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Taking away my bliss

02 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

Oh! My happiest moment
Went with the cool breeze
That blew away all my bliss
Forbidding my eyes in tear.
I have pain of you going away from me
With the wind so cool
Without a word of good bye now,
leaving behind tragedy
under the depth of despair.
Nothing is stronger than that wind
Who gave me the pain of tear
Left me in the land of deserted
I wish I won’t let her to go away
From my heart and soul
she is the powerful women to go
Far and wide high and low
From the depth of my heart
I am the looser in the battle of love
That I have waited for long
Nothing can stop my tear to fall
No logic can describe how much I love her
Not any prophecy can hold my love
No strongest medicine can cure my pain
That I will keep crying
Until I finish my tear from my heart
You will remain forever in my eyes
Feel through my heart wherever you go.
Nothing is wrong you went with a wealthy man
I shall remain poor in this world
Like the man who does not have home
I shall see what you do henceforth
Where you feed….
But my love shall always behind you
Where ever you go……

Kezang Dawa