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Time for another year book

28 Dec 2010 Author zenithoo

At the beginning of each year, we are given a big book with blank pages. We are to prepare our own pencils, pen and paint and write our story down and paint it bright.  It's not about who can write or draw or paint the best, it's about the journey taken and the time spent filling up the blank pages.

It is time to start another book, to take another journey through the magical land of paints. I did my best to make my previous book interesting. I have learnt the art of mixing colors and shades, in order to get my type of shades and colors. I painted my book with every possible color I could get and drew every possible pictures and designs I can think of. Bright happy colors can't complete any stories by themselves; the dark shades are always there to tell another half of the story. My story contains bright flowery color to dark coal-like color at the same time. A donation of ideas and colors from a family, a friend, a neighbor or even a stranger is always there to complete yet another part of my story. I help them color their book and they help with mine. I had a great time drawing and painting, and I am proud of the worn out yet paint-filled book of mine.

Hope you guys are prepared for another year of drawing and painting!!!