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The new method of teaching…

28 Sep 2012 Author fragileheart

The method of teaching in earlier days and now are entirely different. In those days it was more like whatever teachers taught we used to learn that by heart and those who could not mug up used to have tough time remembering answers word by word. For me it was always that I had to understand the topic and then only I could write the answer and that too in my own words. But not many teachers used to appreciate this and used to give less marks even though answers were correct. During my school days I always used to feel that how good it would be if the teachers let us write what we have understood rather than what was in the book or what the way the teacher taught us. Writing this here does not mean that I have any hard feelings towards any of my teachers, I am just comparing the methods of teaching then and now. Though I have not been a very bright student but I have been a very hardworking student till my masters.

Now the method of teaching has changed and I must say I am quite impressed. The lessons now make you think and is given with lots of examples around you, be it in science, social studies, maths etc. I think children now should be happy and proud that they are learning in an interactive manner. Before they answer a question, they have to understand it and think about it and then answer it. I think the books now or the lessons taught now are more closer to what we do in reality in every sphere. It makes you aware of what is happening around you and what are the significance of each topic in our everyday lives. And all these would make a solid foundation in our lives. What I could see lacking in our times is that though people get degrees and holding a job but they were not knowing the fundamental basics well. I mean to say that though someone might have been able to give a definition of a particular word or topic, they would not be in the position to answer if you really ask them what it meant. They would be just telling what was in the book without actually understanding it.

Sometimes I just wish that I could go back to school and study once more with the modern methods and utilize my brain to its full capacity. I am neither a teacher nor a student but this was something I just wanted to share through my perspective. Some of the teachers made me the person who I am today and I am forever grateful for that, especially my English teacher because of whom I love English and it has been my favourite subject and my maths teacher in school because of whom I started loving the subject and scoring good marks in it.