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Why are you so happy to get closer to death?

30 Dec 2007 Author Sunyata

Everybody trembles, even the most courageous person, at the mere hearing of Death shatters. But why not we accept death, just as we celebrate when we are getting closer to it with each passing year? Some people, say forget the past, do something for this year, and endless more but do you really stand to realize death, just as you celebrate the New Year right from the very countdown night?  And some people say, forget anything, and lets merry on this occasion, but does forgetting really uproot the fear of death? Or can you forget death just as you shy away some tragic past by merging into the present occasion? For many who can’t even console themselves, at the eternal loss of their parents, beloved ones, so on, it is a further wonder how they will handle their deaths if they keep celebrating their approach to death!

So my New Year gift for all the Nopkins is, please do some researches of your own about the Death. There are plenty of death topics in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the latest reports by the leading scientists. If you are Christian, you can become a better Christian if you know about how to handle death, a better Islamist, a better Hindu, a better Buddhist, and even a better scientist!

Buddhism is a very rich resource for death topics, indeed Buddhists simply live to die a happy death. They don’t celebrate their approaching to death but ready to celebrate their death! Death is like a New Year for them! It wonderful, plz try out. Tibetan of Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche, as you all know popularly, is an enriching source abt death.  Truku Dhondup Rinpoche is another prolific demystifier of death. He has written on several journal and books.

And I wish you all a very Happy Living while preparing for Happy Death from 2008 on!

One response to “Why are you so happy to get closer to death?”

  1. sangay tenzin says:

    My notion about death is simple: when I die everything will come to an end. Worry as one might, but as unpredictable as it is, preparation for death is like walking through a creepy tunnel; it makes you more afraid of the darkness as you walk.

    Anyway, nice way to relate the coming of death with each celebration of new years. Welcome to dear Sunyata. Have a great new year 2008, hope none of us will be taken by Death … hehe. I haven't read The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Have been hearing a lot about it. Will definitely read it once, and may be my thinking on Death will change then.. hehe