwise, what the hell?, I nearly failed in Anatomy last semester. Dental surgery requires more time and patience to go along. Just with teeth as many of us might imagine doesn’t work. You have to study all shits be it your clitoris or the testicles for that matter.

I could see all sort of things during the lecture, I spotted seven people face-booking on their mobile while in lecture. And few others giggling and mentioning how their Eid, Ramadhan or whatever they call have had spent. God, why didn’t these people take the back seat. I could have easily gotten the notes of soft voiced madam Asma. Clearly, they wanted to show up and give what they needed an attendance, but that could have been done even being at the back seat, where they playing smart? God knows!

The next class gonna be dissection class. I would have cried enough with formalin before I come outta class. It is such an irony though, I wonder how government here thought that one hundred and forty students could fit in a ten meter square room with dissection tables all over and cadavers lying all on it. Sure, it is not smelly, but the cry from formalin pays for it. Might one ask why I don’t use goggle? Nobody here does; and it makes me odd being only me using it. and yet surgical gloves and masks. I really think Bangladeshi government needs to do better on promoting public facilities.

At a time rendezvous, I was with few locals for a hangouts. It has been long time since I didn’t play my favorite game, bowling and I called up few girls in if they could come along. We had fun together and went for dinner along with two other guys. Before I could clear the bill, they had it cleared. When telling them it was not necessary one guy said “why? I just fed you”. I was giving a wry smile before I said, “Yes, I enjoyed the dinner you fed me”. The next day, while while I was busy taking lecture notes, a friend of mine poked me and asked, “Do you have a dual pen?”. I gave him a rhetorical look before I realized he meant extra pen, and gave him one.

Another moment, guys were playing football. Like every time in my life I was not the one in the field. But I wished I was. Knows why? All guys play nothing different from what I know. A kicker box ball from a friend and everyone rushes to it. In the back of my mind, I was thinking, “common, we all passed eighth grade”. But they didn’t seem to notice it among themselves and the game went on until a girl shouted; “our keeper is the cucumber”, right sentence, but definitely not a right metaphor to use. A cucumber hangs over its creeps, a keeper catches the ball how can there be relation? Maybe she meant keeper is useless, but trust me he played his best not hovering any goals in. Maybe she could have used, our keeper is a magnet”. But who cares, I am not their English teacher and neither am I here to do critics on their mild English. We do good in classes, with professors claiming that he is better one over another. Even so, the same professor doesn’t “DELIVER” the lecture but “THROW” it to us.

Well I too know that I have to be Roman while in Rome, and I hope my time will come sooner. Still then good luck to those in Bangladesh and happy stay. It has barely been five months and already started feeling like years.

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  1. Samten Choden says:

    Nice one………..

  2. Youngheart says:

    Yeah….enjoyed reading it.While through it, somewhere, it made me fell i was in Bangladesh too. Good write-up future Dr. Dentist and looking forward to read more.