Make Someone's Day!

Three to Four

29 Dec 2008 Author Dangkhar

Mr. perfect was hovering around aimlessly to find a good friend with whom he could share his experiences. Aimlessly strolling like a lost puppy, he suddenly bumped into three good-looking people who were also in search of the ultimate nirvana. He hung around with them in search a perfect sanctity. Each of them also had their own problem and was shared amongst themselves. Three of them were always there to backstop each other when in times of need or even share a small moments of good times. It was a perfect harmony like the thuepa puen Zhi without the fourth one.

They looked more like the three musketeers before the fourth member joined who were ready to help and share with each other in good and bad times. Now that Mr. Perfect who was aimlessly strolling was accepted as part of their team, the team has turned into thuepa puen Zhi trying to make a perfect harmony. Although a good balance but still shaky and it requires more time to mature and gain enough equity to make a perfect harmony.

The four friends had their weakness and strength but they started to look at each other's weakness and make it into their strength and used their strengths to inculcate for betterment of the other person. Where else can you find a myth turn into reality but within these four friends? A perfect example but it still needed more time to strengthen their bonds especially with the fourth new comer.

The three ex-musketeers had already developed their bond but still needed more time and with the fourth one joining the group required more time and thoughts to process. Each of the members had different problems and pertinent to their own lives. If this bond continues probably their goals to harmony and nirvana is not very far away.