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Whose responsibility?

05 Sep 2012 Author lotusflower

It is just my personal opinions and I do not intend to hurt anybody.

Few months before I have read in newspapers regarding the so called prostitutes being caught by police officials and put under police custody and the case being forwarded to court for justice.

Well, I appreciate the duties carried out by police officials as they are mandated; but I just wonder who has studied the situation put into the shoes of these so called prostitutes. Were they compelled to do it or was it out of no other options?

In my opinion, firstly, it is against basic human rights. Secondly, they may have indulged in such activities not out of their own will but because they did not have any other options.

Few things we need to ask; do these so called prostitutes have other jobs? Do they get enough care from parents or relatives or the society at large. Do they have sufficient land to works on? So many questions pop in my mind…

I guess they engage in such activities because they have to have something to sustain their life. It is the mandate of police officials to arrest them but whose responsible it would be study more about them so that we solve such social problems?

One response to “Whose responsibility?”

  1. Phub Jigme Dorji says:

    i really like this perception of humanity..the ardent feeling of yours is I say a empathy on the..well said la…i like it…:) keep it up..