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The lone tear

11 May 2012 Author Kezwaa
Glittering behind the window pane
a droplet of tear fall;
all wet in  the heat of the sun;
Sparkling, solemnly
Submerged in depth of broken pain.
The passer-by asks,
why pain, why the tears?
But no one is to be blamed
Neither  me nor god;
love was born to be broken.

When the love disappears
an empty chasm lies between two hearts
Love bleeds under the depth of despair.

Lovers cry tears through
eyes  down to their broken heart.
I ran down to the corridor
saw the lovers in love
their hearts hooked to each other
like they have never fallen in love before.

The note of  love are blurred with tears
When their lone heart breaks,
thus sings their heart
a song so forlorn;

Before the sun dry that lonely teardrop
there had been joyance in its sound.

Before the wind swept away that lovely teardrop
he fixed his eyes on the sparkling window pane
one more time.

  • Actually this poem was published in Bhutan Observer dated 13/04/2012.  I would like to republish again here laa. 

2 responses to “The lone tear”

  1. tadeen shewang says:

    your poems are really good really emotional and touching I will definately read more.Keep up the spectacular work.

  2. Kezang Dawa says:

    thank you very much for the comments…i have lots of love poem to be publish soon…..