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Who should be held Accountable?

10 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

“Yes for yes and no for no. Cat is cat and dog is dog.”

Suppose a contractor was favoured by the tender committee to win the contract, and later found out by the authority that power has been misused by the committee but only after the said construction has been completed. Now who would be accountable for corruption; contractor or tender committee?

It is my personal opinion with the limited knowledge in my domain of brain; the people involved in tender committee are accountable as they are paid to render services to the people with fairness and transparency, in accordance with the rules and regulations, etc. In short the tender committee should not favor anyone and should say yes for yes and no for no.

Although in many cases, our Bhutanese laws sometimes interpret an apple as a banana and vice versa, and sometimes that same apple is even interpreted as an orange by the same interpreter at the same time and situation, this is a pure case of conflict of interest and the tender committee should be held fully accountable.

In same line, going by my interpretation the allotment committee should be held accountable whatever case may be; allotment of land, allotment of houses, allotment of jobs, awarding of tender, etc. as the very purpose of having committee is to evaluate the things properly, correct it, provide justice and not to favor anyone, and to say yes for yes and no for no.