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Why do good girls gets bad guys?

01 Nov 2012 Author fragileheart

Why do good girls gets bad guys and vice versa? This is one question which keeps popping up in my mind at times. Statistics also confirm that it is true since there is hardly many couples who are both good or both bad. Is it because opposites attract? When I look around I always see that the good girls always end up marrying bad guys and good guys end up marrying bad girls. By good I mean a girl who is the take home kind of person one who is homely, decent, does all the household chores, a good wife, mother, friend etc. She takes care of you and your likes and dislikes. She is the one who manages the house and outside very well. But her husband is a guy who has all the bad habits, stays out most of the time, does not do anything to help at home, ill treats his wife beats her even, has affairs with many but expects his wife to be good. By bad girl I mean one who parties all night, drinks and smokes, always out of the house, hardly manages the house, spends all the money for herself, who doesnot cook at all nor takes care of husband and kids. But her husband is a guy who stays at home, cooks and manages the house, takes care of the kids, does all the work himself, doesnot drink or smoke, treats her nicely.

So my question is – is it fair like that? Don’t the good girls deserve a good guy? and good guys a good girl? or is it all about balancing the eco system? These days I hardly see any couple who are perfect in every sense. They deserve each other and compliment each other well. They share the work between them and do everything together and also give each other space at times to do their own thing. And i think the relationship lasts longer that way. Compromise should not be done by one person but both person involved to make a relationship work. But weird is the law of attraction because of which opposites attract and as it is love is blind.