Make Someone's Day!

The Astrologer

30 Dec 2008 Author cheche

Once there was an Astrologer (Tsip), who could predict the causes of any illness simply by playing with a small amount of sawdust. This sawdust was placed over a small rectangular wooden block that was carved inside and protected the sawdust from spilling over the sides. This process was and is known as (Sari Jurni) and I do not know if there is an English word for it. To come to the point, the Astrologer’s speciality was predicting the day a person was most likely to die. Because of his accuracy, people flocked to him and everyone wanted to know when they were going to die. Some wanted to know because they had dreams to fulfil, some to distribute their wealth, some because they had unfinished business to settle and so on. So he played with his sawdust day after day and predicted the last days of his clients. For some he predicted few days, for some few months, for some many years and this way he made a comfortable living out of his profession.


This went on for many years until one day he thought to himself ‘All these years I have spent my time predicting when others were going to die but I never thought of myself. Today I must sit down and check when my last day is going to be’. So he pulled his wooden block, opened it and picked up the metal pin used to move the sawdust around and looked into his own future. To his astonishment, he found out that the day after tomorrow was the last day of his life on earth. Deeply worried, anxious and with blood pounding in his head he played around further to find out what will lead to his end. The result from the wooden block stared back at him; he will simply die by a Tsoencha (anything made of metal). Shocked and depressed, he decided to avoid dying by making his own plans. He did not inform anyone of his family members but two days passed so quickly and the day of doom dawned on him so fast. He told his family that he was going to spend a quiet time inside his room and asked not to be disturbed by anyone. He removed any piece of metal items he found in his room, locked his room from inside, sat near the window on a cushion and then started playing with his wooden block once again.


The more he played around the faster the result repeated itself. The sawdust showed that he was going to die any moment and kept repeating ‘now! now! now!’. However, he thought to himself ‘I have removed every metal piece from the room, how is it going to be possible’. As the thought passed from his mind, one of his ears began to itch intolerably. Unknowingly, he slowly raised his hand with the pin to his ear to scratch it. As the pleasure of erasing the itch died down, a strong wind started blowing suddenly. With sheer force, the wind blew in the window where the astrologer was sitting. The window broke off from its base and hit the Astrologer right on his elbow where his fingers were fiddling with his ear. The broken window as it hit his arm, and then embedded the pin deep into his ear and the Astrologer died instantly. Sadly, the Astrologer had forgotten that the very piece of pin he used to move around the sawdust was made of metal.