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To my Beloved Son

12 Sep 2012 Author dodrup

Thousand miles, though I crossed away from thee,
Never a single minute I forget, so like unending wave of sea.
Days counted on a torn calendar on my room wall,
I long to meet, to hear your voice, to see you grow tall.

Best friend we will be, and do naughty, together and same,
Walk the same step, and conquer the success and fame.
I promise, never to let us be away neither too far in bed,
We will dream on a pillow, smile on same sprit to sad.

Your mother, my wife, we shall include her name in our prayer,
Her health is our happiness, and smile for her best care and dear.
Our home, your heaven, the palace we belong to, from birth,
We keep bright and warm, for our safety for impossible dearth.

Blessed am I to have you on my lap, with great hope,
Never would there be any negative, your words I judge top.
Among best, the offers I will make to you are better,
To let not gloomy face overcome, but to keep always sweeter.

Best will be the time, when we pass it together with care,
The better time, we continue with beauty in love and live near.
Let the prayers, I beg continue the journey to reach the blessing images,
To shower us, his best enrichment for our long life together.


Dad DC

2 responses to “To my Beloved Son”

  1. Kezang Dawa says:

    saddest song ever i have read in my life….beautiful song….you have done good translation….keep it up!!!

  2. Youngheart says:

    Thank you. Actually, it wasn’t a translation, but may be i wrote same to that song..
    ..ha ha.