Make Someone's Day!


19 Mar 2013 Author Kezwaa

Oh! My precious Mother!
Where are you?
You were gone without a word of good bye;
Nor an epistle you have left to me.
Are you in the heaven watering the flower?
Like the dakinis looking at me.
With so many flowers blooming around you.
It’s not fair to leave someone behind
Who missed you so much.
I love to see your face from the very toddler;
Who love to rest on your sweetest breast…
As if like your own child.
You must be finding happy somewhere else
Enjoying along with someone’s holding hands
Eating with sumptuous meal.
Here I am landed in the absent of mother’s love;
Without mother is really a tragic sad.
Tears from the depth of some divine despair
Rise in the heart, and gather to my eyes.
That you could admire and bring into your home.
If you cannot feed on your lap, why did you give me birth?
I would have better died before leaving the womb.
Why I was born in this world?
World is the happiest place once you dwelled.
Nothing left once you gone are alone.
I am a vagabond! Without mother to see.
A mother abandoned.
I’ve searched high and low;
Through the window of my world
To find my long lost mom.
Where are you? Have I been had? Oh! Mother,
If you are there, why I am here?
Sat apart, my heart feels speared.
I walked every door though sunny streets
Thinking of you only! My mother.
Will you accept this pain I endure in the name of you?
Seems you do not care enough for truth.
For your child who left without much care of your love
Some mother loves sibling not much of difference
I miss you mother in the passion of love;
But in grief, and with my childhood’s faith.
Oh God! Help me to find my folk
And free my soul from all unspoken.
I may as well not be alive;
It’s like living without light.