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Uncertain Life

29 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

Once there lived a poor boy named Norden who was survived from landslide. In fact his whole family was killed in one of a tragic land slide in the remote village called Semshelling. He is only the one who survived among all. He was lonely for several weeks without food and shelter left waifs and stays. He wished no hope to stay back to his village after all he lost family and rest of all the belongings that he have.

The next day he decided to move to the shanty town where he hoped to earned something for his survival.

One fine morning the boy went to town and heard the big story about the robbery in that shanty town. It was hot and still early, so the boy decided to stop in at the half moon for a glass of cool water near by a shanty bar. As soon as he entered the shanty bar, He saw one old man was standing in front of the portal said to him with wistful face!

Where do you come from?

Did you hear the talk about the robberies in the town?

No when? Replied the boy with astonished?

Not so long ago it's was last night below my shop was all robbed?  Said the man, whispering in to his ear!

Thus, the boy worried about seeking the job in the town.

Do I safe to go to the town? Said the boy to the old man!

Oh no… not so safe to go there! Replied the shanty man with anticipation?

Why it's not so safe go there? The boy asked!

It's really dangerous to go without friend, since you are alone. The situation of the town was really worsened by the robbery these days.

Why don't you stay with me? Since you're alone! I have some job if you wish to do.  Why do you take so much travel to go there for finding a decent job? The old man said!

The boy was very happy to hear about the job he has. Since he walked all the way from village hopping for the job and he was without food almost three days.

Ok then, you seems so kind to me. I wish I am safe to live here with you? Reply, the boy with smile on his face.

What else are the jobs you are going to offer me? The boy asked to the old man!

But the man never told how tough work he has to do it.

The man said with humble voice, come on my boy, here are some job description, But tell me what type of job you usually do in your home. Said the man?

I have never done any job so far; any way I will try my level best to do, said the boy with haggard face!

Any how you have to work for your own stomach. You know our stomach never let us to stay free.  Who is there to give single penny without any doing something? The old man laugh to the boy bit cunning voice. If you wish to earn some penny here is the jobs description as below;

Said the man in humble voice!

Here are some job description, said the old man,

1, to plough the field.

2, collects firewood from the grove.

3, to feed the cow with grass.

 The boy nodded and watched for a few minutes and decided to do the job to feed the cow with grass.

Are you alright with my job description, said the old man?

Yes I am alright replied the boy, with clumsy voice!

Are you willing to do this job? Asked the old man?

Ah! “I wish beggar will have no choice”

That's better understood! Said the old man.

Actually the boy was not so happy with this job, but he never back off to quite this job and thought to earn money and save for his future life.

The next day, the man brought two more new cows from the other village. The boy felt bit uneasy to herd more cows. Though, he faced many trouble herding the cows. He murmured to himself and thought to himself I wish if I have my family with me I would not have to faced such trouble herding others cows. I wish I would have died with them in the landslide he cried on the rock lying incline. He cries a lot for missing his family. After a many struggled, he learned how to milk the cow and churn butter and cheese.

The owner was very happy to see the good job he does on time without fail.

What a splendid performance! Cried owner with great smile! I am proud of you; do keep it up.

Thank you, It's my pleasure and inspiration, replied the boy with half smiled!

I will increase your salary from tomorrow if you continue to perform better than this? Said to him with smile face.

It's a great honor to hear it, replied the boy!

The boy was very happy to hear his salary is going to rise after a long waited.

The next day he was told to sell the milk in the shanty town where he will have a good market to sell it faster.

Oh! I am afraid to go to that town, since you said that there are lots of robberies.

Ah! Said the owner! There's no bobber at all, I have just made a fun in front of others. I just lied and make you to stay with me to work since I am old enough and I cannot work farther more.

The boy trusted the man and he went to the shanty town with jerry cane of milk. So, that day he was happy to sell all the milk within an hour.  While he was coming back from the market after the milk was all sold. Suddenly on the way he got one idea to tell the lie to the owner.

He thought in his mind that he will save all the money from selling the milk.

He pretended to cry louder as much as he can cry.

Hello, help me please! I am robbing here.

The owner saw the boy with crying very loudly near by the grove.

The owner came to him as soon as hear the boy was crying.

Are you alright asked the owner?

Not really, replied the boy with scratches all over his face.

What happen to you? It seems you have faced some problem on the way?

I encountered tiger on the way, when I was on the way to the home.

Actually, the boy's leg slipped on the gravel and split the milk on the way before reaching the market.

Thank god! I wish you are luck boy today.  Alright, alright…. no problem let's be careful hereafter. (Actually boy has finished selling all the milk in the town and pretends to tell the lie as if he has met tiger on the way. His planned was to save money as much as he can save farter.

The owner was shocked to know about the tiger nearby his house.

The next day owner stopped him to sell the milk. But he never listened to the owner what ever the owner said to him.

The next day the boy decided follow another route.

Be careful my boy when you go to the village? Heed the owner!

Yes I will do that! Don't worry about me from today I am brave enough to fight with that tiger.

You never think in that Way ok, my boy! Tiger is stronger than you. Don't ever think to fight with the tiger. Yes, said the boy with jerry cane of milk on his left hand.

Then boy headed to the town. Then he was very happy to sell all the milk within an hour. While he was heading back from the town and he commit another new idea to tell lie to his owner. Now he pretends to run with shouting very loudly! He yelled like almost he was caught by the tiger.  He came running very faster as if he was really ceased away by the tiger.

Owner, Owner, cried the boy through top of his voice, help, help!

As soon as the boy came to the owner's house owner was really shocked to see the boy was bleeding from all over his legs. What has happen to you again asked the owner?

What makes you to run faster? Said the owner!

I was chased by the robbery with masked on their face and I was nearly killed on the way!

Said the boy with blushed face to woo the trust.

Don't you see I have lost many liters of milk by you till this date? I could not earn a single penny from this milk. You are such disgusting boy. I think you cannot work with me farther more. You can leave this job from tomorrow. I am going to replace the new one right after you leave the job. You have spoiled my property. Said the owner!

I wish I am wasting your wealth. So if you wish me to go away I will go right now. The boy said with angry voice I am afraid and it's not safe to stay here with you; I wish I will have to go back to my village where I belong. Thanks for the hospitality that you have offer me. I will not forget your kindness that you have wished. Thanks for everything.

Please, let me go… let me go? He begs with folded hands!

The owner said, with tear on his face! How can you leave me in such a tearing hurry? I will be alone here with no one to look after me.

Please don't go away….I made a jock with you; I will never let you to go away from my house. I will be alone here……pleased!  Owner shed the tears

The owner felt pity to let him go away from his house after working with him for long yore. (And he never thought how many liters of milk have lost by that boy.)  (The boy have saved lot of money from cheating the old man)Actually the man was very kind and compassionate to him in all rounds, but the boy was very cunning and selfish and cheats the owner to collect enough money for his own)


The next day owner decided to let him go back to his village with along one milking cow as a gift from the owner side. (Actually, he has collected enough money to buy a cow by himself)


Owner said with unhappy face! I have no choice to hold you back here and stay with me it's your own way. “Life must go on with your own peregrination! But with truth to all sentient being”

But never forget me? Said the owner with weeping?

Not a single day will forget you! Replied the boy with wept too.

Nothing is wrong with you when you go away from me. One day everybody will have to go away from each other? Said the owner! But I will not allow you to go with empty handed. I wish I have something to give you. The owner caught his left hand and dragged beside the house. There he saw milking cow beside the house. The owner said with all his weeping eyes!  That cow is for your hard work it's for you all I have.  I have nothing to give you rather than a cow.  You can treat this cow as like your own mother it will never keep you hungry where ever you go, she will give you  milk if you thirst. Please accept this cow as my gift to prolong your happy life ever after. Nothing will harm on the way I will pray for both. The owner felt a bit sad, while the cow cried a lot heaving to leave her owner and friends behind. They bade farewell to their friends and relative, took one last look back and took off the journey. They departed with singing farewell song.


The next day they reached the top of the mountain where there was heavy snowfall all over the mountain. They rested inside the cave where there is nothing to eat. Suddenly the mother caw pointed her finger toward the mountain side and said can we reach that mountain? The boy replied with angry, I don't think so, why! Said the mother cow with afraid? I am hungry and cannot walk furthermore, I think I will have to slaughter you and have a sumptuous meal! said the boy with holding his sharp knife in front of his eyes. This worried the cow and told the cow of their wish to be reached back to the owner. “Hunger breeds anger, and the angry one will do what he can do” said the boy with bulge red eyes. How can you kill me since I trust you like my own son. I can feed you with my milk if you are hungry said the cow.  The boy laughs with furious voice. Afraid the mother cow that his sward might devour them. And mother cow saw huge cliff in front of her. And she jumped over the cliff and died at once without to wait for the sward.

Thus, the boy died without food and water in the top of the mountain and vulture did have a sumptuous meal from his body.



A   Story by, Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;

Samdrup jongkhar; Bhutan.