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“unfortunate things happening in Bhutan, the Land of thunder dragon”.

23 Dec 2010 Author rabten

I am very much worried as day by day we are experiencing more calamities and accidents which causes more deaths which we never had before. Although, every one of us have to go through the path of death but now many unusual deaths and unusual calamities are occurring in our Land of thunder dragon.May be i am wrong but i felt such things started only few years back. i would like to quote some of views or feelings of the reasons why such things are happening  as follows:

1. May be due to establishment of Democracy(after 100 years of monarchy)
2. May be due to collecting all ancient monuments from various lhakhangs and goenpas and  showing to the public( in some goenpas and lhakhangs, women are not allowed to get inside but this year many ancient monuments have been displayed to public)
3. May be now a days people do unusual things which  are not supposed to do( women playing khuru etc).
4. May be due to development( more pollution causes natural disaster or people purchased more vehicle leads to more accidents)
5. May be showing sign to end the world very soon( 2012 or 2013).

These all are my personal views and concern as many people lost life untimely and for that actually Govt should organize mast rimdo to overcome such calamities.
I know some of my nopkin friendss may against my views and some may agree but I don't mean to hurt or alleged any one here. I welcome your views.