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The Seduction

30 Dec 2009 Author kuenza

Especially after I watched the documentary by Algore, “The Inconvenient Truth,” I thought I should use all ways possible to protect the environment. To get practical, I used to travel by city bus. But that habit dropped as I became lazier. However, today, after a long time, I traveled by the city bus to my office.

I walk fast. That is one thing people used to comment a lot during my high school days. I walk fast and I say prayers as I walk. Yes, I reached the city bus station in time. Still five minutes more for the departure, I leaned on the seat and watched the outside environment, taking in different scenes. I watched the municipal garbage pickup truck parked a metre away; two guys emptying the BNB sponsored metal dustbins. My eyes struck there, as if it was a work of great interest. There was nothing fanciful there though. Then my attention was caught by a young boy coming towards the bus. He wore a red jacket. A blue pant. It was his eyes that caught my attention. Oh, in less than a minute, he walked into the bus and sat on the seat next to me, brushing his body against me. Uneasy feelings ran through both of us. I wondered if it was attraction. From his dress, I took him to be a police. But later, before we reached our destination, he took off his red jacket, as if he was sweating in nervousness. I stared at him from the corners of my eyes, and from the tie he wore, knew that he was working for G4S. Then he took out a plastic packet of 'khaini' and dumped it inside his mouth. I usually find it filthy but when he did that, I didn't pass any judgment.

At the turning before reaching the junction near the Dzong, as the bus turned, his body leaned on me, almost crushing me against the window. And even when the bus stopped, he just leaned there, as if he was snuggled against a lover's chest. But it seemed like he suddenly realized it. Startled, he sat straight.

He paid Nu 5 to the conductor. So it means our destination was same. I became curious and for no specific reason wanted to see where he got down. He got down at Langjophakha, two meters before my stop. I stared at his silhouette disappearing away as the bus sped past. I thought, how true that the 'game of seduction' is the game that we all love.

10 responses to “The Seduction”

  1. Karma C Wangdi says:

    I think the seducer got seduced 😉

  2. 5457 says:

    These are such moments when the Great One will have a tough time measuring over your deeds… whether to give you a 'Black' bullet for seducing or giving into seduction, or to give you the 'White' one because you are being outright honest about it. If I were Him I would vouch for the latter, for beauty is truth, and truth beauty :)

  3. Beautiful Mess says:

    Sucha dandy man with Khaini? Ewwww :) TURN OFF imbey

  4. kuenza says:

    Haha 5457, I thought your classes started. Mongshi thong ma chhowa giwa la jang.

    Bardo, I thought you chew khaini too. Mem bo? As if smoking is any smarter.

    KarmaCW, I must tell you that I used to read your poems in [thought you don't write there anymore]. I read your haiku in the deer park website.

  5. New Moon says:

    A brief but an intoxicating encounter i would say . Seductively Romantic!

  6. Karma C Wangdi says:

    I used to write frequently in Kuzu but i am not able to write anything of late. Seems i need a muse! Yeah, i write sometimes in Deerpark….do you haiku in there as well?

  7. Kin D says:

    Guys, discourage your wives from going by city-bus. lol
    good experience sharing, kuenza.

  8. Raj Kumar says:

    I was expecting something exciting and more seducing than this story— Was even wondering if pillow hugging seduces :-) :-)

  9. kuenza says:

    KarmaCW, I wrote one the day I joined meditation group. But the next day, I didn't find the guts to post it. So it is still lying in my mobile notepad.

  10. Jambayang Dorji says:

    wai…….i can sense the feeling..