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Uncertain love – Part I

01 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

If you say you love me
I know this is the biggest lie
That you ever told me
You feel nothing for me
Then why do you even try

You make me miserable
And you make me weep
Am just not comfortable
Don’t know if this relationship
is for sake of keeps

You just want a face to show the world
And that is all that I am to you
you have made me your husband
But I and my happiness means nothing to me

You are the one who is wrong
And you try to deteriorate my morale more and more
My love too is vanishing
Sad to say but I love you no more

You hold my hand and I feel nothing
And I feel pathetic about this
There was a time you meant everything
And that feeling I truly miss

Thought this life with you would be a joy ride
But am left empty handed
You are the one I wanted by my side
And you are the one who left me stranded

I cribbed and cribbed
About all the wrong you did to me
But when I saw it made no difference to you
I have come to believe it means nothing to me

I wanted to be happy with you
But you shattered the love in me
You betrayed, tortured and hurt me
Enough… it’s high time you set me free

Sometimes I want to feel the love for you
But it just isn’t there
Your actions have just erased it all
My heart is blank and your name is not written anywhere.
Unfortunately my heart believes in no second chances
Unlike my brain it just would not beat the same way anymore
But I will still pretend to love you
Sadly you can never again touch my heart’s core
You are a habit for me
Not the love of my life
Like I am a burden to you
And not your husband

I have come to stay with you
Because I love you so much more than you
Without the true love from your heart
there won’t be any true love
Your philandering sins are for you to bear
Am neither a party to it nor concerned about them any more
Your ignorance no longer makes me angry
It no longer makes me sore