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When you miss me

30 Dec 2009 Author KarmaCW

When you miss me

Look at morning's singing sun

Its rays, soft and warm will touch your face

It is me with a warm greeting, welcoming you to a new day


When you miss me

Look at day's swimming clouds

The white foam will float over you

It is me assuring myself that you are well


When you miss me

Look at afternoon's dancing rain

Its showery drops will tease you wet

It's me cleansing your sorrows, you must be happy


When you miss me

Look at evening's swaying breeze

It'll fondle your hair, mix with your breath with a kiss

It is me breathing each hopeful moment away for you


When you miss me

Look at twilight's relaxing stars

They will ensure love upon you thru endless twinkles

It is me with manifestations, being on your guard


When you miss me

Look at night's playful moon

It will light your heart with sensual look

It is me seeing you off for the day, to a peaceful sleep


I missed you throughout the day;

I miss you today,

I miss you every day

I miss you Now!


And if you miss me too

Please come to me

You will find me in sleep

Dreaming about you

(This article was posted in Kuzuzangpo dot com on 3 May 2007)

4 responses to “When you miss me”

  1. Jerry says:

    A beautiful piece….so karma…what do we do..if we miss your writing?

  2. kilo whisky says:

    if u miss him..then u write…jerry

  3. Philbert says:

    I also miss u.lolz

  4. Kin D says:

    Very Nice!
    But seriously you should try and post new stuffs so keep the creativity inside you tickled. Best of Luck.