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We are Written Later

21 Jun 2013 Author kuenza

I am married. He is married too. And he believes, we met a little too late, despite his tremendous effort. He and I came to know each other online somewhere in 2001. We never chatted continuously to build a friendship that would actually make us want to meet. The sporadic correspondence went on, till we met in 2008. He remembers that we first met in an open online chat – which was famous then in bringing together Bhutanese in different corners of the world. I don’t remember any of it very clearly, as I am a person who forgets things fast. Then we went on to chat on MSN. The fact that we actually went on to share our email addresses tells me that we must have been able to build quite a rapport on the first meeting itself – despite it being online.

Then our correspondence died altogether, until we met online again in 2005. I had matured so much by then, compared to what I was in 2001. I was in a steady, committed relationship and I had decided that I was going to marry. And marry, I did. This friend and my correspondence had died again. I don’t even remember why it always happened like that, and yet, we kept meeting online, again and again. Then, I met him again in 2008 and this time, he asked me to meet him. For the sake of curiosity and for the sake of so many years that I had known him online, I agreed. And since then, the friendship prospered (I am using this word deliberately). But when I met him, the impression I got was that, he is a person who is totally different from the marriageable kind (by this, I mean he seemed to be a person who was more concerned about himself than others, self-centered and over-confident). I think it is because of this perspective that I hold about him that we argue all the time. We always tend to disagree. And yet, there lies our charm.

The more we argue, more we seem to grow closer; more and more we seem to know each other. And that way, we are comfortable with each other, such that, we can actually swear at each other, or criticize each other on the face, without clinching.

And now, coming to why we are written for later: though there has been no specific meaningful conversation that took place, he fell for me. He says, there was something there; from his description, it’s like a myth. I mean, I was at the back of his mind all the time, and that is why he even attempted to meet me after our graduation. But he was misinformed about my office. He went to the wrong office and then, the time lapsed and the next time we met online again, I was married.

His repeated question to me is, ‘why did you have to marry so early?’ And he says, ‘we are written later’. I think it is this hope and determination that he holds in everything he sees that makes him different. It is also this personality that makes him appear arrogant. But again, there lies his charm.