Make Someone's Day!


28 Dec 2010 Author Kezwaa

“Help them to serve you better” is my theme that I wanted to write a small article on Gross National Happiness.  Though, I am not perfect in finding other's happiness. Actually I do think GNH is not something ready made it comes from our own actions. It is not necessary that you have to gain his happiness by treating and giving sweet things to make them happy. From my own aspect happiness is all about what you have in your heart, Politeness and warm hearted are the only true source of happiness. If I am not mistaken happiness is all about what you have in your heart and learn how to act doing them by helping hands. For instance  If you see an angry man in the street and beggar man near your house will you chase them away or will you give him a chance to beg them again? This is the language of GNH mean to us! As a general we should know what is happening in front of our eyes and look behind your footsteps. I think on my own understanding if we are often feeling selfish and greedy by seeing other's wealth there is no any sense of maintaining the Gross National Happiness within ourself which will  really going to hamper our philosophy of happiness.  If I died yesterday I would have missed the today's happiness. Politeness and helping hands are the only seed of our happiness between the communities. Nothing is wrong when your teacher bit you when you are on wrong track. If you know the meaning of GNH we should always be kind enough to do whatever it is. I have taught myself how to help them through warm hearted by seeing his problem by helping hands to get his happiness. There are two ways of making happy. Outer happy and inner happiness. Outer happiness mean is to keep our environment clean to keep them self healthy and inner happiness to preserve our Culture and traditional heritage. Thus, I can say is that “His happiness began to smile only if we help to each other” when in need.  “Our Happiness begins only if they help us but helping hand is the only true bond of happiness in our social life. Always hope to gain his happiness! His happiness does comes after we do.



Kezang Dawa (Driver)

Bhutan Power Corporation ltd;

Samdrupjongkhar, Bhutan.