Make Someone's Day!

The shock that shook his life

28 Dec 2010 Author pichoo

Only if he had known that something that would stop his breath for sometime  was waiting for him back in Bhutan,he would have come prepared to face it.

To his dismay,he came home only to hear and see he would not have even dared to joke about.The love and trust that bonded them once upon a time has now turned into a desert cactus which everyone even hated to  see.
He never doubted on her until he found a message on her phone that very night he got home after his semester break which said “I love you” from a unknown number.He asked what's going on with her and then he finally gets to hear what was really going on in her life during his absence.He went numb not knowing how to react.She had already decided that she's going to live the rest of the her life with the guy who she claims to be her now and forever lover.The least he could do was let her go,the promises they made together now seemed to be void.

He is now trying to move on in his life while he watches her enjoy yet another life she has just started.