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The impacts of reading fiction books

19 Aug 2012 Author amra

Reading lots of fictions makes one imagine that life will be same as it is written in the stores, for example, snow white marrying her prince charming and living happily ever after. But in real life who has witnessed if the story was real or not… the concept of fiction still lays there. People forget that life is not a fictional book which can have an ending which one desires.

Yeshey loved reading lot of fiction books and Barbara Cartland is one of her favorite authors. The Magnificent Marriage was her favorite from all the collections she had read so far. She dreamt of having her own marriage in the most beautiful way. She may not have the most beautiful looks and might not be wealthy enough to afford a simple good weeding like she dreams, but with her chubby face and height of about 5.1, she still looked cute and fabulous with her black hair which was about her shoulder length.

She had fallen in love when she could not differentiate between what is good and what is bad. But it did not last long, she found out her first love cheating on her and she chose to stay single then learn more about how it feels to be in love.

As the time passed she grew up into more beautiful lady. A second proposal came for her; she could not reply him the very day and had asked for some time to think about it. She thought about her first experience with her boyfriend. And after lots of confusion in her head, she thought “if I had a bad first love story, giving a second chance to my own self is bad?” and she went forward by accepting him as her love of life. But who knew her love life was never meant to last more than a month. She found out he too was cheating on her. She wanted to cry but it seemed pointless, how can a person stay in a relationship with two or more girls at the same time?

It hunted her every night “Why me?” of all the girls. She started to concentrate in her studies but she could never stop herself from reading love stories with happy ending. After reading each book she used to wonder “Will I ever get a true love?”

Soon a day came where she was introduced to Dorji by her friend Tindin, who was smart and handsome. Their friendship lasted more than a year and soon Dorji had expressed his love to Yeshey. Without a thought about her past and bad experience she had accepted his proposal to be his girl friend and future wife thereafter. Her hopes were high, she always thought about happy family with lots of love.

Days went by Dorji started to show his true dominant colour. He had already started to abuse her in-front of his friends. But all Yeshey did was kept silent and whatever be the matter she wanted to have a happy ending of this relationship. Four years went by but the treatment of Dorji towards became more brutal. All her friends asked including Tindin “how is your relationship going on with Dorji?” All she could do was smile and tell them it’s just going good. But all of them knew how Yeshey was treated by Dorji. So with Yeshey’s reply they could say nothing.

Soon a day came where Yeshey landed up being beaten all black and blue. That time she thought “I tried my best to save the relationship from falling down in best way possible, respected him even though he was very rude and bad towards her, thinking he would change some day and show her the love he has shown her in the start of the relationship” She cried, cried a lot till her lips got dry and until her voice got lost with the tears.

She then said to Dorji “I can’t do this anymore, I give up! Let’s walk in our own ways!”

She leaves him staring at her. With tears in her eyes, words stuck in her heart, she walks away getting wet in the rain. “Why did I dream so big?” and wonders “Is wanting to be loved and have a good family just too much to ask?”

After a year later finishing her studies, she walks the same road she had walked with Dorji, tears in her eyes…. “May be I just asked too much!” and walks down the street to meet her friends who had asked her out for lunch.

4 responses to “The impacts of reading fiction books”

  1. sangay tenzin says:

    And then she lived happily ever after…

  2. Lilsta says:

    Well there is a big question mark about living happily ever after…….. ^_^

  3. Karma Gyeltshen says:

    wow..i would say it was masterpice of yours…i really enjoyed it…

  4. Lilsta says:

    Thank you @Karma Gyeltshen ^_^