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the first snow fall

31 Dec 2009 Author blueGUNS

The first snow fall

Thimphu received the first snow fall in the wee hours in the morning of the last day in the 2oo9. My work was almost over for the week and I slept a good night. In the morning I woke very early and I knew something different is happened. I opened my window, I saw one beautiful enchanting white landscape and I wished the world was always pure like this morning. My heart buzzed different and I expect high even when I knew it is just the same every day except for the snow.

I could see peace and joy all around. Innocent kid's joy knew no bounds and they don't feel the cold. Even the adults engage in the snowman thing and the snow ball canon fights. As I walked down GNH measuring scale might have hit high since everyone were smiling; even the parking fee collector, road workers, sweepers and  I wished I was Robinhood, the prince of thieves. I know this morning is a wonderful day in people's lives and my own.

From the midst of white clouds sun rays, sun tries to penetrate and melt the beautiful thing and I know it will soon. But clouds and our prayers try to shield from it. I reached my office and the atmosphere is bit high but soon after it returned to normal. Hey sun won the battle and the snow is retreating. Thanks to heaven above for beautiful morning and I wish for more of this morning in my life and our lives even if it is for while…today had a beautiful morning…one of the best times in this dull life.And i wish for a beautiful year ahead for myself, family, friends and all the people…it signs it will be a better year…i is just a hope…a wish….a dream…i think it is a desire…haha…happy new year to all

5 responses to “the first snow fall”

  1. Bella says:

    I just wish I was there to see the first snow fall…….

  2. Leki Choden says:

    ooo..its not fair….while i am sulking in Delhi!

  3. Dolker Nidup says:

    The sight was indeed breathtaking in the morning, white,  the colour of purity engulfing the landscape.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR  and may all your dreams come true.

  4. observer says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all

  5. Chogay dorji says:

    Isn't good that snow has arrived before the start of Year 2010. It might be good year for all of us. Wish you a happy new year.