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The Faded Tego

27 Dec 2010 Author luzee

Quite funny that sometimes unusual memories drop by and you find yourself smiling selfishly! One evening, in the midst of laundry, I found myself smiling to a very old forgotten memory. The memory of a faded tego.

Being second in line of sisters, I had my share of hands-me-down clothes, which I accepted amiably and without complains. Perhaps, this explains why I never asked my parents to buy me new sets of school dresses or spares. An unknown intuition kept me aware of my parents' hardship – a small grocery shop to suffice the family of seven (after my father resigned from Army); four school-going children; no extra helping hands; no side-income apart from the shop. But my parents worked hard to make sure we were adequate in our necessities.

So, when I went to High School, I jumped at my sister's old sets of school uniform. They were wearable though. Save the tego which was little faded. But I continued to wear that for that year and the next.

Today, a must-see in my album is that picture we took on the Captain's day (1998). I sit there in the front row with a broad smile – and I am so prominent, thanks to the faded tego!

May be few years back, I would have felt a little ashamed to see that picture. But today, I smile every time I think of it. With it are not attached memories of what I didn't have (perhaps a new tego?), but it tells me a whole lot new story of one innocent life I had (then).

Of course, I now have the luxury of choosing over a dozen colors and types. Yet, nothing compensates the good old memories. As I make sure that my girls don't wear worn-out dresses, I pity if one tomorrow they will have memories to look back. Growing in a pompous life-style gives much, but takes more – one certainly such memories worth miles of thoughts.

Like this story of my faded tego. [And I smile again!]