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Welcome to the New World!

27 Dec 2012 Author nopkin


Hello all, hope all of you are well and healthy by the grace of Almighty God.

Some of you have looked for me here at One of you even emailed me concerning my whereabouts. Thank you for all your love. Let me inform you that for the last few months or so, I was into a hiding in a bunker located beneath the ground. You know why? The thing about the world ending by Dec 21, 2012 really got me. I completely believed it and I prepared myself to survive the Doomsday in the bunker and went into hiding on Dec 20, 2012.

My bunker was a dingy little room but big enough to house myself plus my food stock to last at least five years. I had stocked ten quintals of rice, five quintals of potato, 20 kilos of onions, ten kilos of salt, 100 cases of beer and some other essentials. I had also few books to read (one of the books was a potato recipe, to cook myself different potato dishes), a computer and lots of movies to watch. With this, I was prepared to survive in the bunker for five years come what may.

When the clock struck Dec 21, I woke up and said prayers for the whole morning until breakfast time. Then I had breakfast which was boiled potato with some salt and chili pickle. After breakfast, I again said prayers for all the sentient beings. Then I watched a few documentaries about 2012. In between I had fallen sleep and I dreamt about home.

I was woken up by a big crash of noise of something falling off and crashing on the floor. There went my only glass I had brought to drink beer! I would have to drink my beer with bottle, I thought to myself.

I was then convinced that that was the moment of a blazing meteoroid crashing onto the earth and the earth falling into pieces. But I was relieved that my bunker was strong enough to protect me and nothing happened to me. Pew, the crash could shake off only a glass of the shelf, I thought to myself.

Best of all, I survived!

I continued living in the bunker for few more days. I watched movies and read a lot of books. One of the books I read with great enthusiasm was the potato recipe. For the few days I lived in the bunker, I managed to follow the first recipe to cook potato curry. I thoroughly enjoyed my newfound skill and cooked myself potato curry at every meal until even my fart started to smell potato curry. Then I turned page 2 and tried a different recipe, which was Alu-Dam.

On the evening of Dec 24, I could not control my curiosity to peep outside and see what had become of my mother earth. It was difficult to make up my mind because I didn’t know what to expect. My heart started thumping. Finally I made up my mind and I slowly stooped through the tunnel.

When I reached the last door, I started hearing something like people singing. I began to imagine that aliens had completely taken over the earth and they were rejoicing. The song sound very familiar though and when I listened very carefully, I heard the faint “Jingle bells, jingle bells…” I became more curious and slowly took my eyes towards a small hole on the door. At first it was difficult to see anything. But the pupils in my eyes slowly began to dilate and I could to see lights of different colors, and of varying sizes. Many of them were bright, and few were twinkling.

Christmas lights!

I kicked the door as hard as I could and it broke open. Then I rushed outside and jumped with joy yelled on top of my lungs, WE SURVIVED! 

So my fellow Nopkins and Nopkinmos, and my fellow Bhutanese in general, let us always be positive. No matter what miseries or sorrows we have to go through at the moment, we will get through at the end. Come to think of it… we have survived Fire, Storm, Earthquake, Bird flu, Swine flu, Y2K and even the 2012 Doomsday.

We will definitely survive Rupee Crunch! 

May God bless us all!