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Wintry Picturesque of Pa-Chu

14 Nov 2012 Author 89kg

Magnificent two storeys capitol of the first year Block,
Present panoramic view of the flowing Pa-Chu.
It stands adjacent to the perennial Pa-Chu,
With vigilant eyes guarding its freedom.
I sat near window, mouth completely sealed off.
Me eyes and mind mingled with the dried up Pa-Chu.
It no more flaunted off her elegance and existence,
Not even boasted about its vociferousness like ere.
Pa-Chu’s affluences have been looted utterly,
Now, it is in the pathetic condition for sure.
All the stones and debris remained exposed clearly.
Perchance, it has grown characterless momentarily.
I feel dejected over its worst metamorphosis abruptly.
Though, I sensed its mysterious scariness often,
And heard its distraught voices growing desperate,
I, simple human being, simply gazed helplessly.
Pa-Chu flows weirdly and tiredly nowadays.
Its prestige, all overshadow by unprecedented derision.
Solitarily, I mourned over Pa-Chu’s misery,
And wish for its resuscitation anon.