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The O my…

08 Dec 2014 Author cholden

Flying away far and beyond the boundary of my heart
Singing the rhythmic song in ecstasy
O my bird, my bird, pleasure frees to roam around.
Wafting the decorated wings in the air of yours
Blowing thy gentle mesmerism
O my bird, my bird,
Toddling to and fro beyond the boundary of your domicile
Chuckling the inner essence of yours
O my baby, my baby, innocent rules to learn more.
Showing the innocent smiles over again and over
Craving thy little heart
O my baby, my baby
Calling far and yet beyond the boundary of thine solitary
Thinking the aroma of intimacy
O my darling, my sweetheart, thine missing is my dying
In those wanton pictures among those sandalwood
It is pastime passing excellent
O my babe, my darling
O friend, my friend
Laughing happy is good time together
Crying together is hard time passing hard wherever
O friend, my friend
Far and away yet in the inner core of my heart
Breathe beyond the limit of essence embedded in you and me