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What is LOVE?

01 Nov 2012 Author fragileheart


The very thought makes you feel blissful and on seventh heaven. It means different to different people. There are different kinds of love – husband wife love, lovers love, mothers love, fathers love, childrens love, brothers love, sisters love, friends love etc etc. But overall it all means the same which is caring and loving someone very much sometimes more than yourself. Some love is selfish wherein you look for your own benefits rather than the person you love. Love does not mean forcing someone to love you in return. Love means being happy for the person you love no matter what. The love which is unconditional is the best of all since you do not expect anything in return but still keep in giving unselfishly to that person.

Love does not mean loving the physical features of a person but the inner beauty which is there to stay forever. It means accepting that person as they are with their shortcomings. Love means trust and understanding each other along with respect. Love means being there for someone when the whole world is against them. Love means the comfort level which you share where you don’t have to use words to express your feelings. Just one look or one touch is enough to put the message across. Love means doing something for your loved ones. Love means spending time with them and sharing your feelings. It is just a small four letter word but it means everything. It is easy to say but very difficult to actually mean it from the heart.

Nowadays you say I LOVE YOU to so many people that you lose count of them. True love is hard to find. For men love means attraction basically. When they are pursuing the one they love, then they are ready to do everything for them. They are so caring, do little things to keep thier girl happy, call them number of times in a day just to hear her voice. Some shower thier girls with gifts and flowers and surprises which are the key  ingredients which any girl would fall for. But once they get married then it turns to another kind of love. They stop all the things they did while courting.

Some men don’t love anyone but has plenty of girlfriends or wife. Some marriages are without love. It is one of compromise or for the sake of the children. They both do their own thing and carry on as if nothing has happened. They are just two people sharing a house and maybe couple of kids. I like the kind of love which keeps on growing rather than diminishing which goes on till the end of your life.

There are people who even sacrifice their lives for the one they love. There are others who are too possessive about the one they love to the extent that they can kill someone also. This kind of love is dangerous. There is silent kind of love where they never express their love to the one they love. There are people who take their own life when they don’t get the love of their life. There are others who claim they love more than two persons. There are some who love their own kind and though it is not common but slowly getting recognized in some countries. There are many guys who were bad but mended their ways once they fell in love.

Love has the strength to melt even the hardest of all hearts. Some go mad if they don’t get the one they love. Love is one thing which knows no barrier, no religion, no caste, no color. It is the only language known all over the world. Love can make the impossible seem possible. Love can change you into a better person.

In the end Love wins all.

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