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Uncertain love – Part II

01 Oct 2012 Author Kezwaa

You cheated on me and broke my heart
Made me cry each night and day
If you think I will let you do it again
I will simply say – no way

I know you won’t change your ways
So it is worthless to try
Where did I go wrong with other
Just answer me, why did you break my heart?
My love, my emotions and feelings mean nothing to you
So you care nothing about breaking my trust

This relationship is a farce
It has just gone bust
You were the love of my life
The one I so happily married
Now it seems like a total lie
I just so well carried
This is one aspect of your life
Which I can never bring a change to
You will always be so indifferent
And if I don’t change I will always be blue

Your pretence of love brings a smile to my heart
And that is all I care and expect from you
She is the sole concern of my life now
One I can truly die for

I will tell you I love you each day
But be assured I don’t mean it anymore
The boy you married has been lost forever
He can never be like before

I am the practical sensible husband you wanted
Who will not ask any questions to me
Any further revelations will make me sad
And that will make no difference to me

Your nature cannot change
A fact I am trying to accept
Even after all this I forgive you
You are in no emotional debt

I will walk without you
until my journey begins
with sweat all over my feet
Broken pain in my heart.
This is just beginning of love
Ending has not yet followed.

You have messed our relationship completely
One I can never remake
I am just pretending to love you
You absolutely mean nothing to me
I have just left you for yourself
And you can just let me be

So hubby here it is out in the open
What I feel for you just written in black and white
My life is just mine and mine alone
And you are not my princes bright

With all the miseries that you gave me
I have emerged stronger than before
I know you can never be truly mine
And honestly I don’t want you anymore
With god between us I oath,

One response to “Uncertain love – Part II”

  1. kelly says:

    it is the sad truth of life one has to go sometimes…. dont worry u deserve someone better… i like ur poems…